Phuket Beaches: Najang

In the north of Phuket, next to the beach May Khao, stretched Naya Young – a small cozy beach with a slightly less than 3 kilometers. In the shadow of Kazuarian, the bay bay, spend the holiday all year round. The magnificent combination of golden sand and the azure sea with the necessary infrastructure required for a relaxed pastime successfully embodies in the Nai Young beach.

Naya Yang Beach Attractions

Naya Yang Beach Together with May Khao and Nai Thon, Syrinat National Park. In 1980, when all three beaches were still virgin rainforests, it was decided to preserve this territory as a national heritage for local residents and tourists. A year later, these places were thirty-first National Park in Thailand, and in 1992 the Royal Forestry Department changed the name of Sirinat in honor of the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit and thanks to the extensive coral reefs.

Flora and Fauna National Park sirinat is quite diverse. In the northern part, just not far from Naya Young’s beach, mangrove forests grow, are special trails, where various types of plants are indicated. You can stay in tents or bungalows right on the territory of the National Park. Their cost is small: tent – 200 baht, bungalow – 1000 baht. The head office of the National Park is located on the beach of Najang.

Naya Young Beach hotels

I would recommend several of the most popular hotels available from tour operators. Click on the name of the hotel and see the relevant price on the tour from the Tours Tours hypermarket. You will be left to introduce the desired dates, the number of people and the city of departure. All listed hotels are marked on the map below.

Naya Yang Bay is one of the few on the western side of Phuket Island, where there is no high waves in the monsoon season and dangerous currents, as the coral reef protects the shallow water from the element. Depth and occasion at sea in different parts of the beach varies from small in the south to deeper in the north. For example, in the area of ​​the Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa Nai Yang Beach, stones are taken to the sump, you have to go a little norther, through the river to swim.

In the middle of the beach, where the sea is acceptable for swimming, Cachet Resort Dewa, The Slate, Nai Yang Beach Resort and others. Between hotels and the beach stripe the road passes, the movement on which is very quiet. Beach guests can also rent two mattresses and umbrella for 200 baht for all day. Restaurants and bars on the beach a little, drinks sell almost every step. Beach traders are always happy to offer you a colorful pareo or sand mate. On the Naya Yang beach, it is very convenient to relax with children all year round: shallow warm sea without waves, children’s clubs in hotels, excellent ecology of the terrain and accessibility water park.

What to do on Najang?

Naya Yang Beach is part of the National Park, Motorized Water Entertainment is prohibited, I think for the better. But there are kaiting and surf school. You can rent a canoeing or swim near the reef in the north with a mask and a tube. To the services of more relaxing massage salons and spa treatments. The Slate Hotel offers yoga classes, Thai boxing, karate, Aqua Aerobics, Tennis. And adventure fans are waiting for entertaining hiking and cycling on nearby places. To learn all the delicious culture of Thailand, sign up for daytime courses of Thai cuisine or to the school of Thai massage, learn the art of making flower arrangements or join the Buddhist ritual of food offerings by monks.

On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays on the road between Cachet Resort Dewa and the temple of Mongkol Varana (still known as Wat Naya Yang) from noon and before the first darkness, the market is scattered, where you can buy fruits and vegetables, ready-made Thai dishes, clothes, souvenirs and Much more.

In addition to the market, you can deepen in Thai culture in the temple itself Nai Young. In addition to the beautiful territory, a small garden, there is a wooden house of the rector, built in 1954. In a high season, free breathing practices are held here, which usually start about 5 pm and last an hour. To visit the temple, make sure that your shoulders, knees, neckline and belly are closed, entering the placement of the temple complex, be sure to remove the shoes.

Restaurants on the beach of Naj Young

Naya Yang Beach, Phuket, Thailand - Map, reviews, descriptions, attractions, photos, video guide

In the evenings you can walk on the exchange. There are several shops, internet cafes and, of course, bars and restaurants. If you walk or go to the side of the airport, the choice of shops and restaurants will be much larger, even there is 7-11 and Tesco Lotus Express. Near the coastline of restaurants is not so much, but daily Muskashniki, preparing a variety of dishes, drinks and snacks come daily.

Restaurant Phen’s will delight you with tables right on the sand and democratic prices for delicious Thai cuisine. The cozy cafe Bread and Butter attracts its European pastries, homely croissants and good coffee. The average score per person in the beach restaurants of Najang is 300-600 baht. Budget food can be found on the Makashniki and in the cafes with bamboo gazebos.

Separately, I want to note the restaurant Rivet & Rebar Hotel The Slate. Once Phuket was famous for his tin fores, which attracted attention not only by local residents, but also Europeans. Each detail of Indigo Pearl Hotel reflects the historic heritage of the island. It can be called one of the most stylish hotels in Phuket, skillfully combining wood, metal and glass. Stylish designer solutions from a wrench in the form of a wrench to elegant bathrooms with a storm shower and a garden view above all praise.

Take a look at the Tongkah Tin Syndicate bar, named after the previous name of Phuket Island. Each item reflects the historical past of these places: the walls are decorated with dozens of trays for washing tin, antique photos, souvenirs and baubles, fans are huge fillates from rice bags. It is nice to feel the perfume of the previous time or drink an exotic cocktail for the game billiards.

How to get to Naya Young from the airport?

Urban transport on Naya Young Do not get. You need to take a taxi at the airport or order transfer online. In the latter case, you will meet at the airport and will be taken to the hotel in 10-15 minutes. For a large company there are minibus options. You can additionally order a children’s chair. Read more about Transfer online transfer and all benefits >>>

Why would you come to Naya Young’s beach: to buy in a gentle sea, soak up on a soft sand or to arrange a picnic among centenary tropical trees – you will be happy for all year round.

Naya Yang Beach, Phuket, Thailand - Map, reviews, descriptions, attractions, photos, video guide

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