Night Perina Königsberg – Overview of All Kaliningrad Forts

Forts of Kaliningrad ; Ring of defensive structures around the city, built at the end of the 19th century. It includes 12 large and 3 small fort. Ring completely surrounds the city. For tourists equipped Forts number 5 and №11.

Now Kaliningrad looks like an ordinary Russian city, albeit with a shade of European appearance. But in the distant past, the city was the most powerful fortress in Europe, in the center of which Konigsberg castle stood. Konigsberg surrounded the ring of walls, pvv and powerful forts ; inaccessible strengthening with the beautiful name ; "Night Parina Königsberg" .

If you think, Which of the forts of Kaliningrad to visit, then our article will help you figure it out. So that you do not have to reread everything that it is written here, I will say right away:

Drive for Fort No. 11 Denhoff ; It has been preserved perfectly, and the fortuity excursion is included in the ticket price. Read more about it here: Fort number 11 ;

You can go on Fort number 5, But he suffered greatly during the storming and there is still more museum than the fort in prior. The eleventh almost did not suffer during the assault.

Map of Fortov Kaliningrad

Excursions for Forts Kaliningrad

On Sputnik8 website.Com is sightseeing tour Forts Konigsberg. You will show defensive strengthening of the inner ring and Fort number 5.

Cost of excursion 833 rubles per person. Duration 3 hours.

On Tripster Car excursion called Koenigsberg – City Fortress, Museum City. The program includes visits to dandels, gates and fort №11. Excursion ends dinner in the restaurant. The cost of excursion with all tickets and dinner will cost approximately 4000 rubles. Time excursions 5-6 hours.

Preservation and availability of forts

Below we collected information about the current state of Fort Kaliningrad in one table. Focus on color.

Fort number 1 Stein

  • Preserved well
  • Access by agreement with the owner
  • Built in 1879

Very well preserved, Since it was with the opposite of the main strike of the Red Army side of the city. During the storming of strong resistance did not have, the commandant of the fort for refusing to capitulate was shot their own.

Get to the fort you can By prior approval with the owner. Usually do not refuse to anyone. However, the host is currently difficult to determine. The Forte has a family that took it for rent until 2058, but according to other data, Fort belongs to the firm that plans to make an entertainment center from it.

Go here only if you have a personal reason to visit this fort or on all the others you have already been. Tourists are hardly worth paying attention to, It is better to go to Fort №11 or number 5.

Fort number 17 Greben

  • Secondary preservation
  • There is a security, but they all let
  • Date of construction is not known

Fort number 2 Bronzert

  • Preserved well
  • Access closed
  • Built in 1879

Preserved well, but closed for visitors. Fort belongs to some particular private person who has been trying to restore it for many years.

Fort number 2 covered the road to Tilsit (now Soviet), the one where Alexander I signed a peace treaty with Napoleon I Bonaparte in 1807. Named in honor of Paul Bronzart background Shellandorf ; Outstanding Prussian General.

Fort №2A Barnekov

  • Good preservation
  • Free admission
  • Construction date is not known

Small fort, closing space between the second and third Forts. Until 1996, there were military warehouses in it. Currently, Fort is abandoned.

Fort number 3 King Friedrich-Wilhelm I

  • Preserved well
  • Access by agreement with the protection
  • Built in 1879
Night Perina Königsberg - Overview of All Kaliningrad Forts

Just like the neighboring, very well preserved in pristine form. Open for everyone, but it will be necessary to agree with the security directly in arrival.

Fort number 4 Gneisenau

  • Strongly destroyed
  • Free access
  • Built in 1887

Fell under the main blow to the Red Army, so heavily destroyed. You can get inside, but it is not for ordinary tourists. It is better to wear dirty clothes and take lanterns. There is no one on the fort, it is abandoned. Inside you need to be attentive to not fall anywhere.

Fort number 5 King Friedrich-Wilhelm III

  • Fort destroyed
  • Fort is open for tourists
  • Built in 1848

This fort turned into a museum and available for tourists. Also got under the main blow during the storming of the city. Strongly destroyed. Very popular among tourists. For more information about it here: Fort number 5 in Kaliningrad ..

Curonian Spit, where it is better to rest: Lithuania vs Russia


  • Strongly destroyed
  • There is guard
  • Construction date is not known

Small fort between fifth and sixth forts. He fell under the main blow to the Red Army, because of this heavily destroyed. In addition, inside a lot of garbage. In Soviet times there were some warehouses. Now the fort is abandoned, but sometimes there is a guard.

Fort number 6 Queen Louise

  • Perfectly preserved
  • Access closed
  • Built in 1875

Perfectly preserved in the original form. During the assault, an interesting story happened: the first battalion was sent to his assault on his assault, but they could not do anything and died. Following them to storm the fort went intelligence, but they were waiting for the same fate. The command decided that without art preparation, the fort would not be able to take and until the Russians prepared the Fort Artillery capitulated.

Currently get to the fort will not work ; He belongs to the military.

Fort number 7 Duke von Holstein

  • Secondary preservation
  • Access closed
  • Built in 1890

Unlike the other Forts of Kaliningrad this pentagonal with an inland yard. The maintenance is medium, part of the casesmaps is closed, one blew. Fort belongs to the 69th Repair Plant, which uses it as a warehouse. Respectively, It is impossible to get to the territory .

Fort number 8 King Friedrich I

  • Good preservation
  • Free admission
  • Built in 1875

During the assault almost resisted. Immediately after the war, he was held by the military. After them he was used for warehouses. Currently, Fort is abandoned, but it seems to have owned. Free admission, Do not forget lanterns.

Fort number 9 Don

  • Strongly destroyed
  • Access is limited
  • Built in 1879

Fort is very destroyed by an explosion. Barracks and Gorzem Caponer collapsed. Currently, he looks after the protection of the greenhouse economy located nearby.

Fort number 10 Kanitz

  • Partially destroyed
  • Access closed
  • Built in 1881

State state. For a long time, the war dwells. Now he is empty, but access here remains closed.

Fort №11 Dynhoff

  • Perfectly preserved
  • Access is open
  • Built in 1882

Fort number 12 Olelenburg

  • Good preservation
  • Access closed
  • Built in 1884

Read more about Kaliningrad You will find out here: online guide to Kaliningrad and region

Currently, the forte military warehouses, respectively, to get inside will not work. Duby ditch.

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