Nice Resort in France

Founded by the ancient Greeks Nice, formerly in the XIX century a favorite holiday destination Victorian aristocracy, is located in the southeastern part of France and is one of the most important resorts of the Côte d’Azur. Enters the region Provence – Alps – Cote d’Azur. Nice – Administrative Center for Nine Cantons (from Nice-1 to Nice-9), Nice County Center and Department of Primorsky Alps. The city stands on the shore of the angels of the Mediterranean Sea, on the extreme southeast of the continental part of the country.

Aviation message

Nice – Cote d’Azur – the third airport of France by passenger traffic. Widely used by tourists of different countries for traveling to Nice, Cannes, Saint-Tropez, Monaco and part of Italian Riviera, adjacent to the French Cote d’Azur. The second terminal serves HOP! (Local French Airlines) and local flights Air France and Air Corsica. Regular and charter flights from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities use the first terminal, from where express and other public transport in Nice and buses to all major resorts of French and Italian Riviera.

From Sheremetyevo and Vnukovo almost every day you can fly to Nice Cat D’Azur airplanes "Russia" and "Aeroflot". As of summer 2016, regularly leave Moscow flights SU6639 "Russia" (Vnukovo) and SU2470, SU2472 and SU2474 "Aeroflot" (Sheremetyevo). From St. Petersburg Pulkovo – SU6633 "Russia". From other Russian airports can be flying regular flights with only one or more transplants. Many airlines offer charters. Direct flights from Moscow are usually more expensive to connect, while the time is often different in the way.

Hotel sector

Based Booking.COM in Nice has 1229 seats of resettlement, of which 640 hotels. The vast majority of the institutions are concentrated in the coastal zone. Many hotels on the first third line, almost all of them are fairly expensive for a wallet of the average Russian. More budget hotels and apartments can be found in the non-central regions of Nice: in the western part of the city (Quarters Napoleon, Manyan, Fabron) and in Northern (Saint-Sylvester, Sessol, Libracion).

The hotels are the most common types of power Ro (without meals), half board and BB (breakfast only). Young people and lovers of "Drive Tusovkov" older often stop in the old town, where there are especially many bars, exquisite restaurants, nightclubs and discos.

Two / three-star hotels will cost 30-35 euros / day. "Fours" and "Five" – ​​from 65 and 145, respectively. The most budget accommodation in hostels (from 15 euros per day). In some institutions of the first line of their beaches. If you stop not on the coast, a visit to a decent private beach can do in 12-35 euros.

Sights of Nice and surroundings

Home Local Landmark – Nice. In the city it is easy to move by public transport, but it is necessary to walk on foot on the famous English embankment, six-kilometer coastal boulevard. The longest resort street stretches along the Turquoise Sea, passes by pecble beaches, stylish cafes, old mansions and fashionable hotels, moving to the Quay de Etlant-Yunis embankment, where the most gourmet restaurants in Nice.

In Nice, you must definitely visit the Florian factory to enjoy world-famous branded sweets; Look at the historical museum and admire Josephine clocks and other amazing exhibits; Rill in the hotel Negresco Hotel; To do shopping (or just stroll) in the market "Kur-Saleya"; Rate Salad with Nisauz Tuna in one of the numerous resort restaurants. In catering establishments you can at the same time to taste the cakes "Tort-de-Blett" with the Savoy Cabbage, the ear "de Poisson" and sandwiches with Tuna "Pan-Banya" – the most remarkable dishes of local cuisine.

Russian France

In Nice there are saints for Russians and all Orthodox churches: the Church of the Saints Nicholas and Alexandra and the Nikolaev Cathedral (Cathedral of Nicholas Wonderworker). The latter is the largest Orthodox sanctuary in all Western Europe. Great Prince Nikolai Nikolayevich and his wife are buried here, many other representatives of the aristocratic Russian emigration. In the Russian cemetery of Cocad (formerly Nikolaev, the year of foundation: 1867) were buried over three thousand Russians, including the writer Pearlovenov, the Egyptologist Gorenishchev, Colonel Raevsky and General Nikolay Yudenic. Nikolaev Cathedral is often referred to as "Moscow in the heart of Nice". The former Pension "Oasis" can be attributed to "Russian places", now the hotel in which the Chekhov has oncehouse, and later Lenin.

Nice Resort in France


Shopping in Nice is quite expensive, but here you can find interesting things on fairly reasonable prices. For relatively inexpensive shopping, you need to go to the sale in large shopping centers (usually held in the middle of winter and mid-summer); On Alphonse Carra Street, where there are a lot of stylish boutiques of the unfamiliar, but interesting designers; to the market "Kur-Saleya" and a small souvenir market in Garibaldi Square.

The surroundings of Nice

If the urban beach of Nice seems to be dirty and noisy and reluctant to rest on one of the private beaches, you can go on the rocky beaches "Coco Beach" and "La Reserve", located beyond the city. There are wonderful beaches in neighboring Monaco, Cannes, Antibes and Wilshfranches-sur-Mer. Before Vilfranche from Nice is easy to reach the 100th bus in less than half an hour.

If your craving for art did not satisfy the numerous galleries and art centers of Nice, a couple of euros easily access to a pair of tens of kilometers of the town of Saint-Paul-de-Vanz. An old village with powerful fortification structures in our time has become a real mecca of art lovers. In the middle of the mansions of the 16-18 centuries, you will meet a lot of genuine architectural wonders, including the chapel of Matisse and the Chapel of the Brotherhood of Swiss Sinners. Be sure to look at the "Mahe" Foundation "The famous small museum and a real temple of art 20th century.

Fans of cinema will not hurt to look in the Saint-Tropez, the picturesque resort town, the famous Louis de Fünnes, Bridget Bardo and Pierre Richarom. The town of Ill-sur-Mer, located halfway between Nice and Monaco, is known for the unique microclimate, surprisingly picturesque natural attractions, photogenic neoclassical villas, traditional oscilting houses, gardens with exotic plants and golden beaches.

You can both be in other resort cities of the French Cote d’Azur and the Italian Riviera adjacent to it. In the old town of Ez. In the monastery of luxury private villas of Saint-Jean-Cap Ferra, which is considered the most fashionable and calm coast resort. In the Italian Genoa and the noisy International Marseille, in the favorite Russian elite of the 19th century, San Remo and the city of Majestic palaces and the World Festivals of Cannes, as well as in the tiny principality of Monaco, famous for the whole world with its casino.

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