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From September 16 to September 25, Tallinn will be in power of fans of modern design, which will take part in the festival "Night design" and the European Innovation Festival IF; Both events are held under the program "Tallinn – Cultural capital of Europe 2011". The organizers of the Festival of Innovation with the difference in 2 years, they performed such cities like Barcelona, ​​Milan, Kortreyk, Lisbon, Vilnius and now – Tallinn. The focus of the festival is an innovative and convenient design, socially integrated, mobile, high-tech and eco-friendly, as much as possible in the interests of consumers.

The first innovative design festival was held in Estonia in 2006, his organizer was the Estonian Union of Designers. The main goal of the event was to tell the inhabitants of Estonia about the latest national and global achievements in the field of design. The festival that initially lasted only night, eventually turned into a major international event, which today lasts 12 days and attracts many participants, including foreign journalists. This event unites all who are interested in the culture of Tallinn and modern design.

Program VI Festival "Night design" promises to be rich and diverse. Within the framework of the extensive event, several festivals and seminars will be held, including the Innoestonia 2011 Conference (Innoestonia 2011), in the organization of which the Center Innoeurope (Center Innoeurope) will take part. Main Theme Conference – Education Innovation. In addition, a conference will take place "Services of the future: what awaits us?" (Services of Tomorrow – What’s Next?), the organizers of which – University of Tallinn and Finnish University of Lahti.

Despite the fact that the heart of the festival is in the Rotermann Quarter quarter, several large museums and galleries will also be involved. The Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design will present an Icelandic design before the start of the festival, and the Estonian Association of Designers will open the exhibition "Innovation" (Novelty). The Estonian Architecture Museum will be held "Games of Light from Tarmo Lumen" (Games with Light by Tarmo Luisk), "Estonian posters 2011" (Estonian Poster 2011) and French Design Exhibition "Saint Etienne Design: Creative City for All" from Cite Du Design" Saint-Etienne Design: Creative City for All).

The Kumi Art Museum will host the exhibition of nominees on Design Management Europe Awards 2011. V "Elevator" (Quarter Rothermann) Visitors will be able to look at exotic interactive graphics created by the masters of Denmark and Malaysia, as well as visit the exhibition "Man and God", Which considers "Theme of God" boldly and ambiguous using images of pop stars and "Star brands".

Part of the exhibition complex is called "If … Corner"; Here, visitors can get complete information about all events held within the European Festival of IF Innovation Festival, as well as familiarize yourself with the results of the competition "If … lab", in which 6 cities are involved.

Final work created within the project "Cities for all – Tallinn for all", will be presented in the Rothermann quarters. In addition, the program will enter the exhibition of Lithuanian Textiles, the Austrian Information Design (which will be held in the city center) and the exhibition of the works of German designers within the project "Face to face" (FACE2FACE).

Night design

Traditionally at the festival "Night design" Major fashion show, organized in conjunction with a week of fashion in Tallinn. It will open the Estonian-Latvian fashion show "Moment", And finished the exciting representation of the famous Estonian designer Rat Ausus. In addition, a variety of master classes – Design Auction, Pecha Kucha and Design Nightclub. Also in one of the festival centers – in the Estonian House of Design located in the Kalazadam area – participants of the event will be able not only to see the works of modern Estonian fashion designers, acquire a favorite thing, but also a cup of coffee or visit the club.

A number of events will be held in the urban environment, in particular, the Folding Latvian House (Latvian House Esclise) and the Polish House (Polish Passive House) will be presented on Rothermannian Square. Installation called "Aesthetic pluralism in risk society" (PLURAL AESTHETICS OF A RISK-BASED SOCIETY) The artist Dominica Leimean will appear on the historical wall "Elevator".

On city square will be depicted huge "Map Gullivier", on which everyone will be able to celebrate their favorite places, as well as the obstacles with whom they had to face.

The festival will end with a festive gala representation, which will host the award ceremony EUROPEAN DESIGN MANAGEMENT AWARDS. This premium is a kind of Oscar in the world of design. It is awarded to those companies that successfully apply advanced design solutions in their daily practice, which is their unconditional competitive advantage, reports Visitestonia.

Night design

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