Nicramorpte Cyprus

If you list the most famous beach directions, where Russian tourists exhausted by the harsh climate are sent to warm up, Cyprus will definitely be in this list. Just a few hours of flight – and here we breathe fresh sea air, shifting out of hand in hand unnecessary coat here.

  • Several hours of flight pass unnoticed.
  • . And here we are already on a blooming Cyprus
  • Cyprus know-how – "breadfruit"

However, the swimming season in Cyprus is not very long, and tourists from all countries of the world come here all year round. "Why?" – This question can be asked only if we consider the island exclusively as a resort health resort. And the same question will sound completely inappropriate after a couple of hours of acquaintance with Cyprus.

I had a chance to visit Cyprus in early April, that is, a few weeks before the start of the high season. Actually, it was this fact that I especially pleased me. What can be written about the beaches (if you have to write about the beaches)? And now I am reviewing the pictures taken on the trip and trying "Through an immaterial" – In a small article, tell about the manifold "Nicramorpte Cyprus".

The classic of the genre is, of course, excursions. First of all, Cyprus is known as "Aphrodite Island". Not far from the city of Paphos is the bay of the goddess of love and beauty: according to the legend, it was in this place that the beautiful Aphrodite was born from the marine foam.

  • Not the season – does not mean that boring!
  • Entry K "Stone Aphrodite".
  • "Aphrodite stone" (Dark, left)

W "Stone Aphrodite", In addition to the exciting story of a guide about the myths of ancient Greece, tourists are waiting for two classes. In the warm season around the stone, swims are made, and if the sea is cold, it is worthwhile to wander around the shore in search of a pebble having a heart shape. It is believed that both will help in love.

Paphos itself is included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. Among his numerous monuments – the Aristocratic Villa Dionysus with its perfectly preserved mosaic floors of the III century.

  • W "Stone Aphrodite" Can be found "Souvenir love"
  • Villa Dionysusa
  • Fabulously beautiful mosaic villas Dionysus

Each villa of the villa has its mosaic and its plot: seasons, mythological heritage, scenes from the life of ancient Romans and much more.

  • One of Mosaics Villa Dionysis
  • Ornament Mosaic Villa Dionysis
  • Fragment of the mosaic of Kurion

Interesting mosaics can also be seen in the suburb of Limassol, in the ancient city of Kurion, founded in 1200 BC, who participated in the Trojan War of the Greeks. There is also an antique theater in which the views of the Greek tragedy and opera performances are still arranged: his acoustics does not know equal.

  • Mosaic Kurion
  • Antique theater of Kurion
  • Concert in the Antique Curion Theater

Not far from Paphos is the monastery of the Neophyte Navdapa, one of the most revered in Cyprus Saints. At the beginning of the XII century, he went to the mountains for the sake of privacy and prayer, having survived in the rock with a modest celle. Years have passed, glory about the righteous spread around the surroundings, attracting followers and mantis here. So around Kieli grew by a monastery. The pool itself went up to the mountain, making himself a new cell there, where, subsequently, was buried.

  • The most top "a door" In the rock – the last bee of the replacement
  • Saint Neophyte Monastery
  • Icon in front of the entrance to the cell

Now in the neophyte monastery you can see the current temple, and ancient – with unique frescoes of the XII-XV centuries. Unfortunately, the rocky temple survived a strong fire, but the frescoes are partially preserved. It is forbidden to photograph here, so, apparently, this is another reason to visit these amazing places personally.

  • Frescoes in the Monastery of St. Neophyte
  • Secret British Base. Falling forbanged!
  • The Temple of the Honest Cross in Belerendri

It is worth saying that in Cyprus in general there are quite a few places where it is impossible to take photos. It’s, for example, a strangess "State in the state" – Former British War Bases Akrotiri and Decoleia.

Nicramorpte Cyprus

In the 60s, the United Kingdom proclaimed its databases "sovereignty" and declared them their "overseas territories". Then the relevance of the military presence of the United Kingdom in Cyprus went into the past, and now the British enjoying the soft Cypriot climate. However, on the territory of the bases – a completely autonomous administrative device (up to its own police), and as a result, quite peaceful fields for cricket, blooming gardens and typical British houses can not be photographed.

. But it was impossible not to take a snapshot from the window of the bus.

