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Probably, each city has its own focus, the center of gravity, something like a stone heart, from where the human energy is running around the streets and fills the urban space in unique for each geographic point of the breath of life. For Paris, this is Trocadero and Eiffel Tower, Trafalgar Square for London, Red – for Moscow and T.D.

I do not know what is considered to be the main attraction of New York, but for us it turned out to be Times Square. It just happened that we flew in the evening, settled at the hotel on the corner of the 7th Avenue and the 51st streets, and then went to walk before bedtime and suddenly found themselves on Broadway. And then, hypnotized with shining lights, several blocks were down and found themselves in a fantastic world, filled with light, noise and mad human energy.
The first impression was that even if you turn off the electricity in the whole city, huge billboards on the Times Square will shine at the expense of this energy (although, they say, the local advertising is powered by solar panels and does not depend on the city). I will not even try to describe my impressions of this magic area, almost a hundred years ago, it was already done Ilf and Petrov, so you just need to multiply their rows for the increased level of technical progress.

In general, in New York, just a bit too much – too many advertisements, skyscrapers, tourists, yellow taxis, metro stations (400 more than), attractions, museums, shops … and, of course, money. This is obvious anywhere in Manhattan, and if you go to the luxurious 5th Avenue with its magnificent specialist shops, then all doubts will disappear at all in the fact that this is the most important city of yellow devil.

Of course, everything *************** Fifth Avenue can be governing in London, Paris, Berlin, and even in Moscow, but neither Oxford Street, neither the Osman Boulevard and nor the calm with the fifth. And 5th Ave is a museum mile, Empire State Building, as if moved here from medieval Europe Cathedral of St. Patrick, who is beautifully reflected in the Olympic Tower Tower, it is the Cultural Center of the Oressis … New York is generally a city of reflections when In the glass of one skyscraper, the other is reflected, and the outlines of the third are guessed, and all these pictures relate to different temporary epochs up to the Gothic of the Old World … And New York, which is especially interesting, is the city of skyscrapers, which were mainly built not at the expense crucified the city budget, but on the money of specific nonsense comrades – Rockefeller, Oressis, Trump and others.

And in front of the aforementioned cathedral, there is a funny sculpture in the form of an inverted pool, which symbolizes the ear of Van Gogh, then the famous auction of Christie, the cafe of the Rockefeller Center, which in the winter turns into a skating rink and, finally, the Rockefeller-Center itself with an observation platform for seventy-sixteen, from which the wonderful View of the city. There is such a platform and the Empire State Building, but this, they say better.

The playground is located on three levels – the first is completely closed, so you can watch and remove it only through plastic, the second – half-open and the third fully operated on to all winds and beauty of the city from the height of the Helicopter flight. This is no doubt the most popular place for the photo session of the city, the devices here are cracking without stopping, so I highly recommend. It is worth the pleasure of $ 35, but the flight of the city by helicopter will cost 145, 195 or 260 dollars depending on the length of the flight.

By the way, shooting New York is quite difficult – when the sun stands high and lights street wells until the bottom, photos are boring and flat, and with beautiful evening lights the pictures are not in the measure of contrasting – completely dark sidewalks plus greased tips. As a pioneer form – white top, dark bottom. Here it is necessary to either somehow process photos or just to reconcile with the reality, which, of course, is not correct – there is no second of such a city, and try to correct its images is the same as returning beauty with plastic surgery: no matter how the master is a surgeon, result will definitely be noticeable and only ruined the original. Even if we are talking about expensive Hollywood surgeons, not to mention our craftsmen, internally riveting Angelin Jolie from the rich sellian.

In general, on the second day, New York suddenly seemed to me a very familiar city. Therefore, it’s probably that, unlike San Francisco, from which we flew and who used to be a familiar, except that on the song Creedence "Have You Ever Seen The Rain" and films with dirty harry – Nisud, New York is thickly populated with hundreds of familiar literary , cinema and real characters – from the heroes of O’Henry and Sallinger to the residents of the house "Dakota" on the 72nd street, including John Lennon and Yoko, Rudolf Nureyev, Leonard Bernstein and other celebrities. Including actor Boris Carloff, which in the 30s played first in Frankenstein’s movie.

And New York seemed surprisingly similar to Moscow. Not today, populated by an unknown, and the old one, in which real Muscovites lived, who greet the neighbors and inferior place in the subway. Here, as it seemed to me, the inhabitants of today’s New York – the manner walk, to speak, move the street … Especially when we unexpectedly pleased the peak in the evening, when everyone leaves offices and rush to the local subway – Sabway. The illusion was fearful that I even began to look around in search of the Novoslobodskaya station, next to which he once worked. In today’s nightmarish Moscow, I do not have such aberrations.

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In addition to sightseeing, we had a small business – to see the house where the composer lived in the 40-50s.T. Grechanins – his apartment at West 75th ST, 57 I mentioned in my film. It was not difficult to find the house – we did the Broadway to Columbus-Serb, where the monument is, it is clear, Columbus and the Stramp’s house, and then walked around the western edge of the Central Park, occasionally checking the situation with the navigator and confrontation from annoying matters wishing to ride us in stroller for three dollars per minute.

By the way, the central park struck the fact that it was not flat, like most parks, and multi-level – with hills, descents, lifts and beautiful grots – in the American films it is in them bad guys robes good. However, in the afternoon, the park looked completely safe – runners, cyclists, kids with educators, a lot of protein and even more Police – equestrian and ordinary.

The house we found quickly, on the line of the park it is located between the museum of natural history and thus the Dakota house, where Lennon was shot, and a little deep in depth, at the intersection with Columbus – Avenue. The house was luxurious, with a two-story Hall with a fireplace and a doorman, who said that the restaurant La Rochelle was located in the house and he was still gorgeous. Although today very poor people live there.

Well, at the end of different useful tips. From the transport we used only a taxi, and we liked private more – they are without a plastic partition and TV, but you immediately agree on the price, which is very beneficial with the perpetual traffic jams. Because in the usual taxi you are standing in a traffic jam, and the meter clicks and dally. The corks are always in the city, because in New York, the main thing is a pedestrian, and the cars here stop not what to yellow, but on the end of green. But almost anywhere you can get there in different ways and it is convenient – we went to the airport on Friday night, the roads were scored tightly, but the taxi driver, by the way, was a private, all the way I was sought for a navigator some departing routes and as a result we arrived almost in time. And obligatory here taev private traders do not apply so precisely.

And in general, New York is the city of dear. I do not know what the upper price limit of local hotels and whether it is at all, but even the most modest double room without breakfast on Manhattan will cost you dollars in 250 per day, where the bunch of taxes will also be added. To be accurate (I hold the bill in your hands) – 12 pieces. Of course, there are alternative options – Different communities like Kamork Pope Carlo, who keep our illegals, but then it is not necessary to go to Manhattan, but in Brooklyn or Queens, which, of course, are also interesting, but, alas, do not differ much from suburbs of any other capital.

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