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This more northern relative to the fountain resort on the coast of the South China Sea is distinguished by a good location and a wonderful climate, from the east of the Outdoor Sea, it is defended by the islands, and from the West from the transformations of the continent from closed in the mountains. There are rare as rains and winds, and water temperature in 26-27 degrees is pleasantly pleased with the lovers of sea holidays and bathing. Almost all the resort hotels are located across the road from the beach, immediately behind it goes the first line of hotels, then the second and third.

The beach in Nha Trang is long and wide, it pleases with clean fine sand and beautiful sunset.

The resort is rich in attractions worthy of attention and experienced tourists. Here you can see the insanely beautiful temple complex and tower of crazy on the Nagar, built in antiquity of one of the nationalities inhabited by Vietnam in the 13th century. On Nagar – this is the name of the goddess, which is translated as "mother of the country", many consider her IPOSTASY Bhagavati – Wives in Hindu mythology. The White Statue of the Buddha and Long Sean Statue also stands in the Nha Trang district and Long Sean Pagoda. Attractions are affecting not only beautiful architecture, as well as their gardens, in the shade of which statues and ponds are hidden. In order to admire the picturesque neighborhood, you need to go upstairs on the stairs with 152 steps, which guard traditional dragons for this culture.

Since the resort is closed from the sea, you can go to the sea journey. See Monkey Island and Hon Island there, also called "Silk". Silk has no attitude to the fabric, this is a tribute to admiration for an unusual beach with snow-white sand and purely transparent water. During the water river, you can mooring the hotel-island hotel Hon Tam Island, swim, admire the sea fauna, ride a canoe, and stroll along the shore from yellow-pink sand. Restaurant here is stylized under a giant cane hut. Immediately you can visit the pearl farm. Complete the sea walk well by visiting the Tri Nguyen aquarium, built in the form of an old sunken *******. Aquarium is located in the Gulf, on the island of Bongnguen just 5 km from Nha Trang. Here live very bright and unusual inhabitants of the South China Sea.

For active entertainment, the Vinpearl complex is suitable, in which there is a cable car, aquapark, aquarium, as well as other attractions for every taste.

Although Nha Trang and not so respectable as a fountain, it is distinguished by Kamran International Airport, located just half an hour from the resort. In Nha Trang, beautiful sandy beaches and well-developed tourist infrastructure are well developed.

Nha Trang – the resort is very democratic. A huge number of hotels are built here, including each tourist will be able to choose a hotel for your taste and wallet, and even hotels 2 * are very good here, and the delicious and diverse food is easily in numerous cafes and restaurants for a pleasantly reasonable price. Also here are a lot of nightclubs and massage salons.

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Active tourists will complement with water sports.

Both the body and the soul will delight hot springs Thab Ba and Mountain resort Dalat.

Those who follow the health and form will appreciate the local balneological center, offering treatments and treatment based on local healing mud. The spa complex has its own mud and hot mineral springs Thap Ba. The water in the hot pool comes to 39 degrees and swim in it more than 15 minutes is categorically not recommended. But you can lie in the mud bath. If you wash your hair with this mud, then their condition is significantly improved. In the store with a spa you can buy any like-like grade of therapeutic dirt, the benefit of the choice is huge – more than a dozen.

In the city of Dalat and its surroundings there is the Palace of Emperor Bao G. – the last emperor Vietnam, built in 1933, a wonderful park with a sigh lake, washed the legend of the deceased in love, the largest and very picturesque waterfall of Pongua, which is not very safe because of his slippery stones.
Interesting to visit Eco-Park with a waterfall Yang Bay. In the park, you can feed crocodiles from fishing rods and from the nipple to ride the milk of large goldfish, to make the most cherished desire at the giant tree of desires and leave colorful ribbons in its branches. On the territory of the park there are sources with mineral water, in which you can swim, and even enjoy the kinds of beautiful waterfalls, ride a horse or buffalo, feed your excitement of the spectrum of roasting battles and piggings.
A recent innovation of the Vietnamese authorities could be pleasant for many who allowed night bathing, for those who love the night sea are invited to do this under the supervision of rescuers on a specially equipped beach in the street of Chan Fu – this is the main Nha Trang Street.

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