National Parks of Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England

The attitude towards nature in Ireland is very careful, which is why in Ireland there are many national parks, which are of interest to lovers of relaxing and peaceful rest and ecological tourism.

Being in Ireland, you can visit several parks, each of which is unique and unforgettable.

Ballible – Park located in the north-west of Ireland in Meio County. The creation of the park was aimed at protecting low-spirited marshes and landscaped mountains on the coast of the Atlantic. The nature of the park is gorgeous and colorful – meadows, alpine wastelands, lakes, heather areas, river pools and swamp OWenduff, untouched man activities. Rare Points of Animals – Golden Rzhanka, White Gus, Out. The plant world amazes diversity – a huge number of diverse mosses, a sash, sweet heather, myrth, lichens, orchids, deer-grass and even insectivative plants.

Burren – translates as a "stony place" and easy to imagine how the park located in Claire county looks like. Boulders, limestone plates, giant boulders from gray limestone. It is famous for Burren I underground caves, Located in limestone plates. Flora and fauna park is rich and diverse – thanks to climatic conditions, in the park you can find three quarters of plants that grow in Ireland. Animal world is also diverse. You can visit the park at any time of the year. Visit to this practically untouched by a corner of nature will give the sea of ​​impressions and emotions.

Mountains Wicklowe – Located not far from the capital of Ireland Dublin. These are picturesque lands, attracting local residents and guests of the city and have access to unhurriedly walks. The park is famous not only by picturesque species, but also a large number of diverse animals – wild goats, deers, hares, foxes and proteins of all colors. Night – the time of hunting volatile mice and badgers. Lucky people can see the forest pony and exterior.

Connerara – Park located in Galway county in the north-west of Ireland. The park is famous for peat swamps and breathtaking with his beauty heather empty. Also admire with forests, meadows and numerous plants, birds and animals, the most famous of which is considered to be Connector Pony.

National Parks of Ireland will not leave any visitor indifferent, regardless of whether he is a fan of ecological tourism, or simply wants to enjoy unforgettable species of the natural man, preserved almost in pristine form.

National Parks Scotland

Scotland is famous for its nature, to admire which in one place can be National Park "Loch-Lomond and Trossax". The park is only 20 miles from Glasgow and every guest of the city, and the local residents themselves, never miss the opportunity to get out of this unique corner of harsh Scottish nature.

"Loch Lomond and Trossax" &# 8211; First National Park Outdoor in Scotland. The huge territory (almost 720 square miles) allows travelers to admire the ancient mountain lakes, rivers with crystally clean water, mountain slopes, crumpled dense forest.

The park consists of several zones: Lake Loch Lomond, The biggest and incredibly beautiful lake of Scotland, according to which more than 30 islands are bizarre; Trossax – Earth, raised by narrow mountain valleys with small lakes; Bradalbaine – Hilly angle with Loch-Tay Lake; Argail – the oldest forest reserve of Britain.

; Loch Lomond and Trossax ; – Paradise for those who love adventures. In the mountain valleys, rocks and forests, everyone will be able to find a lesson for himself – walks on the shore of the lake, family trips on bicycles, conquering mountain peaks, contemplation of the beauty of nature, observation of forest inhabitants. On the lake you can ride water skiing, and the Park meadow is ideal for golfing.

Another excellent nature reserve is Cairngorms – This Mountain Reserve is located at an altitude of 1300 meters above sea level. Cairngorms &# 8211; The perfect piece of untouched nature, where, by the way, loved to spend time Walter Scott – a famous Scottish writer.

Picturesque natural landscapes, this is not the only reason tourists in love with this paradise. In addition to walking and making nature Here you can actively relax in one of the ski resorts or in one of two centers of water sports. Avoid fishermen who know a lot in good locations for a rich catch, also chosen this reserve. Hiking lovers will be able to go through all the routes offered by the park – from the easiest and short, to long and complex, designed for experienced tourists.

In the period from December to March in the Cairngorms Reserve, each wishes can exciting time – along with one of the parkingors of the park you can feed the numerous wild deer.

Scotland offers to choose a huge number of parks in which every visitor will find a lesson for the soul. The only problem with which the guest of Scotland may encounter – the choice of place to relax, since untouched corners of nature in Scotland so much that it is often difficult to make a choice, so they are so unique and amazing.

