New Year in Kaliningrad – weather, christmas trees, decorations and impressions

My name is Ekaterina. I am 37 years old, I live in Moscow. Last year, my husband and her daughter (she are 12 years old) were in Kaliningrad for New Year’s holidays. I will tell you how we went, how much did you spend how time spent and what the weather is there at this time.

West west

In the former Koenigsberg, we have already visited this time, went to the autumn vacation daughter.

We liked the city. Decided to look at it again, but in a more magical setting. The trip was fully planned and organized themselves. Our journey took place at the end of 2017 – early 2018. In Kaliningrad we spent a week, and the new year came in the train.

Chorans battle under wheel

Always when it is possible, we travel by rail (the child takes a very bad plane). This time, also searched for train tickets.

On New Year’s Eve decided to go because on railway tickets 50% – Queen. Noticed by browsing the options that The cost of tickets for New Year’s Eve is much lower than the usual price.

New Year decided to meet in the train.

We took with you a Christmas tree with small toys (bought a small village in a pot), garland on batteries and a festive treat. Managed to create a festive atmosphere in road conditions – was great.

I pleased that the crossing of the borders did not occur during the holiday. Belorussian drove up, and Lithuanian already much after the fight of the Kurats.

Shortly before midnight, the Father Frost and Snow Maiden took place.

They came into every coupe and offered passengers somehow show themselves in terms of amateur. The symbolic prize (candy) was issued for told poems, jokes, song performance.

New Year’s Eve itself went very quiet.

The car was not complete, but in every coupe, as a rule, went to his small company, which celebrated the onset of 2018 in the chamber atmosphere. Morning arrived in Kaliningrad.

Photo 3 (one of the city streets in the morning of the new year)

Weather – not snow, but rain

It turned out that in winter the weather in this region is almost no different from the autumn.

We saw the snow there only once, he fell in the evening and melted into the morning.

The air temperature in our visit held about +10 degrees. We were dressed in winter weather (not too latter), in Kaliningrad such an equipment turned out to be a bit. In early January, there was often drizzling rain, but also a lot of sun in this trip.

Where to stay

We stayed at the Aviator Hotel in Amalienau, but it is now closed, so I will give a few options in the same area.

Opposite the former Aviator there is a guest house "At Lake". There are rooms in the real German villa.

Reviews about it are good. You can see here.

Address: ul. Chapaeva, 33

Prices: from 2000 rubles per night.

Yet 6 accommodation options in Amalienau there is here in this selection

We almost all the time moved around the city on foot.

If the museum or other object of interest to us was in another area, they used a taxi (the average price of a short trip – 200 rubles). The car either called the hotel / restaurant employee, or did an order through the Yandex service.

Holiday menu

Say that Kaliningrad struck me with some culinary impressions I can not, but also there is no negative experience from public catering institutions.

Those cafes and restaurants who visited we were comfortable, with a clear menu and prices below the metropolitan. The average account on three was in the area of ​​1.5 – 2 thousand rubles.

In Kaliningrad cafes and pizzerias there are business lunches – a tasty and inexpensive version of the complex lunch.

We travel with a child, so we try to choose a cafe with a menu, allowing you to easily find something dietary, attractive and useful for a teenager.

What to do – New Year’s exhibitions, fairs, shopping

There were not a lot of festive events in the city, but we were able to listen to the Christmas concert of organ music in the Cathedral, see the music performance in the local dramatic theater, explore the thematic festive exhibition at the local art gallery.

Looked in the World Ocean Museum. Fish in the fish village. Several times rode skating in the central park. There was a small outdoor rink. I am pleased to wander around the zoo.

As a major New Year’s attractions of the city, I want to mention Shopping Center "Europe". We perfectly spent time there.

I am not a big lover of shopping centers, but it was in this megamolla that would be happy to be in the New Year’s days again. There was an unusually magical holiday atmosphere.

Showcases and commercial spaces were very beautifully decorated. In a separate area there is a big food court with urban cafes and restaurants (there is a "croissant cafe" and "Brikas"). There we not only made a lot of shopping (got into seasonal sales), but also perfectly rested.

Curonian Spit, where it is better to rest: Lithuania vs Russia
New Year in Kaliningrad - weather, christmas trees, decorations and impressions

Expectations and impressions

See the christmas fairy tale in Kaliningrad we failed, although I liked the trip myself.

Almost all walks passed under the umbrella, but on the street it was very warm for the calendar winter.

For the new year in Kaliningrad, you can walk in a jacket for a few hours and is glad to eat ice cream on the street.

The center of New Year’s Kaliningrad became the shopping center "Europe". There dressed up a huge Christmas tree. Near the decorated tree arranged photoson. It was nice to wander among bright showcases, looking for Christmas gifts and loved ones.

On the streets, too, it was possible to see the illumination and seasonal installations, but on the background of green lawns, they look not very impressive.

Question price

The winter trip was a little more costly for us than the previous one, November, since prices for the hotel rose, and on sales in stores we left about 15 thousand rubles.

In total, we spent about 80 thousand rubles, while saved on railway tickets about 5 thousand rubles.

Nevertheless, we were satisfied with the rest. We visited an environmentally friendly area of ​​the country, saw an old city with an unusual architecture, loved by New Year’s illuminations, made profitable purchases, lived in a comfortable and cozy hotel.

Tips and nuances

Kaliningrad during the Christmas holidays will appeal to those who want to get away from winter and want to feel the atmosphere of a European Christmas.

Such a rest will suit families with children, as soft weather allows you to spend a lot of time in the fresh air.

In Kaliningrad there are interesting places to visit with children: Zoo, Puppet Theater, Museums with interactive programs and master classes for preschoolers and more older guys.

Our daughter loved the rink in the Central Park

Youth in Kaliningrad can be boring, but family pairs here, I think it is easy to spend if not a dream of a dream, then something as much as possible to it is approximate. In the city, excellent conditions for quiet leisure – walks, visits to theaters and galleries, travel around the surroundings.

New Year’s Kaliningrad is well suited for single travelers.

The city is small, cozy, "warm". At the same time, it is easy to make a saturated tourist program.

Read more about Kaliningrad You will find out here: online guide to Kaliningrad and region

Chief Council for any tourist – Take umbrella And do not forget the passport (not needed on the plane). These two subjects will definitely use you on the way and during a visit to Kaliningrad both in winter and in any other season.

New Year in Kaliningrad - weather, christmas trees, decorations and impressions

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