Night Hong Kong – What to choose: Club, Bar or Restaurant with View?

What to tell you about Night Hong Kong? We are always very difficult to write about the nightlife of cities – the times when we could hang out all night in the club and to double until the morning, have long been rushed into the fly. However, in Hong Kong, the nightlife is special and can not be missed. True, from dancing on a bar rack For us, it was transformed into cozy walks along the sleeping streets, beautiful views of the rooftop restaurants and bright lights of the city, which seems to never sleep. Our first trip to Hong Kong took place over 10 years ago, and since then we are in this city several times a year, so I remember the times when the Moscow-Hong Kong plane flew not in the morning, as now, and at night. And what to do to the tourist, who has slept 9 hours on the plane and wants to eat, watch the attractions and inhale the air abroad? Of course, go for a walk, and it doesn’t matter that outside the window is the night – you can sleep on a pension. &# 128578; We decided to collect in one place all the important information about how to do in Hong Kong at night: in which bars go to, where to dance or drink a cocktail with a stunning view, and also show you a collection of our photos of night Hong Kong, which has already accumulated a lot. For ease of navigation, do not forget to use the content, otherwise you need to read about the night walk on the tram, if you are looking for where the street bars in Hong Kong? &# 128578;

What to see in Night Hong Kong

Since it darkens in Hong Kong pretty early, then nightlife begins after 20:00, and if at this time there is no desire to drink and dance, then you can go on sightseeing, which are around only won and appear at all in another form. than day. So, what to do at night in the inquisitive tourist?

Night Market of Hong Kong and Shopping

Pro Night Market of Hong Kong We wrote in different articles, probably already 10, so we will not repeat, but let’s say that this is one of the fastest and interesting ways to buy Souvenirs for relatives and friends and try local cuisine as they eat her local, and not the one that is served in Mishlen restaurants. The TEMPLE STREET night market is working from 18:00 to 00:00 (but after 22:30 there is nothing wrong there), it is convenient to get from the Jordan Metro Station.

Night market in Hong Kong

If the markets are not about you, then you can go to a more respectable shopping, though most of the shopping centers work only until 22:00. But even if the stores have already closed, the aesthetic pleasure from the backlight you will still get – Hong Kong is very beautiful in all its illumination, especially on the eve of the holidays.

Night Shopping in Hong Kong

Alley of Stars and Show Symphony of Lights in Hong Kong

Daily with the onset of darkness hundreds and thousands of people go to Alley Star, Someone in order to stroll and look at the prints of stars of Hong Kong and Chinese cinema, and someone to watch the symphony of the lights, which is included in the Guinness Book of Records. Show starts 20:00 and lasts 14 minutes. But for the sake of the show there is not exactly worth it, but stroll along the embankment and see all the most Bright skyscrapers of Hong Kong You can at any time.

View of the skyscrapers with the Alley of Stars in Hong Kong

Peak Victoria at night

Official observation deck Sky Terrace on Peak Victoria Works until 23:00, but there is free. So if you got a clear night in Hong Kong and really want to see the most famous view of the city, then you can go to the peak on a taxi and look at the skyscrapers, though by midnight the main part of the backlight turns off, but see anyway there is something.

Night view from Victoria Peak

Ride on a two-story tram on the night Hong Kong

In our opinion, Two-storey tram in Hong Kong – Practically universal entertainment. Firstly, it is cheap, secondly, it does not matter to rain, the sun is shining or the night outside the window, though it is very convenient? Night walk on the tram route from Kennedy Town to Shau Kei Wan will not only allow to drive almost the whole island, but also to watch skyscrapers, historical buildings and just relax after long walking walks. The only minus, trams go only until midnight and is pretty shakes in them. &# 128578;

Walk on a two-story tram in Hong Kong

Night walking walks in Hong Kong

This option is not suitable for everyone, but personally we love to walk along the night streets of Hong Kong. The city is very safe, the likelihood that someone will "attack you" with the goal of robbery to strive for zero, so you can safely walk and not be afraid of anything.