In addition, almost everywhere can not be photographed in the temples: and from respect for the feelings of believers, and for the sake of conservation of the frescoes. Therefore, it remains only to the stories to recommend places to visit. Among them – the church of the honest cross in the village of Zelendry, built by Saint Elena, the mother of the Byzantine emperor Konstantin Great. The temple is included in the UNESCO Heritage List Thanks to the frescoes, the most ancient of which are dated x and xi centuries. Worldwide up to this day not so many works of wall religious painting of that time.

Another temple with an amazing story is located in Larnaca. He was built on the spot where Saint Lazar was buried: the very famous Gospel Lazarus, resurrected by Christ. Internally, the temple’s decoration was greatly injured during a fire in 1970, but the altar was preserved – a real tree thread masterpiece. In addition, during the repair after the fire, the relics of the saint were acquired (it was previously believed that they were taken to Constantinople).

  • Church of Saint Lazarus in Larnaca
  • Tombs in the Church of the Saint Lazar
  • Church of St. Paul in Paphos

And this is only a small part of the religious monuments of Cyprus, interesting as pilgrims and connoisseurs of architecture, painting and history.

Of course, it should not be thought that the excursions in Cyprus are only trips from the temple to the temple. Here are some other routes, how exciting, so different.

  • "Suzukos": Rovented on the rope of nuts in a molasses
  • Manufacturing process "Suzukos"
  • Manufacture "Suzukos"

You can, for example, visit the craft village, where we will tell about the manufacture of traditional Cypriot sweets.

  • Shop sweets
  • Pink House
  • Pink House: Cosmetics

All about beauty – in "Pink House". From rose petals growing on the local plantation, here make cosmetics and souvenirs.

  • Pink House: Souvenirs
  • Meat delicacies
  • Path meat

In the meat shop you can buy the famous Cyprus smoked meat and other meat products. For those who wish will also hold a tour of cutting shops and smokers.

  • Cooking meat
  • Grape terraces
  • From the history of winemaking

Complete a gastronomic tour acquaintance with local winery, with abundant tasting at the end of the theoretical part.

  • Wine Vault
  • Winemaking today
  • Feedback grateful excursions

All this is on the territory of one village, Agros (Agros) lying in the mountain range Troodos near Limassol. But such villages in Cyprus – a lot, because the state actively supports traditional culture and crafts. And everywhere you can taste the freshest products, learn the story of their production and take home unusual souvenir.

Here, in the Troodos Mountains, all sorts of outdoor activities are developing: from ski to bicycle. Ecological informative tours are increasingly popular: Going to the mountains, a person gets a card with a task, for example – to find endemic plants (in Cyprus them – 141 views!). Watching birds – another unusual and interesting view of the holidays in the Cyprus nature. And finally for adventure lovers there are several thematic parks. We visited one of them, in the village of Kipirunta (Kyperounta).

  • Adventure Park
  • The game takes place on the lap of the picturesque nature
  • Instrupture

Depending on the composition of the group and its wishes, here you can play paintball, ride ice, climb on the rocks or become participants in the role-playing team game – among mountains and forests, in the fresh air and the lap of picturesque nature.

We got it "Searches for treasures" (their role was performed by multicolored powder). By the end of the game, even skeptics were enthusiastically examined the map, the compass was checked and, as children, rejoiced to every passage passed.

  • Layers
  • Searches for treasures
  • Divers descend K "Zenobia"

Treasures in Cyprus can be searched not only in the mountains, but under water. After all, it is here that the legendary "Zenobia" – vessel "Titanic Mediterranean". Giant ferry in June 1980 sank, performing, as well as "Titanic", Your first flight. On board and in the trums "Zenobia" There were about a hundred of 40-ton truck trains with cargo. Now they are scattered along the bottom, surrounding the 52-meter ship lying on the side. Most bold can even penetrate all compartments, indoor rooms and mysterious ferry transitions. True, the city authorities of Larnaca, in whose water area is "Zenobia", Plan soon to ban these dives. But while they are available – it is worth enjoying.

More lazy vacation on the water – Walking on yachts. This occupation is extremely popular with tourists from Russia.

  • Yachts in Larnaca
  • Port in Larnaca
  • Walk on the company’s yacht "Cyprus Vip Service"

On the one hand, the yacht is associated with a limousine, on which the tourist will deliver to the port of Larnaca from any point of Cyprus – the symbols of luxury, it is impossible to resist. On the other hand, the price varies from the route and set of services. As a result, the yacht travel is available to a variety of tourist categories. And finally, this is really very beautiful, elegant and unforgettable walk.

Cypriot cuisine is deserved by Cyprus: created on the basis of Greek, but with the boom use of seafood and under the strong influence of Arab and Turkish traditions.

