Neri Fjord and Gudwangen

Gudwangen ; A completely tiny village on Norwegian fjords, whose name is very poetic value: ; place of gods ;. The village lies in the mouth of Nerofjord (narrow fjord), the dramatic-wonderful sleeves of Sognefjord. In some places, the width of the fjord is only 250 meters, creating a special landscape.

Most tourists passing Goodwangen, traveling through a popular tourist route ; Norway in miniature ;, but the stop here will definitely please the seekers of beautiful and relaxing places.

Plan at the stop in Gudwangen at least 1-2 full days.

Do not miss in Gudwangen

  • Learn more about the history and life of the Vikings, visiting the Viking village in Gudwangen.
  • Pass on the cruise ship on the Neri Fjord to the village of Urendal. In Urendal, take a walk, try local brown goat cheese and come back to the Goodwangn on the local bus.
  • Go along the fjord on foot along the old postal road, visit the smallest post office of Norway and on remote tiny beaches of Neri Fjord .
  • Climb (or rather scribble) high in the mountains above the fjord and admire completely beautiful species (good physical shape, the experience of mountain hiking and the presence of trekking shoes are required).
  • Explore Fjord’s beauty hidden from the tourist eye on the kayak, entering the narrow fjord sleeves and approaching tiny deserted beaches.

Neri Fjord

The length of the Neri Fjord is about 17 km, in the narrowest place the width of the fjord is only 250 meters, the mountains here rise at 1760 meters above sea level, creating dramatic landscapes. By the way, there is an opinion that it is the Neri-Fjord and Goodwangen who became a prototype of the fairy-tale country of Erendle in the Disney cartoon ; Cold heart ;.

The length of the cruise is about two hours, the cruise passes along two fjords ; Neri Fjord and Aurlend Fjord, from Gudwangen to Flom, through the villages of Urendal and Aurland. In addition, ships make stops on demand in small villages on fjord. Conventional small ships and great modern on the route ; Premium ; ships. Tickets can be bought online or in place. In the high season there may be a problem with tickets. Actual schedule and cost of ferry cruises cm. here and here.

Viking village

In the time of Viking, Gudwangen was an important shopping and transport center. This fact is celebrated by a large costume festival on the banks of the Neri Fjord ; Wiking market (current festival dates, look at the festival page in Faisbook). Several years ago, where the festival passes, the authentic Viking village was built, where the descendants of the Vikings come from all over the world to try on the medieval life on fjords. Here you can get acquainted with modern Vikings, listen to interesting stories, learn how to shoot onion and throw axes, take part in domestic rituals and gatherings by the fire and even try the authentic food of Vikings)

Village for visitors Open from May to October from 10.00 to 18.00, from the end of October to April ; Up to 13.thirty. Adult entrance ; 195 NOK, for children ; 98 Nok. Plan a spend in the village at least 2 hours.

Post road along fjord

Old postal road along the fjord with a length of about 6 kilometers connects two villages on Bleiklindi and Styvi fjords, to get to which you can only. In the village of Styvi, the tiny old post, which is already the landmark itself, as it serves just a couple of addresses. Cruise ships stop here on demand. In both villages there is a berth, on which special signal signs are located, which passengers make themselves to know the passing ships.

Bleiklindi can also be reached by motorboats from Gudwangen or Village Bakka, located directly opposite through the fjord. Ask about the boat at the reception of your hotel, in the tourist center of Hoodwagna or on the pier of the village of Bakka.

Bakka and Rimstigen

5 kilometers from Gudwangen is Bakka village ; The only one except the Gudwangen village on the Neri Fjord, which can be reached on the road (on foot or by car). Hence the hayk along the Rimstigen trail (the craft trail, about 2 hours to the view-Point on the fjord), here you can agree on the boat to the village of Bleiklindi, located on the opposite side of the fjord (the beginning of the tracking trail of the postal road).

Trekking and Haykings

Like along any other fjord of Norway, several trekking trails of different complexity are laid along the Neri Fjord. Those trails that lead to the look-poins on the fjord are usually very cool and complex. Descents are usually harder than the rates. Trails are marked by pointers and marked with different colors (green ; very light, blue ; Light, red ; medium complexity and black ; very complicated). Card with routes can be taken in the tourist center or at the hotel reception.

