New Year in Yaroslavl – report and several tips

My name is Maria. I am 25 years old, I live near Vologda. Since in Vologda, it’s especially nowhere to go, for a new year trip, I decided to choose some interesting city nearby. I chose Yaroslavl.

I went to relax during the New Year’s Weekend 2019. This time I chose, because I love snow very much and winter landscapes.

I decided to go on my car. It is much more convenient than a train or bus.

I rested 4 days: January 1 at 7 am I left Vologda and already at 10 am in Yaroslavl. Home returned on January 4.

Weather in Yaroslavl was comfortable, frost was not, sometimes snowing.

I went with a girlfriend. The road in one direction came out in 1000 rubles. It was possible to take a bus, but one ticket costs 600 rubles. In addition, it would be uncomfortable to move without a car.


At first we wanted to rent a room in the hotel, but in the new year all the places were busy, and if they were, then it was very expensive.

Then we decided to move to the hostel. We were attracted by a small price, but when we saw the living conditions, they immediately refused. I did not want to live in the room in which there were 4 bunk beds. It is very unpleasant to live with such a large number of people. We also feared for our things that someone could steal while we sleep.

Girlfriend offered to rent an apartment, and I agreed.

We found a good studio near the water park. It cost only 1000 rubles per day. The apartment turned out to be good, with a new repair and pleasant owner. He met us at the entrance and spent to the apartment.

The apartment was one double bed and folding sofa, kitchen and bathroom with shower. The owner gave us the keys and gone.


We often dined in Café city. There is inexpensive and suited enough. This network, their establishments almost every corner. Every day, evening was ordered sushi or rolls through Yandex Food From restaurant Japanese.

We spent on food 6000 rubles for two.

Gasoline costs: I have a small passenger car. In one day, gasoline was spent in Yaroslavl about 300 rubles.


Yaroslavl Aqua Park

In Yaroslavl, I really wanted to visit the water park. It was there that we went first.

I liked the payment system: you yourself choose the duration of the time of the visit. I took a ticket for 4 hours. For a small surcharge we were offered to go to the bath, but we refused.

As a result, it turned out the cost – 850 rubles with man.

After payment you give the rubber bracelet, with which you can go through the turnstile.

The locker rooms are good, lockers are closed using an electronic lock. Apply the bracelet to the cabinet and it closes. In the water park itself many different slides. I liked to swim in the "lazy river", which comes out of the building on the street.

With the help of the bracelet, you can buy food in the restaurant. When leaving the bracelet will be checked if the amount was written off from it, then it must be paid in cash or card.

Website Water Park: Aquapark76.Ru

For 4 hours spent in the water park, we are tired, so the rest of the day spent at home, ordering sushi for dinner.

Mystical House

Second day we decided to fully dispel to get acquainted with the sights.

We went to the address: ul. Sovetskaya, D. 21. Here is the main mystical landmark of Yaroslavl.

On the site of the old cemetery and the church complex, 2 five-story buildings were built, which are connected by a large arch. There are rumors that ghosts live in this house. He fails, but nothing strange with us happened to us.

Church of Ilya Prophet

Then we went to Church of Ilya Prophet. The church was built in 1660 and fully preserved to this day.

The most interesting is the murals of the walls. The whole church from the inside is painted by biblical plots.

Museum Complex "Music and Time"

In the Museum of the 3d Department.

First department – Museum "Music and Time". It contains a huge collection of records, some very old. We were allowed to listen and touch the exhibits.

Second department – Museum of Porcelain. It presents a collection of various figurines, toys from porcelain. They look very elegant. It is difficult to imagine how you can make such a thing.

Third department – Museum of Samovarov. The most boring despite the fact that the collection is big. On this, the whole museum ended.

Entrance ticket: 700 rubles per person.

We managed to visit all these places for 1 day.

Yaroslavl Art Museum

On the third day, waking up, we went to learn the city further.

Myshkin – What to see in the very spiritual town on the Volga

My girlfriend is a real connoisseur of art, so we decided to visit the Art Museum of Yaroslavl. We liked it. The collection of the museum has the work of Shishkin, Perova, Savrasova.

Entrance ticket: 450 rubles.

The museum building was warm, we would continue to admire the paintings, but I had to go, since we were bought tickets for the ballet "Swan Lake".

Ballet "Swan Lake" in the concert-spectacular center

Ballet tickets Dear – at 1300 rubles. But it did not stop us. The production was impeccable – from lighting to the game of actors. In the middle of the action it seemed to me that I myself play a role in it, so good heroes passed what was conceived.

After the ballet, we bought a bottle of red wine and stayed in conversations about how successfully organized their trip.

New Year in Yaroslavl - report and several tips


On the last day we did not have plans. A little walking around the surroundings, we decided to go home, but by chance, on the road from the city, I noticed the zoo.

In winter, in street enclosures of animals was a bit. Most of them were transferred to heated premises, the bears at all fell into a hibernation.

Despite this, we still managed to meet a camel. I did not think that he could withstand our frosts.

Also there we saw hares and wolves. Wolves especially liked.

The street was minus 10 degrees. We started to freeze quickly, I had to leave. It was the last place in Yaroslavl, where we visited.

So ended our exciting New Year weekend in this wonderful city. Separately, I want to say that the streets of winter Yaroslavl looked very beautiful: everything was decorated with garlands and different decorations. I didn’t want to leave.


For 4 days for two, we spent 22 000 rubles.

  • 4000 rub on gasoline for all days,
  • 4000 rubles for accommodation,
  • 6000 rub on food,
  • 8000 on attractions and entertainment.


Such a journey is suitable for a person of any age, the entertainment will have for everyone.

I can give good advice – plan everything in advance, otherwise there will be problems that the rest will be able to spoil.

Wish you luck. Be sure to visit this wonderful and interesting city.

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