Nice – Independent Travel Report from Paris

At the Cote d’Azur in Nice we arrived at about 10 pm on TGV from Paris.

The road exhausted greatly. TGV high-speed train was late for almost 4 hours.

So far reached the hotel, ; Stemnel. The hotel that we booked in advance from home, canceled our reservation. Why do we not know. It turned out on the second day in Paris, and I had to urgently look for him a replacement.

In one evening on Bucking Found suitable accommodation. So if you get into a similar situation – do not be afraid! Booking an IBIS Budget (a popular inexpensive hotel, which is almost every country) we did not lose in the price or as. By the way, do not be afraid to book a hotel near the airport. In Nice, it is absolutely not heard, and the beach is as close. The city stretches along the coast, and the beach occupies almost the entire coastline.

Transport in Nice

In the hotel we arrived at Bus, which goes from stopping from the railway station. Pay attention to the signs next to the stop, all buses are listed there that stop here. It was the only time we took advantage of urban transport. Tried to rent a bike – but it turned out too difficult. It was necessary to call the number, call the country code and answer other questions that were unbearable for us. If anyone managed to do – share experiences in the comments!

And if we talk about transport, then the railway is laid along the entire azure coast. But you can easily get to Marseille, drive to Monaco or go to Italy in general. For example, the path from Nice to Cannes will take you only 20 minutes.

If you are an economical traveler, like us, then cheaper to ride on buses, and not by train. Yes, and on the bus chances to get into the plug less than by train. Yes yes, they have trains stand in traffic jams. So do not be surprised if your train will delay due to traffic. Punctuality they do not differ.

Where and how to eat in Nice

Arriving in the hotel we understood that I was very hungry. Restaurant at the hotel did not impress us, as prices are larger there than the cost of our number. Barman quickly realized that we just want to eat, and his "skate with capers" for the price of Citroen, we do not fit at all, ; offered a great option! In Nice, you can order a very cheap and tasty pizza. With free shipping and a variety of special events. We ordered in Master Pizza (Master-Pizza.COM) Just calling by phone. If you have bad French or English – do not be afraid, they are very cunning) Just read the name of the pizza.

What else is worth a try in Nice – cookies Macarons. You will definitely meet them in local bears! Do not deny yourself the pleasure, it’s worth it. True, it is expensive, but once you can – they are delicious.

Beach Nice

The next morning we went to the beach. At first glance, he did not impress us. Stones and Pretty Strong Waves. Perspective to meet a face with a large pebbles, while trying to get out of the sea, slightly embarrassed. Beaches in Nice stretch along the coast and are divided into free and paid. Pay cost from 15 to 25 euros per day. If you are taking only sunbathing – it is possible to pay for comfort. But we are on the beaches do not spend a lot of time and use for free. In the center, on every free beach there is a shower and toilet. It’s pretty decent.

And if we talk about the beach rest for purity, it is better to go to Cannes – there is sand. Its specially brought there from local quarries. From Nice ride 20 minutes. However, the stern of the beach in Cannes did nothing more impressed. Therefore, an interesting excursion program should not count.

What to see in Nice

If you are in Nice for just a couple of days, first of all it is worth visiting the castle mountain (La Colline du Chateau). At the moment it is a large park with shady winding stairs and a waterfall. Taking a walk there you will find the ruins of the Cathedral of Sainte-Marie (Sainte-Marie). This cathedral was built in the 11th century, but now all that is left of it – small stone base.

At the very top there is an observation deck, offering stunning views of Nice and the sea. There you can buy souvenirs and navigate in the city. And navigate and really does not hurt, at home in Nice are very close to each other. Therefore, you are in two steps away from an interesting place, you can simply not notice it. But from a bird’s eye view everything can be seen!

Past the waterfall you either will not pass. On a hot summer day very nice there is.

In our opinion, La Colline du Chateau (Castle Mountain) is the only standing place. Of course, you can just walk along the old Nice, in the English embankment. It will also give a lot of pleasure. But seeking the abundance of attractions in Nice is not worth. Still come there for a beach holiday.

And if you have enough time and effort on other sights, we advise you to go to Monaco)

P.S.: We want to warn, in the summer at noon in Nice heat just unreal. Try at this time to be at least in the Tenka, otherwise there is no heat strike.

Copy money to Nice on the Cote d’Azur! Travel yourself!

Nice - Independent Travel Report from Paris

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