New York, Tourist Feeling

In the States before that was not, therefore, New York for me is a completely new and unknown city with an incomprehensible while the population. Rather, just there is a feeling that a lot about the Americans you know on the films and stories of rare eyewitnesses, so some stereotypes of the head was already clogged.

This trip happened by chance, in New York, I was with the Genka (she also Pokalontas, she just see) only due to the fact that Americans demand a visa even for transfer at the airport. We actually had to be in Mexico with a transfer in the States. Since the visa needs, then why not get normal? Received (he wrote in detail about it in the photoblog) and the transfer was decided to turn into a kind «Overseasy» For a half weeks in New York.

The first impression was very interesting — It seemed that a circle of 90%, the population consists of dark-skinned, speaking mainly in Spanish. I remembered the moment from the book, in which some hero speaks to another: «Dude, you’re in America, speak Spanish!». Later they were convinced that this feeling is confirmed — Very much people here from Latin America. In the shops, there are alone Latinos in stores, so with sellers you can greet Spanish.

About stereotypes

The first stereotype, which immediately crashed about reality — that Americans are vague fat. Nothing like that in New York is not observed. Full person to meet more difficult than in any city of Russia. Maybe in other cities somehow different.

Second — every friend to a friend even stretched, but smile. Figa with two! So that you smile, in most cases you need to pay for a minimum. At the same time, the whole white population is extremely polite, black — if we get lucky.

Other stereotypes were either confirmed indirectly, or it turned out that they did not associate with that country at all.

It should be noted that in New York, different areas are very much different from each other both architecture and the population. There is I «Beloworrine» Areas, I «Dark-skinned», and some purely national. In some, somehow and the camera do not want to get out of the backpack. Perhaps this is just another stereotype, but one unpleasant incident with local «Divorce» We have already happened. And in broad daylight, near the Central Park in Manhattan. Two dark-skinned brave guys passed by and one specially collided with me and from it allegedly accidentally dropped the package with a bottle of vodka. Of course, the bottle crashed. Obviously, so they emphasize tourists who, according to the script, should start apologize and offer monetary compensation. I almost didn’t do that, but by the eyes of these guys realized that this is not an accident, they are clearly needed. In general, the actors are so-so. Yes, and in a bottle, probably just water was. As a result, the dark Gvarcersians were sent to seek fools further, and we went our dear. Trifle but not nice.


Now, after a week and a half of the week of continuous festivities around the city, I can name things that will be remembered most. Of course, the first thing that rushes into the eyes — this is what «not like us».

We look at the street — everything is cleaned, licked, but still it seems that the circle is very dirty. It seems there is no garbage, and the cars are clean, and on the roads are not the grains. What is not so? So the impression is created after you just make a step left-right. Behind the purest wall can hide a well-disguised garbage. In a beautiful building behind the door to the utility room, most likely a mess. It is worth come down in the subway — on the railway is caressed by anything, although the opposites for which people walk, clean. However, this cleanness is some kind of specific — It seems that everything is covered with some kind of fatty non-fermented film rising over the years. Buildings are very beautiful, but very old. All the old circle, in just a long history of the shoulders.

Black color. Love him in New York. Perhaps because of this, some places look gloomy. For example, in the subway pointers on a black background. All fences, shops and other metal pieces painted in black. It looks sometimes stylish, and sometimes depressingly. If you compare with Moscow, this is much better than green and yellow colors, which are painted by everything, from curbs to fences.

When I had seen the photos of the city before, it always seemed that there were quite a lot of greenery: trees, lawns. Confused only something, because of which it was impossible to call the city green. Not immediately, but later realized, from where this feeling took: all the greens is isolated from the surrounding space. If there is somewhere lawn, then he is sure to be fenced off by a fear with inscriptions «here do not go, dogs do not let». Somewhere, of course, there is no fence, but it is most often where everything is abandoned: dirt, garbage and the like.

In general, New York consists of a variety of things, at first glance, little compatible with each other. Houses with a completely different architecture stand side by side, a dirty rumped Chinese mobile shop with food on an ideally licked sidewalk at the stock market. Here, some kind of style reigns, which I have never met — A huge collage of a variety of objects with a city. I remember it seemed funny that some guy in the film goes in a strict suit and white huge sneakers. This is normal here. Some of this are called a complete lack of taste, but, in my opinion, it’s just something completely different, since it does not cause dislike.

New York, Tourist Feeling

Focusing in the city is very simple — All streets with numbers, pointers at each intersection. Pedestrian is always right. Much arranged «As for people», Pretty convenient. For example, on the same Manhattan always for 5 minutes you can reach some metro station, there are many here.

In the city in which everything is done for the convenience of the population, it is scary to imagine, but there are no public toilets. At least I did not see anyone. This is partly compensated by the presence of those in all administrative buildings, in many stores and cafes, but still strange. Although, on the doors of many restaurants there is a sign «Toilets for customers only».

Positive moments

Now read what I wrote above and it seemed that everything about some kind of negative. In fact, there is a lot of all positive things that managed to see. For example, many people who are engaged in sports on the streets. Basically, these are diverse runners that manage at zero temperatures to dress in some T-shirts and light tight pants. We are with Pokeshtas, wrapped in two sweatshirts and winter jackets and illuminating at the same time, looked at them in bewilderment. Or, for example, a lot of people with very cute dogs. Sometimes for them it is very interesting to observe.

From huge advantages — Availability of cycling tracks. They are almost everywhere and people actively use this, go to any weather. The city is very well adapted for disabled. For them everywhere there are ramps, elevators in the subway (working!), special facilities in public transport.

Those surrounding with pleasure will help if you feel some difficulties. Here it is considered quite a reason to approach any passing and talk to him for souls, hardly anyone will dismiss him. Once in the subway, we met with one American who asked where we and, having learned that from Russia, I was even wider. It turned out that he adores the Russian ballet, singers and poems. One even read in English. Said he would love to visit Russia with pleasure, but not now. Cause — don’t love gays, which he is.

There are some technical nuances that should be explored before visiting New York:

I hope my articles will be useful to new pioneers, will help reduce temporary and financial costs.

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