Night of ghosts in the Museum of Lazaro Galdiano

Fans of Unusual Art Installations in Modern Style can now visit an interesting exhibition "Night of ghosts" (Noche de Fantasmas) in the Lazaro Museum Galdiano (Calle de Serrano, 122). Sculptures presented in Madrid to the audience’s court, these are works of art prepared by Bernardi Roigom (Bernardi Roig) for exposures in Brussels and New York, or their copies. You are waiting for a meeting with the strange inhabitants of the other world. During the night’s visit to the museum, you will get acquainted with the "ghost" of his owner or missing women, the figure of which was also created by Migesel Angele Blanco in 2008 (her mysterious figure we can watch in the window of the palace on Serrano Street).

Installation begins in the garden, where the critical visitors welcome the first three "ghosts", created by Bernardi Roigom (Palma de Mallorca, 1965.). The first sculpture is located almost at the top of one of the trees. She resembles hanged, who looks out of his refuge with fright and concern, on the night lights of the dynamic Spanish capital. The second "ghost" almost completely hide the bushes of shrub, we can only see his legs of white. And the third silently stands near the corner of the museum building, almost merging with him. This spectacle fascinates and gives the viewer some idea of ​​the work of Bernardi Roig, the famous "collector of obsessive ideas".

It is curious that the installation passes at night, in an empty museum, where, besides "ghosts," you can see the El Greco and Rembrandt canvas, El Bosco and Goya, the famous golden dog collar of the 19th century, encrusted with diamonds and more than 12,000 unique exhibits collected worldwide due to the efforts of Lazaro Galdiano, the founder of the famous museum. And now, moving from the hall to the hall, we meet here the mysterious white figures here – "Ghosts" Roiga.

On the information stand before entering the exhibition there are some statements about the work of the sculptor. Main "Critics" Roig’s creativity, according to the curator of the exhibition José Himenes, are "Memory and desire" – the desire to touch the light, which is expressed in all works and in the daily life of the artist. There are enough surprises at the exhibition: all 4 level of installation on which "ghosts" are located, have a hidden subtext and can be considered from various points of view.

Visitors to the exhibition cannot approach sculptures, and this is also part of the presentation: we get a completely new opportunity to observe contemporary art – "Ghosts" There are as it were in their reality, without entering the dialogue with the existing collections of the museum. Exhibition "Night of ghosts" – This is an independent monologue of Bernardi Roig, a game with space and feelings of the viewer.

Night of ghosts in the Museum of Lazaro Galdiano

In the basement of the museum, where the exposition dedicated to the legendary magazine Goya, in the very center of the hall we can see the sculpture resembling "Esurovanny", which Roig recently represented on Arco (modern art festival in Madrid). There is also a strange man in white, clasped his back and, having drowned his tongue, trying to sleep toward the light. And everywhere you are followed by small varied fat "ghosts", whose eyes, how conceived by their creator, look and do not see suffering.

In another Hall of Sculpture, Roigas are interested in complementing the works of modern cubist artists. The installation of the sculptor itself also fascinates: in the dark hall on a huge plasma panel, viewers can see how Bernardi wanders on a museum in search of truth in absolute solitude, with a dazzling halo of light on the shoulders, leaving behind fiery traces.

The exposition of another information stand is ends, where photos of Thomas Bernhardt, Queen Elizabeth II, famous Spanish Toreodorov, Arnaldo Stewie and Pope Ratzinger – historical characters who inspired Bernardi Roig in his work all these years.

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