Nha Trang or Phantet ; Where is it better to relax in Vietnam?

Nha Trang and Fantiet – the most popular resorts in Vietnam. Both cities are located on the shores of the South China Sea and are famous for its beaches, developed infrastructure and good hotels.

To choose where to go where you need to decide what you want to get from vacation.

Nha Trang is a noisy and dynamic modern city, life in which constantly boils.

The fanta is the same calm and measured, with a modest nightlife.

In the city of Tourists there is nothing to do in general, so they go to the resort village Muin, which is part of the Phanteta.

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Where better beaches?

Beaches equally good at both resorts. Call them perfect is quite difficult because everyone has their advantages and disadvantages.

Beach in Nha Trang is considered the best in the country. It is quite extended and distinguished by a wide beach stripe.

Tourists are offered to rent umbrellas and lounge chairs, but you can take sunbathing and on a conventional towel, no one will fall off the beach.

In the water there is a great many water entertainment. There is no garbage on the beach. In general, behind the condition of the coastal strip they follow and carefully remove.

The locals often come to this beach, so closer to the evening it is full of people here. It is also worth noting enough high waves.

At some time of the year it is simply impossible to go to the sea. But here you can find a way out of the situation: not far from the city center settled Hotel Paragon. It is in the bay, so the waves there practically does not happen.

Entrance to the beach is free.

In the fanta, as such, there are no beaches at all. All of them are located in the tourist zone Muyne. The beaches in Muin are very different by the convenience of entering the sea and clean.

There even meets at sea from a concrete platform. As a rule, local residents on Muin beaches are very rare.

Water in the sea because of the sand looks pretty muddy, so it is absolutely impossible to do diving or snorkeling here.

According to the reviews of tourists, the beaches are cleaned quite rarely, and the strong winds bring garbage ashore.

In addition, fishing gear often come across on beaches, since local residents are engaged in fishing.

But Muin Beaches are ideal for surfing and kiting lovers.

Where is the best weather?

Despite the distance between the resorts, only 250 kilometers, the weather may differ sharply.

So on one resort can stand warm dry weather, and the other will poison the gusty wind and pour tropical rains.

However, closer to August, a rather hot weather is installed at the resort, so small children and older people may be uncomfortable.

The high season in the fantaste lasts from January to April. At this time there is a pretty dry weather here, and the sea is very warm.

In Muin almost always windy, so the sea is almost no calm. The best time for surfing is the autumn months, When large waves rise to the sea.

Attractions in Nha Trang and Fantry

Almost all the sights of Phanteta are located in a pair of clock riding from the city. You can get to them both as part of the excursion and independently.

  • Red dunes represent the hills of red sand for which you can ride on sledding.
  • Buddha statue.
  • Lighthouse KE G. Very beautiful lighthouse located on the stony island. It was built in 1897. Existed for more than 100 years, the lighthouse almost received damage. Scenic concrete road leads to the attractions, seized by tropical vegetation.
  • Cham Towers. These are religious structures built by the ancient people in the VII century.NS. To this day, a complex consisting of three towers has been preserved. Flowering trees grow around the towers. Also close to the viewing platform, which offers an excellent panorama for fanties.

Nha Trang is more likely to attractions:

  • Thap B. Mud Thap. This place must be visited. Here you can relax and soul and body. The mud agent is located on a small, but well-kept territory. To avoid a big influx of people, go here is better in weekdays or rainy days. Center Thap Ba offers an extensive range of services: jacuzzi, swimming pools and waterfalls from mineral water, mud baths and much more.
  • Pagoda Long Sean. This pagoda is considered the most beautiful in the district. From the pagoda on a large stairs, you can get to the Buddhist temple. Entrance to the temple is free. At the temple, a very beautiful tropical garden with many colors and artificial water bodies.
  • Cham Towers on Nagar. Four towers built in different periods have been preserved to this day. This is noticeable on various techniques in architecture and size. Each of the towers is designed to worship a certain deity. Inside the towers are quite closely and clearly fits the fragrance of various incense.
  • Viperl. A huge amusement park, located on the island, which is reported to the mainland through the most extended cable car. On the island there is a water park, Moon Park, American slides, 4D cinema, golf course, slot machines and many shops and cafes.
  • Falls Baho. Waterfalls are located in a rainforest of 25 kilometers from Nha Trang. They consist of three levels and end with a swimming pool with crystal clear water. Here you can go fishing, hiking or just relax in the cozy cafe.

Departure from the airport

Regarding the location to the airport, the fantasy is very much losing nurse.

After all, Nha Trang International Airport can be reached by the hotel for an hour. A before the fanta will have to go 4-6 hours.

Usually all tourists who bought batch tours will be brought to Nha Tore Airport.

However, if you bought tickets on our own and land in Ho Chi Minh City, then it will be easier to get to the fantaet.

Much easier to get?

In accordance with the location of the resorts, to get, of course, is easier to Nha Trang.

Nha Trang or Phantet; Where is it better to relax in Vietnam

Camran International Airport is 36 kilometers from the city center. Getting to the city is not difficult.

