Newbie at work

Find a job in Korea is not easy. Throughout the quarter of a century, the participation of the current financial and economic crisis, Korea almost did not know unemployment, but even then find a good, and not the first one, the work was not just. Under "Good work" In Korea, traditionally it is understood by work not so much highly paid as stable, with more or less clear prospects for promotion, and with a guarantee from layoffs. Now, in the context of the crisis, find such work (by definition, it is an office work in a large private company or in the public sector) has become even more difficult. To get it, it is necessary to safely overcome numerous exams and interviews, and it is possible to be a little.

However, today I want to talk about what the lucky people are waiting for those Koreans, who, after graduating from the university (and universities here now cums about a third of all young people) come, finally, at their new workplace, in the firm in which they, with a lot of probability, will work until old age. The new time of their lives begins, which will turn out three to four decades.

The arrival of a new employee in the team usually begins with the submission of his other employees by their immediate boss. At the same time, a new servant should be said to say a few welcome words to his colleagues and appeal to them with a request to help him in work and with the promise to make maximum efforts in their own work. From this point on, the employee starts getting acquainted in a less formal form. Colleagues ask him about what university he studied, how old he is, whether he has a family, in which area lives and t.D. All these issues are very important because they help to establish the social status of a novice, its position is relating to his colleagues. Upon the moment the questioned and the social status of the novice is not established finally, they are treated in the most respectful form. However, immediately after determining positions, everyone who has an advantage of age or in the work experience instantly go to condescending and joking tone. They turn into senior — "Sonbe".

The new employee becomes part of the team and the duties are not only in its shoulders, but also public who go to him from the last beginners who came to the team before him. Such responsibilities can be both campaigns for cigarettes for other employees and the fulfillment of someone else’s work. Generally speaking, the newcomer in the labor collective is at first enough of a fairly powerful creation, but fortunately for him, it stretches for a long time. Here, as you will soon see, the principles are working, memorabilia to everyone who happened to serve in the army.

Newbie at work

There is time, and, sooner or later, the new employee gradually turns out to be involved not only in production, but also in, so to speak, "After-production" Relationships that are very important for any employee of the Korean company. Joint regular drinking beer (or what is stronger) – the existing tradition in most firms, and lean from it, say straight, not recommended. At home, the young employee of time does not remain completely, and if it remains, it is extremely small (on Sunday, for example). For this reason, the dwelling of 6 days a week of a unfulfilled young man who lives separately from his parents, is a rather terrible spectacle: dust, piles of dirty dishes and empty bottles everywhere. It is not surprising that the main dream of the poor fellowship is the marriage, which once and forever will save him from home worries (as I said, Koreanka after marriage to work).

Gradually, over time, a new employee transmits its underfloor duties to others who came to the team later, colleagues. If at first he often had to work even without his written table (as was customary in large firms), "On pickup", then later he appears a table and even the phone. However, a few more years will need this phone to be directly (young employees are usually connected via switch).

In the first year of work, even stuttering about vacation is considered indecent. Also indecent, by the way, and directly contact the authorities with requests for increased salary. Only after the year of the exemplary service on the initiative of direct authorities in an unprotected time for the company, the employee can provide 3-4 days of paid vacation. As the service moves the number of such vacations per year can increase to two or even three. If the newcomer works well, it is gradually added to the salary, and after a few years, the newly gained young people get into his submission. The circle closes. Recent Newbie becomes a full member of the team. By this time, he is usually already married (old bachers in Korea are rarity), and his youth, in general, ended. A new stage of his life begins.

Newbie at work

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