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The national visa does not imply the first entry into other states except to the issue of issuing. Cross the border of Hungary with the National Visa of Latvia, if you use a visa for the first time. This is. Two, the national visa can be both immigration (long-term, working, student) and non-immigration (tourism, business trips). Between them colossal differences, ranging from the purpose of the visit and ending with the duration of stay, but about everything in order.


Differences between the National Visa and Schengen Multivis

Schengen visa — Short-term visa category C for tourist trips to the Schengen zone. Despite the fact that it is used by tourists and for tourism, no relation to nonymmigrative national visas. Why? Because the Schengen Agreement operates on the territory of 26 countries, washing the internal borders.

National visas are marked with a clear — One state. In addition, the national visa of any country of the Schengen contract is equal to a residence permit.

Shengen visa can be framed both for a single trip and for multiple, and the validity period has a scatter from 3 days (transit) up to 5 years. Resolved in Europe up to 90 days For one half year. Constantly live and work in any of the Schengen Agreement (Schengen Agreement Perelininkovka with the article on Schengen countries) with such a visa is categorically prohibited.

Key features of the national visa category D, as well as comparison of the criteria with a Schengen visa are presented in the table:

Schengen visa (cat s)

National visa (cat d)

  • Tourism
  • Business trip
  • The conference
  • Seasonal work
  • Business trip.
  • Long stay
  • Origin (grandmothers, grandfathers were citizens of the country)
  • Reunion with family
  • Employment (working contract)
  • Investments
  • commercial activity
  • Education

Stay in one country

Before 90 days in half

The maximum period of which is issued for a visa for 5 years

From 90 days in half

Validity limit is 1 year

The term of stay in the rest of the states of Shengen

Up to 90 days every 180 days

Up to 90 days every 180 days

The cost is determined according to the Tariffs of the consular service in the country of destination.

In two cases, the visa is free:

  • By origin
  • When requesting reunification with family

Financial guarantees for the period of travel, reservation and receptions and hotels, a route list, sponsorship letters, economic guarantees

Labor contract, a birth certificate with an affiliated nationality, medical conclusion on the state of health, certificate from police bodies about the absence of criminal record, financial guarantees and so on

For the period of the trip, Zone Schengen

All stay, Shengen zone plus a specific issue of issuing

Country of the first entrance

Maybe any

National visas

Only the state issue

Schuengen free movement

Take for the sample Polish national visa category D. Poland enters the Schengen zone. Accordingly, the national visa of the republic is long-term. Short-term obtained under the conditions of Shengen, not Poland.

First of all, the difference between a multiple Schengen visa (Category C) and the Polish National (D) is due to the trip. It is possible to place a visa category D only on the basis of a working contract, enrollment in the university, upon confirmation of Polish origin (Pole map) or for the purpose of reuniting with the family, when one or more of its members already have EU citizenship.

Unlike standard multishange agent, the first entrance for a long-term visa must be carried out in the issue of issuing. In our example, it is Poland, not Lithuania or Latvia, but Poland. Otherwise, you break the visa mode and can no longer contact Polish dipmissia.

Length of the immigration national visa category D – from 90 days to 1 year. In the rest of Schengen – no more than 90 days in a half of the year, as in the situation with CHEENGEN MULTITY.

After the end of the visa period is allowed to legalize its status, and subsequently request citizenship.

Nuances of the national visa category D

To make a visa category D to any of the Schengen countries, the applicant will have to go through all the circles of bureaucratic hell independently. First, it is necessary to provide an imaginary package of documents directly to the embassy. Visa centers are not authorized to take this kind of petition.

In addition to collecting pieces of paper, you should prepare for an interview with the consul. This is a kind of language knowledge exam. When requesting a national Polish visa by origin (with a Pole map), a conversation is held on the topic of the history and culture of the country.

Further, you need not only to justify the reason, but also prove your reliability. In Spain, for example, this evidence is used in the local bank. In Germany, the profession for a working visa should be included in the list of sought-after. If you are a representative of a rare craft, say, a glass-powder or a wood cutter, a national working visa is unlikely to give.

Non-immigrant national visas

Nonimmigration national visas include all types of short-term visas issued by the country of destination for staying on their territory for the purpose of tourism.

Tourist national visa can be issued in countries:

    (short-term and long-term visas); ; . Similarly to Australia, the Foreign Ministry of Albania issues both short-term national visas and long-term; ; , Anguilla, Turkmenistan; , in addition to a national visa, you can enter the Unified Caribbean Visa; , Brunei, Greenland, Bahrain; and Zimbabwe; , Cambodia, Cameroon; ; ; ; ; ; .

As a rule, the national short-term visa is valid within one state, and the maximum stay can be more than 90 days.

However, there are a number of exceptions. With a Japanese visa for you the borders of Mexico. And the two-time and multiple visas of Croatia, Cyprus, Romania and Bulgaria are equivalent to each other (Resolution No. 565-2014 / EU). That is, having a Cyprus multivoliz on the hands, you can relax in Croatia with a clean conscience and vice versa.

Long-term national visa in other countries

If in Schengen, the immigration visa comes with an equivalent of a residence permit, then in most – This is an intermediate stage, the purpose of which is the legalization of the status of resident and permanent residence. The time of stay dependent on the country of issuing, and the reasons for which it is always the same are given:

  • conclusion of the employment contract;
  • seasonal work;
  • volunteering;
  • family reunification;
  • Scientific activities in the country of destination;
  • education.

As for the US residential visa, the process initiates the employer, a guarantor or a relative, permanently residing in America by sending a petition to the Department of Immigration (USCIS). The applicant only remains to appear in the Embassy on a personal conversation with the consul.

The United Kingdom has shifted all responsibility for collecting documents and forming a visa petition for agnosed. At the same time, no one cancels the presence of inviting the host or employment contract.

Which countries make up a long-term national visa in a diplomatic mission in the Russian Federation:

    , Lithuania, Belgium, Slovenia, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Spain (including Canary Islands), Poland, Malta, Norway, Italy, Slovakia, Luxembourg, Latvia, Netherlands, Estonia, Portugal, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, Britain Both USA, Ireland; , Canada, China, Colombia, Salvador; and Serbia; . It is possible to arrange 2 types of visas: working and resident; Brazil – The petition forms an employer; , Peru, Uruguay, Ecuador; gives a visa both in Moscow and in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; , Tunisia, Turkey; ; , Indonesia; ; ; , South Korea.

Only those countries where visa petitions is considering directly the Department of Immigration:

    issues both short-term visas and long-term. If the first are requested in the Supreme Commission in London, the second only in Belize; (according to the preliminary application of the employer); , Vanuatu, Honduras, Grenada, Dominica; , Kenya, Cuba; ; , 2 weeks before the expiration date, apply for a residence permit; , Palau, Panama; ; ; .

When submitting documents to any national visa, be extremely attentive to the requirements of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Consulate. Check the necessary list of documents on the Embassy website and use a visa for the purpose.

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