New York City from Cinema

This picturesque territory in the heart of Manhattan is recognized as the most popular destination of New York. Natural oasis in the middle of a ferry megapolis looks authentic and atmospheric. More than 25 million guests come here every year to enjoy the freshness of natural landscapes. However, those who at least once personally visited the central park, the number of connoisseurs of his beauties is not limited – this place has become one of the most sought-after cynokations of New York. The "shooting debut" of Manhattan sights took place in 1908, when America presented the first version of the Shakespeare Drama "Romeo and Juliet". Since then, the Central Park flashed in frames more than three hundred films, among which "lawyer of the devil", "Brutal Games", "Vanilla Sky", "3D Pitch Forward", "Tiffany Breakfast", "The Devil wears Prada", "Wall -strate "," Eat. Pray. Love, "I – Legend", "Enchanted", "One House 2: Lost in New York" and other cash ribbons.

2. Museum of Natural History

If you believe that ancient exhibits come to life at night to stroll through countless chairs and corridors, it means that you have already managed to watch the family comedy "Night in the Museum". Of course, visiting the cinema will not replace a full-fledged tour of the outstanding storage of artifacts, however, if a long flight is not yet included in your plans, you can get acquainted with some exhibits from television screens. A little fantasticity only warms the interest in the history of mankind. And those who prefer a more comedian format can partially consider the interior of the Museum of Natural History in the frames of the series "How I Met Your Mother" – It is here that there is a soul dinner and acquaintance Ted with her husband Zone (Season 6, 8 series).

3. Hotel "Plaza"

4. Rockefeller Center

This office center in Manhattan Midtown recognizes not only on the magnificent viewing area, with which all New York seems to be a small layout, but also on the magic Christmas tree, where the small adventure amateur Kevin McCalister from "One House 2" came to dream about the New Year holidays in a circle families. I managed to "litter" on the screen and the central skyscraper of Ji-Bilding, on the roof of which the final scene of the thriller "Changeable reality" unfolded.

5. Flaton Bilding

The designed building is intricate, located at the intersection of the most expensive streets of New York – Fifth Avenue and Broadway, – Familiar is hardly every kind of film planet. The multi-storey tower in the form of an iron especially attracted directed by fantastic tapes about superheroes. It was in Flatron every day a spiderman came – and as a simple photocorpspring Peter Parker, and as a fighter with crime, endowed with superconductances. If the interior of the building is most often shown from one perspective, the exterior on which he liked to hone the MARVEL skill, appears in all its glory. Not so designers reacted to Flaton-Building directed by "Godzilla" – the building was completely destroyed by the army, pursuing a giant lizard (of course, the crash scene is just a trick).

6. Times Square

The central square of Manhattan is a place where the raging and exciting life does not stop for a second. Want to understand all the essence of New York, his mad rhythm and constant motion? Then go straight to Times Square. However, it is possible to experience the energy of this place on the films – it is enough to evaluate how the scattered crowd merges in a single dance when Jamie acquaints Dilan with the delights of New York in a romantic comedy "Sex on friendship". A frightening alternative to this incendiary picture is shown by Times Square in the film "Vanilla Sky", where there is always a crowded New York street plunged into the deserted silence. From this scene, somehow not by yourself, even those who have never been to Manhattan, not to mention lovers to walk along the noisy area from Broadway and the Seventh Avenue.

7. Empire State Building

New York City from Cinema

The romantic atmosphere, enveloping the viewing platform of the highest building in New York, did not leave indifferent neither directories of cash melodamans, nor their numerous spectators. How many fateful meetings, touching recognition and shifting scenes occurred here, on the height of a bird’s-flight 86 and 102 floors. How many tears were pouring over the plot of the "unforgettable novel"? And with what kind of passions the viewers collided while watching the film "Delighted in Seattle"? And even the serials that seem to have nothing to do with love dramas, in Empire State Building is transformed. One sentence of a hand and heart, made by a talented thief of the Nil Kefri his friend Sarah, at the end of the 4th seasons of the White Collar, looks sincerely and sensually. In a word, everything that happens on the observation Empire State Building deserves Oscar in the nomination "The most touching moments of the film".

eight. Public library

It should not be assumed that the stationary libraries have sunk in the fly – the New York Public Powder to this day remains one of the most visited places of the city. This place is of particular importance not only for the reserved book men, but also for dedicated kinomans. In the Public Library, the heroes of the film "The day after tomorrow" tried to survive the coming climatic catastrophe, heating the warmth of burning volumes. However, none of the folirants during the filming were injured – uniforms sent to the fireplace. The halls of the Public Library flashed and in the episodes of other paintings, among which "sex in the big city" (full-length film), "Spiderman", "Breakfast of Tiffany" and others.

nine. The Brooklyn Bridge

ten. Central station

They say the stations remember more sincere emotions than regizes, and Grand Central Terminal – visual confirmation. However, not only romance and melodrama there is a place at the Central Station – adventure, and detective, and even fantastic filthyings are unfolded here. In the storage chambers of the Central Transport Knot of New York "People in Black" found the door to the parallel universe. The moments shot in the huge waiting rooms and in crowded perfumes are permeated with real, alive, to pain familiar to every viewer with emotions. Enough to remember the final scene "Sex on Friendship" to understand that the walls of this amazing place are able to work wonders.

New York City from Cinema

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