Nenda: snow mark

"Hello ready to travel?" – These words meets us, sleepy, at the entrance to Ecole Suisse de Ski our guide, two-meter Jean-Claude with a smiling eternide face. Wrinkles on this face is not less than the tracks on the map of the surrounding zone of riding, but the energy seems to be enough for us all together. We arrived in Sivier in the morning early to go with Jean-Claude in a two-hour hike on snowshoes.

Amazing thing, the sun here under the clouds appears much more often than in Moscow, so the weather for our expedition did not have to wait. "Well, on a coffee shop?", – The guide was cleared over us and led us in the next cafe. "You do not mind if I also will photograph you and write later a small note to the local newspaper?", – asked Jacques-Claude. We certainly do not mind. For coffee, the guide told us that he taught mountain skiing in America in the youth in America, but still returned to his native village and in his 60 years he didn’t even start thinking about a pension (by the way, to officially retire the man here can be 65 years old).

Taking the snowshoes in the neighboring sports store Gaby Sports, we bought tickets for one lift and went up on the start of the route. Our trail begins with an intermediate station Thantine, where the Sannices are rolling from. We climb cool up, helping yourself with sticks. "Learning to walk on snowshoes do not need – it is forces. I take a group of no more than 10 people, among which children often come – the truth is not under 8 years old. The only secret is in proper shoes. Well, if it is tight track shoes, and not moonboots or any other felt boots. Overcome steep areas in boots robust much easier", – tells us along the way Jean-Claude.

Meanwhile, the incredible species, to which I personally, in any way, I can not get used to – such space! We left children, so asked to organize a tour in the morning. Typically, such hiking begins at 14.00 and this has its meaning – the sun appears in Sivie only at noon. "At the bottom of the sun a lot. No wonder this part of the valley is called California Switzerland – for such a number of vineyards you can assume that the climate is warm and dry. However, higher in the mountains, in this narrow strip the sun does not indulge us with an early lifting, as we are reliably protected from it the grocery of the mountains and this, on the one hand, is bad, and on the other – well, since the shadow side has a positive effect on the quality of the snow", – Jean-Claude continues his excursion.

We have already jumped out for the ridge, so there is no soul around, silence, no lift, no other traces of civilization. Around only huge stones, cozy and covered with fancy hats of snow and century old larch, "Decorated" moss some tropically green. "This tree should be about 200 years old, but moss, see, sprinkle only on the one hand – it means that the north there. And you know that trees in the mountains grow at an altitude of up to 1800 meters, and only cliffs and stones are above?", – Does not cease to pour in curious details our guide. He goes ahead of the widespread steps, but then it turns around for us – it makes himself a mustache from Moss, he drove the song of the Alpine shepherd.

Thanks to his unrestrained activity, we finally woke up and look at the surrounding beauty in all eyes. "Won foxes, and this hare confused pursuers. I often see here mountain deer – they are not dangerous for a person, but the meeting with us, on the contrary, can be destructive for them. So, for example, if you see the beast at a distance, then everything is in order, and if you accidentally overtake the animal near, then, frightened, he rushes from all his legs from you in deep snow – and it may be fatal for his heart", – tells Jean-Claude.

Nenda Snowy mark

We enjoy nature, admire the fancy patterns of the tree bark, frozen stalactites with snow, caves stones, bumps from snow caps and, most importantly, the view of the valley stretching deeply under us. "Now we go on the ridge", – says Jean-Claude. "And there, you see, two hundred meters from us in parallel there is another ridge. 5000 years ago on the site of the lake was a glacier, and then, after global warming, the glacier went here and here are the traces of this retreat". We make a halt – our conductor reveals a self-bacon backpack, from which a box with waffles, cups and a thermos with tea appear. Such a picnic on the mountain sideline is increasing with us, so we are pleased to hurry anywhere and just enjoy the silence and peace.

"Walking on snowshoes – our most popular entertainment among ministers and businessmen tired of urban fuss and endless conversations", – tells Jean-Claude. "Only the main thing, do not scare their random meeting, like deer, so that they do not have to flee", – We are joking in response. "No, Swiss officials are not from the feasible", – Says guide. "Somehow at the age of 17 I caught the car from Nenda in Weonon and I was stopped to sum up the then President of Switzerland Roger Bonven, who went to his summer house with his wife".

For conversations, we did not notice how descended back to the lift. In Sivie, you can go back on the snowshoes, but we wanted to see the winter golf course on the top station and go on the chairs up. Here on a rather large flat plot placed equipment rental and drilled wells (100, 110 and 130 meters). In the summer, this glade was chosen by cows, and they are here the same sacred animals, as in India, so the golf rich-lovers fall in summer "wasting" sticks and go to sion golf clubs. We do not know how to play golf, so they just praised the sticks for fun and, satisfied with a walk, went to drink Mulled wine in a nearby cafe. Another incredible day in the mountains behind!

Nenda Snowy mark

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