New York Freshly Look

Americans so widely and skillfully advertised the symbols of their country, which, seeing the statue of Freedom or Empière State Building for the first time, experiencing trepidation. Here is the famous Island of Ellis – footage of frames from "Great Father". Young Korleon came to conquer America:

Walk along the famous fifth avenue, walking on Broadway – all this seemed a non-fast dream, some kind of fictional life, almost another planet. And here you are here – you can "Touch your feet" Smooth asphalt, ride in a yellow taxi, in which the driver’s cabin is fenced off from the passenger thick glass, or, ending under some skyscraper, shove his head, feeling his infinity. Manhattan is a continuous holiday: a motley crowd, a variety, elegant showcases of expensive shops and street trade on unfolded directly on the asphalt piece of matter of dubious purity.

New York – he is generally very diverse. I remember the Soviet poster, in my opinion, they were "decorated" Even a school textbook. Children – Black, Beloken and Asian – Hold hands. The drawing symbolized the friendship of peoples – one of the main postulates of Soviet propaganda. There was no friendship there! A true common house for a variety of nations and nations seemed to me New York. What only clothes here will not meet, what only races! Our planet is presented in the whole manifold. Kitchens of the peoples of the world Americans unified under the Fast Food system. I used to think that Fast Food is a hamburger or pizza. It turns out that you can eat Chinese dishes on the move, and Mexican Jaaros, and that your soul will wish. Put the gastronomic assorted mainly by the traditional American cola in huge paper glasses.

There is even a monument to Lenin. A certain homeowner, for some very well-known motifs imbuming sympathy for the country of the Council now in the summer. Following your sympathies, he brought the statue of the leader of the Russian revolution from Russia. Lenin cast in Bronze, who soldered asking us, former residents of the USSR, in New York was to stand up, according to her new owner, on the court in front of his house. After Lenin safely crossed the ocean and arrived in America, it turned out that the urban authorities of the New York’s views of the fan of Ilyich do not share. And therefore put the monument in Manhattan categorically banned. I had to lift a statue on the roof of a multi-storey building, no one could prevent this. Private property is holy! Only one part of the population is subjected to discrimination in New York – smokers. I confess, it annoys it in some places. Smoking can not be smoked! Only on the street. Okay, if summer, and in winter, when the fingers freeze on the go?

So if you have had any stereotype, it is doomed to complete destruction. The first impression is a huge megalopolis, even longing covers. Think that in these "Stone jungle" Never orientate. Looking around, you begin to understand that everything is strictly systematized. Streets or numbered, or marked with letters and are drawn exactly by line. Special problem in New York – Park the car. According to the laws that, at first glance, it is quite difficult to understand, it cannot be left almost anywhere. Prohibition signs Someone invisible generous hand overwhelmed throughout the city. My friend who decided to show me Manhattan, could not be parked for an hour. As a result, it was necessary to admire the city scenery from the car window. Next time we prudently used Subwear.

New York metro looks simply depressingly compared to the pompous luxury of Moscow. Gloomy impression produce painted black paint metal columns, under the legs dirty asphalt. Scraps of papers and other garbage, pouring past trains, scattered everywhere. Map of the New York metro, which is called – without half a liter you will not understand! Closely twisted routes A, F, B – and so on alphabetically, it is unknown to be delivered, it is worth only to mix something slightly. And people! Lord, people in Traine can sit as they please. For example, stretching your legs to the next seat. In all this misfortune, it is, however, and dignity: there is no index, there are air conditioners in the trains, and telephone machines on the platform ponaskany every three meters. "Subway" Sabwa will not call – the train is rising on some inconceivable piles, with a crash, rushing over the roofs of the houses, then falls into the tunnel and only sometimes go deep under the ground. Throughout the way, you can have fun, contemplating wall inscriptions. New Yorcans, apparently, love to draw. Their thrust for wall painting is not amenable to description. Moamed any space free from advertising. Sometimes "Work" homegrown artists can be found in such a hard to reach place that it is just wondering how he got there and what pose did. The content is usually limited to two three rather seamless words, the so-called "Unsewable folklore".