You can use the services of a taxi that dominates you to the hotel for $ 19 .

Ticket for them can be purchased at the exit from the luggage zone. Bus stop is located on the left, at the output of the terminal. Buses depart from the airport after each arrived, even night, flight.

The airport is closest to Fantiete in Ho Chi Minh City.

You can get to the resort with several types of transport:

  • Taxi. Taxi ride will cost about 100-200 $ for the car. Best to order a taxi at a rack at the airport or in advance via the Internet.
  • Bus. There is no direct bus message between Ho Chistin and Phantet, so you can get to the resort by bus only with transfers. In addition, municipal buses ride at no more than 30-40 kilometers per hour, so the trip to them can be a real nightmare. Therefore it is worth buying a ticket to the transfer to Phathyeta to any travel agency in Ho Chi Minh Pharm NGU Lao. You can get there from the airport on a taxi or bus number 152. The fare before the Phantet / Muin on a tourist bus is 5-8 $ .

Buses are daily and night (you can sleep lying). A ticket for a night bus will cost somewhat more expensive. Travel agency must deliver you to the place of departure of the tourist bus (this is included in the ticket price).

You will be presented to the named hotel or if the hotel is not yet chosen, will fall out in the place of a large cluster of people.

  • Train Departs from the railway station located in the center of Ho Chi Minhine. Trains go twice a day. Time on the way is almost five hours. Check out the departure of trains Check directly at the station.

Character of the area

Nyachung and Phanteta, of course, have common features, but in general these two resorts differ significantly from each other. Nyachng is more suitable for young active tourists, who want more all look or enjoy nightlife.

There are many discos, bars, restaurants and shops. It’s noisy, city where almost always is built something. Fantry is designed to lovers of quiet rest. This does not mean that there is no place to have fun. Just by itself the atmosphere in the city is more relaxed.

Entertainment ; Where fun?

This question is quite difficult to answer, because everyone has their own. Those who love surfing or kiting, will love holidays in Muin, Where many lovers of these sports from all over the world are going to.

As for excursions and nightlife, then In Nha Trang, you can find much most interesting than in the fanta.

Therefore, when choosing a resort should be repelled from personal preferences of tourists.


  • Dalat. One of the most interesting excursions from the tourist market offered. You can go to Dalat both from Nha Trang and Muin. Dalat ; This city, located high in the mountains surrounded by dense forests and clean lakes.

He is striking tourists with its special atmosphere, nature and architecture, so every tourist who came to Vietnam must have to visit Malat. There are one-day and two-day excursions.

  • Vin Pearl. This is an amazing amazing amusement park. It will be very interesting for people of all ages. The island is located near Nha Trang, so tourists vacationers at this resort can easily get into the park.

For those who stopped in the fanta, a two-day excursion.

  • Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). You can go to this amazing city with both resorts. Saigon ; This is the economic and cultural capital of Vietnam. Here there is a lot of interesting things, so the excursion is two-day and very saturated.
  • Young Bay. This excursion takes only half a day. You can go on a journey through waterfalls only from Nha Trang. Park is located on a huge territory in the jungle. In addition to the beautiful waterfall, there is a crocodile farm.
  • Nya Fu. This excursion is also sold only in Nha Trang. Nya Fu ; This is a bay in which there are many islands. On the excursion you will be delivered to the island of monkeys and the island of orchids, on which an amazing natural park is located with an unusual Flora and the Fauna.
  • Dambrile Waterfall ; Very beautiful waterfall located among the untouched nature man. You can buy a tour here only from Phanteta.
  • Dunes. This excursion is also carried out from Phanteta. Its program includes a visit to the sand dunes and Lake Lotos, a walk on the Red Canyon, who reminds his landscape to another planet. Also you visit the stream.

This is a very picturesque place where you can make excellent photos or just enjoy a magnificent view, walking by barefoot along the stream.

Also from both resorts you can go on a walkway, fishing, go to the islands.

Besides, In Nha Trang there is a huge number of diving centers, Where experienced instructors work, who will help to master deep-water dives.

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Russian language and Russian tourists

Vietnam is gaining increasingly popular among our compatriots, so a lot of Russian tourists in resorts.

Russian in Vietnam do not know, however, like English. But you can always understand the locals, so you should not be afraid of the language barrier.


Hotels in Nha Trang and Muin are fundamentally different. All hotels in Nha Trang.

There are no hotels on the coast: all hotels are located across the road from the sea, and then. However, expensive to the beach, as a rule, takes no more than 15 minutes.

For a comfortable vacation, it is best to choose hotels located in the European Quarter, Since infrastructure is most developed in the area.

Mostly all hotels here have a category of 3 stars, but at the same time they are distinguished by a good level of service and comfortable living conditions.

In Muin there are hotels of a variety of categories. But here For a comfortable stay it is worth choosing hotels 4 or 5 stars. As a rule, these are large complexes with extensive territory and located on the seashore.

Rooms are usually made in the form of separate bungalows built in European or Vietnamese style.

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