Nha Trang Resort in Vietnam

At the next our page about Vietnam, more precisely about its seaside resorts, let’s talk about the most popular place of "pilgrimage" of Russian tourists – about Nha Trang.

Nha Trang is the capital of the Central Province of Vietnam Khanjoa. A little more than a thousand kilometers separates Nha Trang from Hanoi and half a thousand kilometers – from Ho Chi Minhine. Being a small village of fishermen, Nha Trang to our days turned into a central resort of the country.

Confident rest at this resort is promoted by developed tourist infrastructure facilities, climatic conditions (average temperature in this area 22-28 degrees, seaport, nearby airport in Kamrani (50 km from Nha Trang) and, of course, a considerable number of attractions that we will talk about a little bit below.

But it is for the soul, and for the body is provided in the Nha Trang Spa salons and wellness centers, since the city has Mineral-mud sources.

Flights to Nyacng

As part of batch tours, direct flights from Moscow (Sheremetyevo) at 03:25 with landing in Nha Trang at 18:00. From the resort departure at 10:00, landing at 17:35 in Moscow everything is in the same Sheremetyevo.

Independent tourists can take advantage of the flight from Domodedovo Airport (Moscow) at 19 o’clock with transfer to Hanoi. True, you will have to wait there about 4 hours. Departure from Hanoi in Nha Trang takes at 12:10. Arrival at place at 14:05.

The return will be more tedious. Departure from Nha Trang at 21:40. Arrival in Hanoi at 23:35. Then wait until 11:25 to fly home.

You can find flights with two transplants (in Dubai and Ho Chi Minh Cityshene) of Eashable, but in time they will last more.

Hotels Nyacunga

Nha Trang – Sea Resort, in which the hotels of thick "sleeping" not only the coast, but also the city himself. More than 90 hotels with 2 * are built at the resort, about 100 hotels with 3 *, just over 30 hotels with 4 * and almost 30 hotels with 5 *.

On the first beach line are located, mostly hotels with five stars. In the hotels of 2 stars located predominantly on the third beach line far from the sea, prevails the power type RO (without meals).

In hotels with 3 stars (and they are built on 1, and 2, and on 3 coastal lines) fed by type BB (breakfast only) or, which meets less often, HB (breakfast and dinner – dinner for choice). And it is very rare – FB meals when a three-time diet is provided.

In the hotels with a high service level, you can find all the types of food, except for RO. Services depends on stars. Basically, tourists try to settle in hotels where spa treatments and wellness sessions.

In Nha Trang, we are treated, see, admire

Two mineral mud sources are located within the city, the mud. Tourist objects of the city are developed at the proper level. For Russian-speaking city guests, all pointers are duplicated in Russian.

In addition to equipped beaches at the disposal of the city authorities (only small part of them is private property), there are a lot of places in Nha Trang and there is something to do during, free from the celebrated lying under the rays of the sun by the sea. Here are built comfortable restaurants and cafes, clubs and small bars, night discos and all kinds of massage and beauty salons.

For beginners, dive centers are open. Near the island of Mun pass the main training "lessons" of dive. And under the water off the coast of Muna there is something to see: four hundred species of corals that have grown amazing gardens.

Tourists in the resort have the opportunity to "Run" over the South China Sea at an altitude of 50 meters on the longest cable seaway passing from the island of Che to the city. By the way, there is an aquapark, Lunapark and the sea aquarium on this island.

Nha Trang Resort in Vietnam

For those who want to learn closer country and its inhabitants, excursion tours on the sights of Nha Trang.

Of course, it is worth seeing the symbol of the city – the amazing Tower of Ponakhar (end of the 13th century). Another creation of the Vietnamese hands is a huge statue of the Buddha, which sends on the lotus flower. This composition is put on top of the hill, as if trying to hide behind the Longshon Pagoda.

Nha Trang Bay Islands will be remembered by the Island of Monkeys, Fishing, Bakho Waterfall, Local Crafts, Circus, Circus and Bear, Monkeys and Elephants. And mud treatments relax the body and update the skin.

Near the railway station will see a notable architecture of the Nha Trang Cathedral. There are apartments of the bishop of the city. Built temple in Gothic style. It is noteworthy that for the "stripping" of the area under the development of the temple, 500 minutes were blown up. So there was a platform of four and a half thousand square meters. meters.

In Nha Trang, a large amusement park "Vinpel-Land". Children, their parents can do here climbing, windsurfing, riding a variety of rides and even watch movies.

Look at the island of Bongngen, at least in order to see the inhabitants of the aquarium three Nguyen. For maritime lovers will be useful and informative to visit the Institute of Oceanography. The Institute has opened the Museum of Sea Fauna, who introduces more than 8 thousand thousand maritime residents.

Nature also created its attractions in this place. This is a stream Batdang. During its 10 kilometers there are waterfalls, bizarre shape stone blocks with unusual vegetation. Honchong – "Collection" of boulders, huge stones, is also a wonder and "oddities" of Mother Nature.

And another "gift" of nature – a hot mineral source called Thapba. 4 km from the city he became the place of pilgrimage of tourists from all over Vietnam. A little further (50 km from Nha Trang) settled the source of the thermal water of Chyongsuan.

People too have something to surprise. Vietnamese fishermen ride visitors on bamboo boats, stunned resin. It is called such a swimming agent "Thung Tea" (words as "basket" and "resin"). Sits in a boat – a basket of 4-5 people, the driver-fisherman standing controls the movement.

Going to Nha Trang, plan to rest so that you can see with your own eyes most of the local beauties.

Nha Trang Resort in Vietnam

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