However, in the first week of my stay in New York, I realized that it was not worth wonderful. One black American in the store, in Panibrate, slamming me on the shoulder, in the vlial "You Have Very Cool Shoes!", That is, she liked my shoes (in my opinion, by the way, unremarkable). She did not restrain her emotions, but, on the contrary, immediately shared them with me. Different people on the street and in the subway asked me, where did I come from and how long have I long been in America. I do not know what cause. Maybe this is the norm, and maybe it’s just so lucky. In the reclining in the very center of Mancherhetna, where I peacefully leafed the newspaper, waiting for a friend, a cheerful cleaner jumped to me (I don’t know how these people are called here – we were janitors). Unlike ours, this one was dressed from the head to the head in the boiled white, as if he came not to clean the street, but to operate the patient. Pre-informed if I say in Russian (as he guessed – I can’t do any mind), Lev from Kiev told me about my life. She, by the way, is very pleased. He spends his free time in Atlantic City with his Gerlfrend, almost does not bored in Kiev, despite the fact that he worked as an engineer. His knowledge in the field of English is enough for him, and in the evenings he looks Russian television. He seemed absolutely happy me.

Brighton is a special America. Everything is clear and accessible here. In general, people from the former USSR, in my opinion, got settled in New York with great comfort. Intrunning from the moment that is not entirely understandable, and if it is clear, then the world is not always pleasant for them, they created their own. It has its own schools, kindergartens, shops, lawyers, their newspapers and magazines. In general, everything you need for life. Knowledge of English is, of course, plus, but on Brighton, you can safely do without it. But, as you know, get used to the amenities very quickly.I witnessed the scene when the woman was indignant in the store the fact that the saleswoman does not understand Russian. Apparently, she ordered that not in Russia. I read something like Dovlatov in his notes on Russian immigration in America and, I confess, decided that this is an exaggeration. There was no one! My son, going to the store for milk, first clarified me how to contact the seller in English. He returned excited.

New York Freshly Look

– Mama! The aunt asked me in pure Russian: "What are you, son, you want?"

The loaded car track, the crowds of passersby, the urban bustle is replaced by the noise of the ocean surf and cry of chaps, it is only worth moving the road. Clean, almost white sand, endless space ocean. Famous Brighton Beach. Boulevard paved with some old unpacked boards.

In the morning, its inhabitants are mainly pensioners and mothers with children, in the evening they light their restaurants in the evening, the boulevard filling the hasting youth. In the Union, they were called Ukrainians, Armenians, Uzbeks, Jews. Here everyone who is from there, Russian.

Night York is an almost enchanting spectacle. Brightly lit streets, somewhere in the swelling mysteriously flicker windows of skyscrapers. Light bulbs bridges seem just suspended in the night darkness. In those confused times, when we looked at America through the eyes of the Zorin Observer, this fascinating picture with sparkling neon advertising symbolized "Plugging imperialism". I dare to assume that in the depths of the soul my zoris myself liked no less than today I. On weekdays after midnight cars, it becomes very little on the street, there are almost no passersby, New York is sleeping: in this watch awakens a huge fish market on the embankment. This place is called Sea Port. The smell of the sea fills the whole street, buyers and sellers are loud traded. Tens of tens of tons of fish diverge on Wenam. It seems that all the marine inhabitants of New Yorcans are catching up and decomposed on the boxes, and now calmly wait for their fate. Their further fate is no doubt – store store or restaurant kitchen. I wonder where it turns out what is not selling? Ask not anyone – everyone is very busy, send another one.

In the morning – everything is already removed, there is no trace from the night shabbash. The smell of fish disappears together with the morning fog and dissolves in the air:

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