New Zealand. Roundtrip

Three aircraft, a day of flight, nine time zones, and I am celebrating a large statue of Gimli at Auckland Airport.

– You are carrying with me some food or tourist equipment?

I shook my head. In my suitcase lay a pair of t-shirts and a light jacket. October came, but New Zealand was on the threshold of summer.

– Purpose of your trip?
– Calm, hugs with sheep and meditation on the background of landscapes from "Lord of the Rings". And photos, as on the covers of National Geographic, – I presented how many times the customs officer hears this phrase, because every second comes here in search of the Middle-earth Tolkina.

– Oki-docks, but calmly, is not about us.

Then I did not know that I came to the country of extreme rest.


– And we want to jump with parachute.

I looked at Niels with an open mouth. I’m not going to jump with parachute. well, I do not.

Two weeks of my new quiet life, we went for a weekend to the resort town of Rotorua located in the geothermal activity area. For the third age, people come here to take unique mud and mineral baths.

– But the bath is not adrenaline, – said my satellite. – You won’t remember anything to remember anything!
– At least I will be alive.

According to Niels, I incorrectly chose the purpose of my trip. New Zealand is a paradise, but the paradise for tourist-extremal.

If you are not a climber, a cyclist, a skier or a kayaker, if you don’t like trips and campgrounds, it makes no sense to get into the plane and fly to the other end of the world. Here is beautiful, but all these duplicate landscapes will get bored you in two weeks.

Niels, Native German, wanted to try everything in this country. He was sure – to come to New Zealand worth lovers "Take the nerves". New types of extreme sports are constantly emerging in this prosperous and quiet country. Zorbing, Bunji Jumping, speed boat, Zipline, foreground … Kiwi is managed even to all known extreme entertainment complicate to such an extent that those become even more extreme. It seems that jumping, ride, ride, fly, move on the board or walk you can almost anywhere in the country.

We worry all morning how to spend a day. I rushed into the Vaimantu Geyser Valley, where unprecedented paints are spilled, but stinks rotten eggs.

There you can make cool photos. As in National Geographic!

– such photos are thousands!

After half an hour I gave up and agreed to jump. Like Bilbo, whom Gendalf persuaded to go hiking to Lone Mount. But because of the rain, all jumps were canceled, although the sun was shining in the morning. Weather in New Zealand – In general, the mysterious weather forecast. According to Kiwi, one day can accommodate all four years of year.

– Then we will try Bunji Jumping, "Nils said. There were no go.

Bunji Jumping is Tarzanka. But with Russian tarzan, he has nothing to do. Kiwi tie the elastic rope to the legs and jump from bridges, cliffs, rocks and all of where they can get out. Local Maori tribes believe that jumping head down – Bathata crop. Because this sport is very popular not only among tourists, but also from the New Zealanders themselves. On Bunji Jumping come to whole families. So parents arrange "combat baptism" to their children. Here is a boy of years of thirteen on the high platform over the abyss, looks down, the knees are shaking, and from the bottom to him: "Comon, Comon, Alex, Yu Ken!"Surely and grandmothers are jumping too. And the crop of the batt is always good.

Before the jump, we managed to ride a high-speed boat, twisted the pedals in a bicycle suspended to Monorabse, flew in the aerodynamic tube and swollen the pendulum in a bag tied to a 50-meter height (which, by the way, was scary, but cool). The level of adrenaline in me shook, and I was the first to voluntarily jump off the platform of 43 meters. While the instructor tied the equipment to my legs, I smiled with Nielsu and completely forgot about my desire to avoid dangerous adventures.

– Most importantly – do not look down. As soon as I set up to one, you must jump, – I felt the instructor. – just do not look down.

Any site for Bunge Jumping in New Zealand, for no matter what height is neither, remembers many self-confident guys and girls who lost all their rage with one glance only down and unfolded back. And I did not intend to be one of them.

And, of course, I looked down. Breakless green fields with grazing lambs floated before the eyes. Is this meditation?

The instructor started twice and ended the countdown, I managed to move away from the edge, sit on the bench, go back, look down again, then on the horizon, tootate Niels, make a reprimand yourself and promise that I will never get to jump again. Stand on the platform and watch from the height of New Zealand – this is please, but try to consider something hanging on the rope head down when the blood sticks to the head, – as it is possible to get pleasure from it?

My inner stopwatch reported that I was branded on the platform fifteen minutes. But Gopro video recorded a pause of five. Then I jumped. Exactly a minute while the flight lasted, I did not think about anything. I didn’t care where I and what beauty from the pages of National Geographic surrounds me.

– Well, what do you think about all this? – asked Nils on the way back to Auckland.
– I was not going to do anything like this in New Zealand, but I didn’t even have in my thoughts!
– this is because you are not lucky and you met me. It’s only the beginning.

As in the water looked.

Bay of Islands

Five: Niels, Martin, Johnny, Joana, and I, and we make each other make your way on a hut path on the very top of the giant dunes those packet in the north of New Zealand. We have just concluded a contract by hitting the hands that we will pass together all the way to the southern point of the country’s southern island. Like the brotherhood of rings.

The most budget entertainment in New Zealand – Sandboarding. It is skating on sand dunes on special boards made from conventional foam plastic wrapped with a metallized sticky ribbon, without which the board does not slide on the sand. In the north of the country there is almost an endless 90-mile wild beach (which in fact is 55-mile). During the sumps and storms, the strong wind from the ocean throws the sand to the land, and huge hills are formed, which are in height reach up to 300 meters. Entrance to the territory is free, but you have to scramble in the mountain yourself, without any lifts there. So, when you eat five times and raise the same, the desire to ride further disappears.

