Vikend Market of the Day on Phuket

I have already told you a little about the weekend market on Phuket, but mostly about food. It is also called Sandy Market or Nak Market. There is a market in Phuket Town, near the temple of Nak, and works every Saturday and Sunday, starting from 16.00 and almost until midnight. Here you can come for souvenirs, inexpensive clothes and accessories.

Nak Market can be called Phuket Chatchak. Of course, in comparison with the scope of the market in Bangkok, the sizes of Na Market are not at all. But he is on Phuket, and not in the capital. Without all sorts of constraint, Nak Market can be called the largest market on Phuket Island.

Here you can find clothes for children and adults, souvenirs, unusual things, aromatic oils, accessories, animals, shoes, decorations, wood products, ceramics and much more. Prices of course will be cheaper than on beach markets or shopping centers. The choice is so huge that it is difficult to go without shopping.

There are more than 20 stores on Nak Market and 70 seats, which sell Thai cuisine. Unlike the Chatchak, the topics of the stores are not demarcated in the phuket weekend market. The only thing that restaurants and shops with Thai cuisine are a mansion. But I already told you about them.

Clothing shops are adjacent to souvenirs and shoes. It turns out a kind of market chaos, where you can find yourself almost anything. Want beach clothes – please. Cotton shirts for men and women from size s up to 5xl, sundresses, pareo and many other.

Unlike Bangkok Chatchak, Nak Market works with 16.00, so as soon as it starts to get dark, you can go to roam in infinite rows: the heat falls, and shopping is able to fame.

Another difference between the Phuket Weekend Market from Chatuchaka – it is still possible to get around in one evening, first buy souvenirs for friends and relatives, then delicious dinner.

In addition to typical of all Phuket stores of European goods and fakes of famous brands on Sunday Market sell national and not very clothes in the style of hippies. You will find here everything merchants wear on the beach, only the price will be much lower. Funny tops 100 baht, cotton tunics with long sleeve 100-300 baht, curly soap for 30-40 baht and much more.

Children’s selection is huge. Here you will find sundresses for girls and pants for boys from 50 baht.

Tip Take with me on Phuket half-empty suitcase not at all meaningless. On Nak Markete, as in shopping centers and in other markets, you can buy everything you need for the beach.

Especially for babies and glamorous young ladies for sale knitted toys, dolls and key chains.

And immediately you can appreciate a completely Thai fashion. Mannequins are sometimes very funny.

Remember, I told you about the indie market in Phuket Town? Some shops in the weekend market are represented by the collections of Phuket Masters.

As well as T-shirts with Phuket inscription in all sorts of variations and not only at low prices. You can even find real handmade masterpieces. For example, T-shirts in which light panels are inserted.

For lovers of Thai boxing, too, there is your shop. Here you can buy all ammunition for Muay Thai. Sizes from the smallest up to 5xl. Even sell Muay Thai shorts for pets pets.

At Nak Market, as in Phuket, in general, hit season – Multicolored plastic watches from 100 to 300 baht. You can change them depending on your style of clothing.

As I already wrote, the choice of traditional Thai souvenirs is quite large. All you need is to make a list of gifts for relatives and loved ones.

Separately, I would like to celebrate the store with a large selection of aroma oil, aromolamp and candles.

Traditional elephants, wood products, ceramics, wooden paintings are sold everywhere and very popular with foreign tourists.

Thailand is famous for its car thread. Traditional plot for similar paintings – elephants in all their manifestations.

Immediately sell authentic albums for photos, painting on velvet and Thai lamps. No shopping is very difficult to leave for a market. If you were looking for non-license wheels with Thai music and movies, you can find it all on a markete. The spectrum of music disks is presented, ranging from Thai Thai onions and ending with popular European music.

Night Market Phuket - Nak or Sandy Market, description, photo Travel Guide in Phuket

The cost of shoes on Nak Markete begins from 99 baht. Of course, be sure to remember that for such a price you do not buy something for a durable and reliable. But the choice of beach and summer shoes is great enough.

Who said that in Thailand they do not sell warm clothes? Very even sell, especially it is in demand closer to winter, when it becomes very cold for local residents on Phuket, and the thermometer’s column shows less than +23 degrees.

Right in the middle of the market, a small street with animals was hid. Dogs, cats and even hamsters.

If you want to change your home Geckon on a little more, you need to visit Sanda Market. There are amphibians, and reptiles, and birds, and animals.

Initially, the weekend market on Phuket was intended for Thais, now it is becoming increasingly popular with foreign tourists. But services such as Nail Art are still preserved here. You can create a masterpiece on your nails since 100 baht. If you want to try to prepare in advance: Make a manicure and cover the nails with the basis or colorless varnish.

You do not even need to worry that all purchases will not fit into your suitcase. On Naka Market there is a large selection of suitcases, backpacks and bags.

Everyone knows that babes do not like shopping. Therefore, the air locks and carousel are invented for them.

Even for men who do not like to go shopping, in the weekend market invented. Excellent exotic cocktails start from 69 baht. Pip Pina Kolada and enjoy Som there, while your beautiful half chooses gifts for friends and loved ones – what could be better? And in the middle of the market there is a cowboy store and part-time bar, where you are always happy.

Most market shops present goods at low prices, so it is sometimes considered to be bargained. For foreign tourists who do not understand the specifics of the market, this is what they write on the signs. You can bargain where the price is not written.

Given the specifics of Thai markets, you need to prepare for shopping on Nak Market. First, you need to dress very easily, for example, shorts and T-shirt will fit. Shoes are better to take rubber, because if it is raining. She is very useful for you. Even in the tropical shower, Nak Market works, it can be very convenient to wait into one of the restaurants. Secondly, stock cash, because in the shops of the Sunday market do not accept credit cards. Thirdly, remember the water and salt balance. Sometimes there is quite hot on the market that the bottle of water does not hurt with them, although drinks are sold in almost every row. For example, fresh orange juice costs 20 baht.

You can go here by taxi or city buses. The latter are not driving directly near the market, but can slow down quite close. If you are traveling with beaches of kata and caron, ask to stop near Sunday Market. If you are traveling from Patong or other northern beaches, stop, for example, near the Central Festival shopping center or near the Surakul Stadium. On the map of Phuket, I specifically identified the location of the Sunday Market Market.

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