New York Botanical Garden

Speaking about the attractions of a large apple, we usually remember skyscrapers, central park and a statue of freedom. And meanwhile New York Botanical Garden deserves no less attention. It was created at the end of the 19th century, and the idea of ​​its creation belonged to Professor of Columbia University Nathaniel L. Britton and his wife Elizabeth. They were Amazed by the London Botanical Garden in Kyuse Gardens and decided to create something similar in the US. In 1891, the urban authorities received in the property of 16 hectares of the untouched forest – here and the basis of the Botanical Garden of New York was laid. Then the territory increased by several hectares. And at the beginning of the 20th century it was opened Brooklyn Botanical Sad. So the total area of ​​the Botanical Garden of New York today exceeds 250 acres or 100 hectares, and more than a million plants are represented on it. In addition, the garden has Beautiful herbarium, in which more than 7 million samples of flora are collected. This collection before getting here, gathered for two centuries.

The collection of this botanical garden is just amazing. More than 15 thousand plants are presented here, and among them Many rare and endangered species. The whole collection is systematic.

Square of Botanical Garden divided into several dozen thematic gardens, Orangers and plantations. Interestingly, all these thematic gardens are arranged Thanks to the donations of wealthy American families – Morganov, Vanderbilt, Carnegie. For example, Shakespeare’s garden arranged in a classic English style and opened in 1925, was a gift from Henry Folger. In this garden, those plants are planted, which are mentioned in the plays and sonnets of the famous poet. Wherein Near each plant there is a plate not only with his scientific name, but also with a quote from the works of British genius. Henry Fallger, financing the garden, was the founder of Shakespeare’s library in Washington.

Pink Kranford Garden partially financed by Rockefellers. In this garden you can find roses 1400 species. It – One of the most popular places in the New York Botanical Garden.

The Botanical Garden of New York is designed so that people with disabilities feel comfortable. This is especially pronounced in Aromatic garden Alice Renekhel. It was designed specifically for blind people. At one time (and these were the 1950s) he was the first kind of garden in the USA. In this garden, all plants are divided into 4 groups – it includes those that can be touched into another – plants with fragrant leaves, to the third – plants with fragrant flowers, in the fourth – fragrant herbs. All these plants are located at such a height, which would be comfortable for visitors, Including for those who come here on a wheelchair.

New York Botanical Garden – this is the Japanese Garden Hill and-Pond. He was the first garden of this kind in America (he was laid in 1914-1915). His planning and device was engaged in the famous Japanese landscape Designer Takoo Shiota. Here you can find both plants characteristic of Japanese gardens, and wooden bridges, and a pond with islands and small waterfalls. By the way, in this garden there are more than 40 types of Sakura.

New York Botanical Garden

In the Botanical Garden of New York You can come together with children. There is a children’s botanical garden here, the oldest in the world. Children here can study plants, planting new ones, watch the growth of flowers, herbs and vegetables – and all this in a game form. Garden is open all year round, and many parents lead children here so that they can know nature.

During the same visit, you are unlikely to get acquainted with the treasures of the Botanical Garden of New York. And meanwhile, Reserved unique natural oak thickets and the beech of the American, and the age of some trees is 200 years.

Botanical Garden takes about a million visitors annually. Here are often arranged thematic exhibitions and shows. By the way, the inhabitants of the big apple Choose this place for weddings and family holidays.

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