  • Fish Meza
  • Serving fish meza
  • You can eat from the soul by 5-10 euros

The inconspicuous set of venues of various price categories and styles can make a separate "Culinary tour" on the island.

Among the most famous local dishes – Hallumi (fried cheese), as well as fish meza (all sorts of fish and seafood, served one after one during a slow metering).

  • Fried Cheese Hallumi
  • KEO – National Beer in Cyprus
  • High kitchen in Four Seasons

Connoisseurs of traditional and high kitchens will also find food to their taste; And finally, if the Cypriot wine does not need the recommendations, then beer lovers should know that in Cyprus there is a foam drink.

  • Breakfast at the hotel Four Seasons
  • Fruits in the hotel Four Seasons
  • Bathing in early April? Easily!

Of course, no matter how cool, speaking of Cyprus, it is impossible not to say about the beaches. In Larnaca, Paphos, Limassol, Ayia Napa and smaller cities created all the necessary infrastructure for the resort rest, and the climate allows you to enjoy this early spring.

At the same time, each resort has its own "Highlight": so, Paphos is popular with elderly European tourists, in Limassol and Larnaca a lot of guests from Russia, and Ayia Napa, in essence – "Cyprus Ibiza". This is an international city that never sleeps. Here are the purest beaches with a piercing blue sea, cheap relatively with other places in Cyprus hotels, as well as many discos for every taste.

  • Beach in Ayia Napa
  • Ayia Napa – City of Contrasts: Nightclub next to the Temple
  • Cave Monastery in Ayia Napa

In general, Ayia Napa – the same "City of contrasts". The settlement arose around the monastery, which was built in 1500 after in one of the local caves in the forest hunter found an ancient icon. And now clubs and beaches are equally adjacent to the temples and museums.

  • Museum "Talas"
  • Models of ships in the Marine Museum
  • Ayia Napa, Nightlife

Or, for example, the maritime museum "Talas" (Thalassa): Many rooms, acquaintances in detail the history, Flora and the fauna of Cypriot Mediterranean.

However, first of all Ayia Napa – the city of rapid entertainment. Even in our "not a season" We managed to find a couple of places of round-the-clock dance separation with bonuses in the form of free alcohol.

  • Ayia Napa, club life
  • You can also dance and folk dances
  • Modest charm of the usual number in Four Seasons

Completing the story about Cyprus, I can not not say about the hotel, where we lived a lot of time. This Four Seasons in Limassol (FoursEasons.Com.CY /).

  • Royal Number in Four Seasons
  • One of the pools in Four Seasons
  • Gym

As in any hotel high category, there is everything that takes a guest in "not a season": Several pools – both open and closed, spa and sports centers, shops, restaurants and bars. Pleasant touch is free internet access in public areas: both wireless and stationary computers. In many other hotels in Cyprus, and in general in the resort hotels of most countries of the world, any meaningless luxury can be included in the room rate, but for some reason access is accepted separately, in extensively high prices. Four Seasons in Limassol – a pleasant and correct exception from this vicious practice.

  • Tropical restaurant
  • Shopping opportunities at the hotel
  • Open pool. Serenity.

Well, finally, Cyprus is a country where tourists from Russia not only love; Here, a significant part of the tourist business works specifically for them. Even visa regime with Cyprus is a formality: for the sake of attracting guests from our country, the island introduced "pro-visa": An email request for entry is issued per day, no additional papers provide.

As a result, the acquaintance of the Russian traveler with Cyprus begins with a mild travel organization. And then, on the island itself, it continues in the same comfortable and friendly format.

  • Russian-speaking signs
  • In Cyprus speak Russian
  • April. welcome to Russia

Seasonal and resort Cyprus will please what we lack so: the warm sea and the hot sun. And the unreasonable – the diversity of other classes for every taste. Those few places listed in this article – only a small part of the attractions of Cyprus. And I didn’t even say about the many festivals passing here – just because they did not fall out for three days of our trip!

By the way, the sophisticated Russian travelers are already starting to appreciate all this. Even in April, with the sea not enough enough, we met a lot of tourists from Russia, which come in comfortable climatic conditions (+ 15 ° + 20 °) to explore the sights, make a pilgrimage tour, relax in nature, and finally swim in the pool and Bring home fresh tan.

Last photo i illustrate the reverse "Jump in winter". Above – the first number of April in "Unreasonable Cyprus", And just a few days later: Snow Russia, the porthole when landing in the native airport.

Nicramorpte Cyprus

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