Night on the Great Wall

Early in the morning in Beijing, we have moved to Dongzhinmen Metro Station. Next to the metro station there is a connected bus station, where we found a bus 916. There is no conductor on the bus, and money for travel ride to the jar next to the driver. You can throw the amount that conscience will allow. On the bus 916 we drove to the city of Huairou and came at the Huairou Fangshan stop near the hospital. Next, we moved to the H11 bus and in the picturesque mountain road went to the village of Xizhazi (西栅 子 村). The road in serpentine occupied an hour of an hour, but, believe me, the mountain landscapes did not make us bored. It is in the village of Xizhazi that the rise of the abandoned part of the wall begins.

At the beginning of the way we met a sign with the inscription "This Section of the Great Wall Is Not Open To the Public", But we were no longer stopped, because on top of the mountains Majestically, the towers of the Great Wall. It was an indescribable feeling, and it was moving forward. Winding rise through trees, stones and bushes took about an hour. At the conversation, we did not notice how suddenly because of the turn rose a huge wall, leaving for the sky. Forgetting about the severity of backpacks, we scored on it and abuned. This construction really struck my consciousness.

I stood on one of the wonders of the world and understood that it truly deserves this title. The wall does not see the beginning and end, and it is so organically inscribed in the mountain landscape that we were shocked by this creation of humanity. After lifting, we decided to move along the wall to the highest tower to spend the night in it. Many parts of the wall are destroyed and crumbled right below us. I had to get through the trees and bushes, which for many centuries thick covered the wall. I felt myself with Sylvester Stallone in the film "Skalolaz", When once again worked on the wall with a huge backpack behind his back. We moved very slowly, and there were some more kilometers to the cherished tower. Pretty quickly dark and mountain fog dropped on the mountains. We climbed on one of the high platforms of the wall and decided to swell on it, but suddenly blew such an ice wind that made us remember that we are in the mountains, and in the yard October. We descended from the site and put tents in the walls of the wall.

Watch how night falls on the Great Wall, it was magical. In my imagination, the wall lived. Destroyed wall bricks became in their places, torches were lit on the towers, guards with bows and arrows appeared. They peered into the distance and I, together with them, but we did not notice a single enemy. With a sense of accomplished debt, I went to sleep. At night, my tent flushed as at Texas Hurricane. I thought that me, like Ellie, with the same way, will take, only not in the Emerald City, but during the time of the Ming dynasty, where I will wear a long braid and serve the emperor. However, this did not happen, and, opening the tent early in the morning, I saw the native destroyed wall, but the view from it was even more beautiful. In front of me, the endless valley wake up and was preparing for a new day. Morning rays of the sun pierced through fog and warmed cold stones. We sat, twisted legs from the wall, watched the distance and blew buckwheat porridge.

Night on the Great Wall

Ahead was a long way along the wall to the Mutyanyu plot, which functions the cable car. This path was no less difficult. Height differences, Destroyed steps, sheer climbs and descents. At these moments we sincerely regretted that they did not leave huge backpacks, because one incorrect movement – and they would pull us to straight to the builders of the wall. About three hours passed when we saw the cable car. The feeling of heroism did not subside, so we decided to go down the walls familiar to us. For several hundred meters to the cable car, we turned into the mountains and started the descent to the village of Buzi.

The descent from the wall was more difficult in the stock, than the rise, and took more than two hours. Sharp bias down and no smooth surface. Strain. Backpack presses from above, as if you descend the refrigerator on the back from the tenth floor. Through the trees we saw how the village slowly approaches us. And finally the long-awaited level road. What was our surprise when we looked at the top, where came out. Surprisingly, as an inaccessible it seemed. We looked at the Great Wall of China, they said goodbye to her and thanked for good reception. It is truly a miracle of light. Great, mighty, striking. I was happy and felt calm. I performed another one of the points of the Around. I spent on the Great Chinese Wall.

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