Study tracking shoes, charge the full battery on the phone, take hats, glasses, snacks and water stock and follow the routes.

Kayaking on Neri Fjord

Boats and kayaks can be rented in campsites on fjord and in the tourist center located near the pier. Prices vary depending on the place, expect to pay for the boat of the order of 300-350 NOK / hour, kayak ; 400-450 NOK / 3-4 hours. Kayaking tours with a guide cost 600-700 NOK. See current versions of tours and prices here.

Orientation in Goodwagen

Goodwagen ; tiny village, get lost here is difficult. If you look at the map, you can see a narrow river that shares the village. On one side of the river ; residential part Goodwagen, on the other ; village vikingkov. Kayaking Center is located next to the pier. There ; Bus stop and only in the village Restaurant with the only in the village of Gudvangen Fjordtell. Through the bridge from the hotel ; Kayak Center Nordik Ventures and Further ; Viking village. From the same side, refueling and grocery store are located.

Where to choose accommodation

The choice of housing in Goodwagen is limited to 5 options (at the time of writing an article, let us know if the situation has changed).

Hotels and guesthouses

At the disposal of those who travel without a car 2 hotels ; Budget version of the Gudvangen Budget Hotel and more comfortable ; Gudvangen Fjordtell & Apartments . Rooms in hotels or cottages and cabins in Camping Book in advance!

Neri Fjord and Gudwangen

Gudvangen Fjordtell ; The main advantage of this hotel ; location. Fjordotel Gudwangen is located right on the fjord. Part of the rooms is decorated in the topic of Vikings. The only restaurant in the city is also here.

Gudvangen Budget Hotel is 300 meters from the pier, in the residential part of Hudwangen. Small clean board. Piece of rooms with private rooms, part ; with shared, good breakfasts. In general, this version of the quality of housing is a little inferior to FJORDTELL, but, at the same time, the order is cheaper.


Pares of kilometers from the village in the Valley near the river, a waterfall and each other are two campsites ; Gudvangen Camping and Vang Camping. Both campsites offer excellent infrastructure, good cottages and cabins, camping wagons and tents.

In the village of Bakka, 5 kilometers from Gudwangen along the fjord is located Dyrdal Gård, which offers a large house, several small cabins and camping places. This, by the way, is the only camping option in Goodwagene, located on the shores of Fjord.

Our choice: Dyrdal Gård ; The option is much less comfortable than Campgrounds in the Gudwangen Valley. But, first, from here closer to the trekking routes. Secondly here you can rent boats and canoe. And, thirdly, the ability to put a tent on the shore of the fjord compensates for any inconvenience.

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How to get to Gudwangen

Public transport

It’s more convenient and cheaper to get from Bergen after. Hoodwagen is located in the transport area of ​​Bergen, serviced by Skyss transport company. The path from Bergen to Goodwagna on public transport will take about two and a half hours. Tickets for the train to Voss and then the bus to Gudvagena can be purchased by downloading the mobile app Skyss (ticket valid for 90 minutes after purchase) or on the spot at the box office or ticket machines.

Goodwagen is associated direct bus link from Vosz, Aurland, Sogndal and Lerdal. Local buses connect with the neighboring villages Gudvangen Urendal & Flom.

Passenger cruise ferries connect Gudwangen with Floma / Aurland and Village Lardal (timetables and pricing here).here

Oslo on public transport is easier and cheaper to get either through Lerdal (Lærdal), which is connected to the Oslo direct bus link. From Oslo to Goodwangen, you can also get along the tourist route of Norway in miniature through Mirdal, panoramic railway fled and fjord cruise.

By car through AurlandSfiell

Avtobilem to Gudvagen through Oslo is best to go with a stop for the night in Laerdal (Lærdal). Going early in the morning of Lerdal in the direction of Aurland on the Aurlandsfjelet National Business Road, in the opposite direction from the route number 5. This road is laid through the Aurlandsvangen Mountain Valley and promises quite beautiful views. Do not forget to stop in Parking to the beginning of the track to the top of Prost (see. Read more on Flower page). The National Road ends at the Waugh Point Stegastein. With all the stops, the road to Aurland will take about 2 hours.

Neri Fjord and Gudwangen

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