New Year on Sri Lanka ; as we celebrated him?

I decided to write an article ; review in which I will tell you how we spent our new year on Sri Lanka.

Last year, herself searched for articles on this topic before you fly to this extraordinary island, but I did not find anything that is. Only on foreign sites came out something interesting about how the new year comes on Sri Lanka.

How we celebrated New Year on Sri Lanka?

During this period, from December 31, we were in South Sri Lanka, on one of the best resorts ; Tangalle, near the sea, namely we were lucky with the hotel:

Coopenrath Hotel (located at NO. 61, Vijaya Road, Medaketiya, Tangalla Beach Front, Tangalle).

One of the beaches in Tangalle

The hotel has organized a small holiday to everyone who stopped and settled into it. I’ll tell you more details ;

31th of December

December 31, it turned out to be very calm in our part of the island, there were no clappers, loud cries of people, drunk fights and others. unpleasant events before the holiday.

In the morning of this day we woke up with dawn and went on a jog. Admired the sparkling sea and palm trees, bathed in the sea, have breakfast with fresh fruits and began for their affairs for computers.

Our hotel was near the sea, along was a small road
For Tuk-Tukov (local taxi) there and ran.

A little about the Internet in Sri Lanka

As it seemed to us, we have gained the best speed that you can generally meet on Sri Lanka: This is a 3G modem from Etisalat at a speed of 2-7 Mbps, 10 GB / month to download.

After all, for us the Internet is an important moment on the journey!

We enjoyed good Internet even from the sea vessel 🙂

Paid 1500 rubles. for the modem, 1 month, respectively, free internet as a gift. Someone will be useful;)

Let’s go back to the topic of the article.

In the evening, on December 31, we decided to have dinner at the Coopenrath Hotel, although the price of the kitchen is slightly higher, by 20-30% than in the cafes, which are 7-10 minutes walk from the sea.

I’m in a cafe at the hotel, waiting for a vegetarian dish and a fresh salad 🙂

Watching the sunset and restless sea, I noticed that in our hotel all rooms are filled with aliens. Unlike the wilderness, which was observed on December 28-29, but still reigned a very pleasant atmosphere, a pleasant expectation.

Sunset from our hotel in Tangalle

A little decorations for the new year 🙂

Hotel staff began to prepare for the evening

Decorate everything around not only with multi-colored diodes and lanterns, but also attractive fruits, seafood outside.

Fruit Sri Lanka

We ran up one of the hotel executives and asked about the night of January 1. Will we celebrate it at the hotel and suggested a great price for New Year’s dinner and the best table near the sea.

Without specifying what will be per dish ; we agreed!

Our New Year’s table is beautifully decorated with lamps, located very close to the sea

For 1500 rubles . We were covered with a table from the marine lobster, the fish cooked on the grill and brought something from alcoholic drink.

I do not understand ; We do not use alcohol, instead I asked to bring us fresh juices!:)

Sea Lobster, Grilled Fish. Most likely they were caught early in the morning local fishermen

The tables began, quietly, filled with local foreigners, everyone spoke of his table among themselves, there was no noisy fun, some dating.

Cafe by the sea was almost complete closer to the work hours

We also, with Stas, communicated and watched what is happening: On the beach installed a large screen with video clips in the style of beach parties, relaxing on the sea, relax.

Even the video clip of Timati showed.

Stas waiting for salute, and always in a good mood 🙂


It’s a pity it didn’t work out to take a picture of Salute beautifully, but I hope you yourself
We will visit the New Year in Sri Lanka and see the salute

New Year on Sri Lanka; as we celebrated him

And so, closer to midnight, the hotel staff lit a big salute right above us, above the sea, which loud and shone everything around a few minutes!

We and we began to congratulate everything around with Happy New Year, to be photographed, the hotel staff was so happy!

Then we went to my room and waited for the Russian New Year, calling and informing to loved people that Sri Lhank NG passed with a bang!:)

January 1 We took bikes (100 rubles./ for one bike)

T.To. Next to our hotel, the sea with quite strong waves, we decided to go to the nearby beach, where they bathe predominantly local and there is no waves.

On most beaches of Tangalle, these waves, the sea of ​​harmonica

On the way to the secret beach

We learned about this secret beach when they studied the island by self-propelled.

On this beach, natural plates stop the waves and you can bathe without fear that the wave will cover while swimming 🙂

Here we spent our morning, surprisingly, as it was calm on January 1 in the morning, only the sea is heard.

In the photo from behind, we can see that the waves seem to calm down because of the natural stove, which was unaveden near the beach

As you started, quietly, sewing the beach is local ; Sri Lankans, we went to Mirissa Beach to diversify the day. Lunch in a cafe called ; SerfView ;,, from which there was observed how foreigners were riding on the waves.

Beach Mirissa ; More noisy, filled with young foreigners, night dances, great beaches, cheap hotels in.

Issue tourist medical insurance


That’s how our new year has passed in Sri Lanka..

If you are still in doubt ; Mark or not this new year in Sri Lanka, then I will boldly tell you: come! Because it is not necessary to hold this holiday, as we spent it in a quiet tangallet.

On the same beach ; Mirissa, probably everything was noted much noiser and with a scope, in a circle of a large number of foreigners, fun, dancing until the morning! 🙂

In addition, Sri Lanka so much interesting: Amazing Nature, Cool Sea, Safari, Good People and Interesting Traditions, Stunning Island History, Tasty Mountain Tea and MN.Other

New Year on Sri Lanka; as we celebrated him

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