Fluttle Sun. Sand no end and edge. He is everywhere. On the right, on the left, under the legs, in the ears, hair and for a sewer. It seems that he also got inside me when I went to the first time with Dunes. I did not calculate the trajectory, I collided with Joan, turned over and the remaining path goes down. Martina is less lucky. Deciding to ride on the board standing, he immediately flew off her and with the speed of sound stuck in the sand.

– We need to go again, – I commanded Niels. – I did not have time to shoot you!

I submit that I have nothing to put in social networks with all your bruises, I obediently pulled up. But he could sunbathe on a 90-mile beach.

And then we have fun and friendly pushing our bus stuck in the sands. Because, despite the sign hanging on the entrance to the dunes "you enter the car at your own fear and risk", our driver decided to experience his luck. And we are with him. During the next hour, we experienced good luck, we will see back to dinner or not.

– You know what we are now obliged to make? – said Niels, shaking out from under T-shirts Mount Sand. – We must all jump with parachute.

I slipped stuck between the sands of the sand. I hate my friend.

Rotorua. Return

– We have the coolest rafting in the world ahead! – Niels happy.

Two months later, we came to Rotorua for the second time. 30 minutes from the city there is a seventer waterfall – the largest in the country from which it is allowed to melted. And our oars were directed there.

New Zealand. Roundtrip

We doused into the wetsuit and life jackets. I promised that in the tropical jungle, through which our way, I finally be able to meditate in silence. Yes, let’s get acquainted with the local fauna.

Rafting in New Zealand is also very popular entertainment that could not do not arise in a country where so many rivers and lakes. Rivers here from the first to the fifth level of complexity, trips can last from several hours to several days. Inflatable boats armed with oars brave overcome turbulent rapids and admire in the subtropical and evergreen forests. This is called White Water Rafting. And fans of alloys on underground rivers can try Black Water Rafting in Wytomo Karst Caves, which are famous for the colonies of fireflies.

Everything went wonderful. We successfully fit into turns and managed to stare around. But when we rapidly entered the waterfall, and the tons of water fell upon me before I heard the signal to group, it became clear – something went wrong. We turned over, Joana and Niels fell overboard, and Martin and I were helplessly lying on the bottom of the boat.

In general, the number of accidents on such attractions is minimal. Parachutes are revealed, the ropes do not break down, from the boats if anyone falls out, professional rescuers pull them out. No hackland from instructors and travel companies. The government strictly monitors the licenses and each year tightens the rules for their receipt.

Remember the moment from the second part of the "Hobbit", when the gnomes and Bilbly sailed in the barrels along the river? Laying rafting I felt the same. What silence and meditation speech did not go. We translated the Spirit, and only Niels shine.

– this is the same adventure! – Smya smiled.

The next day I discovered on my foot two purple bruises of centimeters six to seven in diameter. But it was the smallest my problem. We went to jump with parachute.


The runway is located right on the lake. We do not need to represent what kind of tops at a height of four and a half kilometers. A few minutes later we will see everything with their own eyes.

– Remember, you don’t need to do anything. Enjoy the view, be obedient bananas, – our instructors fastened from behind and once again checked all the fasteners while the small pink airplane gained height. Why it was bananas, no one could explain.

Jump with a parachute in New Zealand fashionable. And expensive. For a much smaller amount you can sign up to one of the flights near Moscow, it’s still saying, for the first time you will think not about natural beauties. But we must pay tribute to this country. Flight at an altitude of 15,000 feet (about 4.5 km and a minute of free fall) over multicolored fields, lakes, volcanoes and mountains will amaze even the most stale crush. And called this all beautiful word "skydayving".

My instructor patted me on the shoulder.

– You have a message for family and friends?
– I ask to blame Niels in my change.

It was true. Two months later, I revised my opinion on my perfect holiday in New Zealand. I wanted to make madness in huge quantities.

Of course, one in the sky will not be allowed, all flights are held in tandems. Only Certified Skadyvers are allowed to jump solo. Parachutist instructor – one of the most sought-after professions here. But no matter how badless they seem, letting the jokes that parachutes are not disclosed, and they themselves are madly afraid of heights, these guys were behind several thousand jumps from a high height. They are just that they do that they cling to themselves the envious number of "bananas" every day from morning to evening and jump, jump, jump ..

Opened door of the aircraft. Coming a funny face, jumped out the first instructor, behind him tandem, and here we were already crawled to the edge. The look slid down, where the top of the volcano was visible under the clouds, the blue lake was blown out and smooth rows were "combed" hills. I looked at the cover of National Geographic. If I only knew so much synonyms of the word "beautifully" to adequately described seen! Magic. It was unrigible, and, with greed, looking at the landscape from a height of 15,000 feet, I realized that it was here that I found my meditation.

I squeezed all the way. From pleasure, from awareness of himself a part of something huge, from victory of will over the mind, from the freedom of the body … From the fact that here in the sky finally realized that I had in mind Nils, when two months ago, he persuaded me. Real New Zealand and Extreme Impact.


Unfortunately, after a trip to Rotorua, our fraternity broke up. Niels went to a three-week bus tour towards his adventure (he jumps from the very first place Bunge jumping, will conquer the glacier, on a plank to fuse from the waterfall and will spend a couple of days in the open ocean on the shore patrol ship as a nurse). Husband came to Joan, and they went to a long family journey through the country on a rented mini-bus. Johnny stayed in Auckland to settle questions with visa and residence permit. And I and Martin on the car in a hurry chase from one island to another, trying to fit on nine days all the most crazy places of New Zealand.

And then I already offer to climb on the last level of the rope park somewhere near Wellington, rent surf and catch huge waves on one of the beaches of Surfing Highway, climb through the fence of the closed park, where they filmed "Hobbit", go on kayaks to six hours sailing Milford-sound fjord and at night climb on a private bathing in the ocean.

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