Night markets in Taipei

Night market or Knight Market is a rather popular phenomenon in Southeast Asia. They are in Thailand, Hong Kong, India and, of course, they are in Taiwan. This market begins its work in the afternoon and stops only for midnight. In the classic version, this is an ordinary street along which trading rows appear and, naturally, the passing part in this case turns into a pedestrian zone. In our today’s material, an overview of the most popular night markets of Taipei, visiting which, you can make a complete picture of this culture and very cheap to acquire both souvenirs and other useful things, and delicious dinner.

What can I buy on the night market?

Once in one of the small provincial towns of Ukraine, we saw an advertising shield, which very accurately indicates that you can buy in Taiwanese night markets: "Watches, T-shirts and fufayks". Assortment of such markets is very diverse. For example, in Taipei there are markets that sell anything: clothes, souvenirs, toys, clocks, a large number of all kinds of traditional food. But there are also narrow markets – for example, there is a seafood market. A distinctive feature of Taiwanese night markets is that people come here not only on shopping, but also to just chat and dine. Therefore, as a rule, a third of the market is given to merchants to food and restaurants.

Naturally, here is an incredible variety of smells. There are in traditional Chinese cuisine such a dish as "smelly tofu cheese". Judging by the title, the smell must be appropriate, but the word "smelly" does not transmit even 10% of its fragrance.

It’s just a terrible smell and, maybe, so we haven’t risked to try this tofu, but I highly recommend strawberries in sugar syrup. &# 128578; Taiwanese food is generally a separate topic that we covered within one of the articles about Taipei.

Many on the night markets of clothing and shoes, but do not expect you can easily update your wardrobe. Things are not always high quality, although it fully corresponds to the price.

A couple of years ago at the night market Shilin it could be easily buying summer women’s sandals at a price of 100 to 500 Taiwanese dollars ($ 3-14), though they will serve you a couple of weeks or a month, but if you really want, then why not please yourself. &# 128578;

But to buy souvenirs is better space just not to find. In addition to classic cups, keyfobs, postcards, here you can find very interesting souvenirs and things. There is something to please yourself and lovers of jewelry and accessories for mobile phones.

Quite a lot of people here of traditional medicine, care products and children’s toys and clothes.

As we said, Taiwanese come to the night market in order to chat, dine and relax. Especially popular "for relaxation" All sorts of attractions like catching shrimps on the fishing rod or leave a pig in Angry Birds birds.

Addresses of night markets in Taipei

In the capital of the Republic of China, Taipei night markets are quite a lot, there are even special "tourist" markets, where local almost appear. We will tell about the markets on which they were, as well as tell how to get to them.

Night Market Raohe (Taipei Raohe Night Market, 饒河夜市)

Knight Market Raohe in Taipei is considered one of the oldest markets of the country. It is located in the city center and occupies a very small area, only 600 meters. As a reference, you can use the Ciyou Temple Temple. Here are mostly located merchants diverse street food, as well as small cafes and restaurants.

This Nightmark has its own defined charm, so tourists often choose to try traditional Taiwanese food. Often this market becomes a participant in all sorts of culinary programs, so sometimes you can see the film crews here. They love it and Foodie Bloggers for its colorfulness and friendliness of the local population, which are always happy to participate in the shooting.

It is convenient to get to the Raohe Night Market on the subway: you need a MRT Song Shan Station station output number 5. Can be reached by taxi, but it is better to have the name of the market in Chinese to show the taxi driver. We, for example, when preparing a trip to Taipei, always make these small "cards" with the points of the route that we plan to visit within our travel.

Night market Shida (Taipei Shida Night Market, 師大路夜市)

Night market wide is located near Taiwanese pedagogical university. How it is not difficult to guess, there are quite a few students here, and there are few tourists, which personally adds to this market a certain charm. You can get to the night market Shida from the Taipower Building Station Metro Station.

Night Market Tonghua (Taipei Tonghua Night Market, 通化 街 夜市)

This Night Market loves tourists, as it is located just a kilometer from Taipei’s main attractions – Towers Taipei-101, But it is not so popular, such as Huaxi and Shi Lin, about which we will tell a little lower. The market takes a few streets, here you can taste local cuisine, buy souvenirs and clothing. From the metro station Jieyunxinyianhe Station (yield 4) about 500 meters.

Night market Huahsi (Huaxi Night Market, Aka Snake Alley, 華西)

One of the most tourist markets Taipei. It is just a few minutes walk from the famous Temple Longshan. The market appeared at this place over 50 years ago, now it occupies a whole quarter and is considered one of the largest markets in the old part of Taipei.

This market is famous for selling a lot of people of traditional medicine, it is even sometimes called "Snake Alley". Personally, we do not like this market because of tourists, but they say that because of a large number of visitors, there are always fresh seafood, tourists quickly eat everything. &# 128578;

You can get from Long Shan Temple subway, about 3-5 minutes walk.

Night Markets Guangzhou and Wuzhou (Guangzhou and Wuzhou Street Night Markets, 廣州 街夜市 & 梧州 街夜市)

Night markets in Taipei

Not far from the Huahsi market there are two more nays Market smaller, which are less popular with tourists. Due to this price, some things here are slightly lower. To get to them you need to walk from the subway Long Shan Temple. At the end of this article, you will always find a map with the exact coordinates of all night markets.

Night market Liaoning (Liaoning Street Night Market, 遼寧街 夜市)

This is one of our favorite Naitmarkets Taipei, as it specializes it mainly on food from seafood. Moreover, in local cafes there is no menu in his classical understanding, you just choose a fish or that you love, and say how you cook it. But there is one problem – not all sellers understand English, and in this case we look at what other visitors eat and simply show your finger – the language of gestures never let us down.

To get to this market you need from the metro Nanjing East Road Station to go along FU Xing North street and turn right on Zhu Lun Street. The description is quite unusual, but below there is a card on which the route looks more clear.

Ningxia night market (Ningxia Night Market, 寧夏夜市)

Nightxia night market looks like the Nightmarkets looked twenty years ago. There are many small restaurants with traditional food, children’s products and, of course, souvenirs. You can get to this market from the metro stations Shuanglian Station and Zhongshan Station.

Night market Shi Lin (Taipei Shi Lin Night Market, 士士夜市)

Knight Market Shilin – the largest and most popular market in Taipei. It occupies a huge territory between two metro stations: Jiantan and Shilin. For the first time the market appeared in this area in 1899, so he has been more than 100 years old. Of course, he is constantly changing when we got here for the first time, he was completely on the streets of the cities, now he got a huge indoor trading pavilion and even descended under the ground. The charm of the night market he lost a little, but here you can buy anything.

Other markets

Night markets in Taipei a lot, and it makes no sense to describe each of them – they are all more or less similar to each other. Here are some more, but we have not been to them yet, so we cannot judge if you can add this list, we will gladly take help in the comments. &# 128578;

  • Gongguan Night Market, 公館)
  • Yanping N.RD Tourist Night Market
  • Wu Zhou St.Tourist Night Market
  • Nan Ji Chang Night Market
  • Jingmei Night Market
  • Pan Chiao Night Market
  • Luzhou Night Market

In general, it is very difficult to say that one market is better than the other, as it is so subjective opinion that it is not worth paying attention to it. We, even inside the family we cannot agree, which one is the best. So just choose the one that is closer to you – save on the road. &# 128578;

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