For a promenade, you can choose as Kowloon with bright signs of stores, so streets between the alone skyscrapers on the island of Hong Kong. And you can go for a night walk around Victoria Bay on the famous ferry Star Ferry – in general, the choice is quite large.

Night clubs and bars of Hong Kong

We are not at all experts in the field of Hong Kong night clubs, since the last time they themselves were 10 years ago, and they say, during this time a lot has changed in them. One of the most parties in Hong Kong is, of course, Lan Kwai Fong Street. There are both clubs and bars here, there are always fun, drunk and dancing for every taste. Getting very simple – metro Central output d2, and then go there, where the crowd of youth is going.

LAN KWAI FONG District in Hong Kong

Separately, it is worth telling about parallel streets Lockhart Road / Hennessy Road in the Wan Chai area. Literally in each building there are numerous bars that love foreigners living in Hong Kong. You can move all night from the bar in the bar, drink beer and, of course, dance. And here you can find a company for a joint night, if you suddenly need it. Not what we checked but know. &# 128521; Metro Wan Chai Output A2.

Night Hong Kong Best Clubs and Bars Hong Kong, what to look at night in Hong Kong, photo

Lockhart Road in Hong Kong

Hong Kong bars with view

Talking about Night Hong Kong, it is impossible not to mention the bars in which you can not only drink, but also admire the beautiful views of the city. Especially such places are suitable for romantic dinners.

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There are a lot of such bars "with a view", so it will be difficult to choose, here are just a few names: Sugar, The Grand Buffet, Azure, Sevva, Felix Bar and, of course, the highest bar Hong Kong Ozone.

270 Degrees Rooftop Bar – Bar with View in Hong Kong

Ready night program in Hong Kong

Our world has become very comfortable. If earlier we collected the particles where you can go in the evening, what bars should be visited, and in which there are neither leg better, now specialists in this case for not very much fee are organized by your leisure (and speech now you might think). We are talking about excursions and tours from local residents who will gladly share with you with your favorite places. As a rule, they all speak good English, so there will be an extra reason for practicing it. If you are not sure about your abilities, you can start a couple of months before the trip to travel with a tutor online, for example, on platform Skyeng (if you enter the promotion Referral-kdxx5chx, then get two lessons for free). Below the list of night activities in Hong Kong, for which we recommend paying attention, but be sure to carefully read the conditions so that there are no surprises.

  • 4-hour tour of Night Hong Kong (from $ 140)
  • Excellent evening tour with a visit: show symphonies of lights, night market, bar quarters, peak Victoria and even night aberde (from $ 125)
  • Evening tour of Victoria Aqua Lina Bay ($ 40), Another cruise option ($ 41), yet ($ 31)
  • Evening tour on the hippodrome With the viewing of the race ($ 180), only on Wednesdays during the season
  • Cowloun Evening Tour ($ 56)
  • Individual tour of the night markets With street food tasting ($ 162), one more ($ 94)
  • Hayking tour at sunset ($ 95)
  • Evening visit to the observation deck Sky100 ($ 25)
  • 3-hour Evening Hong Kong tour ($ 59)
  • Tour with riding a bay, visiting the night market and dinner ($ 132)
  • Night catching squid ($ 33)
  • Tour on a private yacht by Victoria Bay ($ 24) and more one ($ 42)

Night Hong Kong – instead of imprisonment

It is necessary to honestly admit that after 01-02-02: 00 Life in Hong Kong If it does not stop, it freezes. Hong Kongs are a hardworking people who understand that in the morning they go to work, so after 2 nights the bars on the Lockhart Road are seriously rare, only the most persistent, the backlight in the city partially goes out, and people disappear from the streets. All the most interesting in the night Hong Kong takes place from 20:00 to 02:00, then you can go to the hotel with a clean conscience, well, or just walk through the desert streets.

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Night Hong Kong Best Clubs and Bars Hong Kong, what to look at night in Hong Kong, photo

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