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New York — City in the USA, one of the largest megalopolises of the planet. His population at the time of 2009 was 8.500.500 people. New York is on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in the southeastern part of New York. The city is administratively consisting of 5 districts: Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and Stanten Island.

New York – This undeclared capital of the world, insane and at the same time extraordinarily attractive, bright, crowded, passionate, controversial city, where power and wealth, culture and science are concentrated. No other city can call himself the capital of the world. In New York, almost all that is on the planet — All samples of culture, art, history and religion, the best and worst features of civilization. New York is the United States in miniature. Any culture, race, religion, social problem, a crime, religion, a social problem, kind of crime, the subject of luxury, the national cuisine, the worldview or fashion you will surely detect in New York.

In this city, 18000 restaurants, 150 world-class museums, more than 10,000 stores filled with goods from around the world. Any visitor of New York is immediately striking his skyscrapers — Wolworth, Chrysler, Empire State, Cigarem, Conda.

The second landmark without which New York does not imagine — statue of Liberty. She stands on the island of the same name, next to which is the Island-Museum of the Ellis in the mouth of Hudzon.

The next item of the route almost all tourists — Museum Mile near Hyde Park. It all starts with the Metropolitan Museum, the largest artistic assembly in the Western Hemisphere. Further almost on every street is located in the Museum: Museum of Barrio, Museum of New York, Jewish Museum, Museum of Design Cooper Hewitt, Painting Academy, Guggenheim Museum and New Gallery.

Broadway — The longest city street, known for its numerous theaters and show programs. In the Finenshnl-District area there is Wall Street and New York Stock Exchange. The world-famous Times Square is located Biltmore theater and the biggest toy store in the world. Zoo and Botanical Garden are in Bronx. Rockefeller center and a series of gorgeous shops — on Fifth Avenue and Madison. Soho is famous for numerous galleries.

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Having visited New York, you will feel the greatness of America next to the symbol of New York – the Statue of Freedom, take advantage of the memory of those who died with Empire State Building explosions on September 11, will see a memorial to sunken «Titanic» In the seaport, admire colorful and melodious Broadway show.

The saturation of the city is such that everything is impossible to learn about it and for ten years, and if we consider that the capital of the world changes with dizzying speed – and for life. This new york and beautiful.

New York State (New York) – one of the most unusual administrative units of the United States, the largest in the group of mediath-deflating states (area of ​​about 141.2 thousand. kv. km). On the one hand, these are extensive areas of quiet agricultural areas stretching from the ocean to the border with Canada. On the other hand, this is the edge of a wide variety of landscapes – from the wooded springs of the Appalachian mountains and Adirondak (height to 1628 m) in the northeast and the Appalachian plateau and the Allegian mountains (height up to 656 m) in the south-west, the territory of New York smoothly escapes to the lowlands shores Erie and Ontario.

And the third characteristic aspect of the state, immediately striking all his visitors, – the colossal metropolis of New York City (more than 60% of the state’s population live in this city agglomeration) and the areas adjacent to him, narrow "corridor" stretched to the southeast, by the ocean. The state administrative center is Albany, however, in any of the districts "Big Apple", As it is often called New York City here, there are much more inhabitants, than in the state capital, and even the second in size, Buffalo (Buffalo) surpasses her at times.

New York, USA Reviews, Reviews, New York Hotels Turniprome Guide

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