National Parks Wales

Gray cliffs and bright green valleys, scenic coastal rocks and amazing beauty of the lake – all this is the pearl of Wales, the National Park with the fabulous name "Snowdonia".

Snowdonia &# 8211; Huge National Park in North Wales. On its territory there are more than 100 lakes, swamps, mountain peaks and heather empty. Types in the park are open up so amazing that he sees the spirit seized – Highest mountain peak, Putter name Park, Snowdon, The biggest lake in Wales Llin-tegid, in which numerous types of fish are found – pike, perch, carps, acne, trout. Endless natural landscapes are attracting annually into this mountainous edge of numerous tourists, but thanks to the huge territories of the park, every visitor can find a place for privacy.

Mountain peaks and numerous valleys allow fans of outdoor activities to walk, conquer the mountains, bikes. For lovers of extreme sports Snowdonia offers mountain lakes, numerous bays and stormy mountain rivers. Rafting, windsurfing, surfing, sailing, wakeboarding – everything is possible in Snowdonia.

The edge with a rich history is striking not only by the beauty of nature, but also makes it possible to see the burial of the Stone Age, the remains of Roman fortifications, churches, cathedrals, medieval castles. Many centuries ago English king Edward I, the conqueror of Wales, built a series of fortresses in Snowdonia, partially preserved to the present day – Castle-Fortress Harlech, Towering on top of one of the cliffs, Karnarvon – an excellent sample of the architecture of the Middle Ages.

Snowdonia National Park is also noteworthy in that Here you can ride one of the narrow sole railway branches. The road begins in the ancient village of Llanberis and on the rocky slopes leads to the very top of Snowdon.

National Parks of Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England

In addition to Snowdonia, Wales boasts another picturesque park &# 8211; Bracon Becons. It is located in South Wales, and was founded in 1957. The greatest part of the park is the heather empty and picturesque pastures in the valleys. Among entertainment in the park you can highlight a ride on a bicycle, walking, rides on horseback, fishing and canoeing. Lovers of extreme sports, which in the park will be able to rush the nerves with deltaplanenism, rock climbing, windsurfing and sailing sports.

Contemplation of nature and active sports are perfectly combined in Wales National Parks, making them an ideal place to relax.

National Parks of England

Lake District This is not only a beautiful and romantic name of the National Park located in England, it is a meadow, emerald fields, the purest lakes with sparkling transparent water. An ideal place in which you can relax from the city’s noise, from exhaust gases and smog.

The nature of the park tried to glory. It seems that she acted not chaotic, and strictly according to plan – every lake, a hill, a tree, a flower and blasting their place, with the result that the park is harmonious and everything in it acts on the visitor.

Every year, the lake edge attend millions of tourists and there are many reasons for this. It all fascinates everything – from lakes, rivers, waterfalls and meadows, to rains and fogs, making the park even more mysterious. Most lands in the park belong to farmers engaged in breeding sheep. Local residents live in houses from gray stone, lakes scattered on the shores.

Walking in the park can be hiking or horses. Beautiful views opens from Lake Dervent, where there is an observation deck. There are a large number of guesthouses, pubs, restaurants in the villages, in which you can relax, eat delicious dishes and go on sightseeing again.

The beauty of nature has long been attracted to the lake not only tourists, but also poets who chased and praised privacy and primordial species.

Another park deserving is Park Exmur. Occupying more than 700 square kilometers, the park can boast the incredible number of types of colors and herbs, royal deer, wild pony, as well as sea birds, who chose the rocks. In the heart of the park there is a small and cozy village of Exford, from which most of the parks in the park begins. Not far from the village you can see Monument, created before the Bronze Century – Bridge Tarr-Stars, consisting of stone slabs.

Lovers of deer can advise picturesque New Forest Park. In addition to 4 types of deer, wild pons and graceful lines live here. In addition to rich flora and fauna in the park you can see museums, estates, magnificent gardens and historical buildings. And for lovers of active sports, you can recommend canoeing, kayaks, horse riding and much more.

Parks on the territory of England so much that they cannot be counted on the fingers, entertainment in parks for every taste, the most important thing is that you need to do before traveling – to decide on the choice of the park and with what you want to see in it and what to do.

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