Nightlife in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the recognized nightlife centers not only in Holland, but also all of Europe. In addition to the well-known sex drugs and absolutely legal prostitution, a considerable attractiveness of the city gives the abundance of peetic establishments, clubs, danceings and other places of flights, and the most of the different orientation and levels. Almost all Amsterdam, up to the most remote suburbs, has its own club and a couple "local" restaurants, and in the center their number just exceeds all imaginable limits. Fans of night discos prefer dance floors around Rembrantsplein and Leidseplein space, lovers of cheap sharp sensations. Straight road in Walletjes, frequencies of the night clubs will be the most comfortable in the Reguliersstraat area.

Bars and clubs in Amsterdam

Describe and list local institutions meaningless because their number is huge. However, most often the most authentic Bars Amsterdam are called beer Browerij Het IJ (Funenkade, 7) with an excellent terrace starting his life in 1670 as a distiller Cafe Hoppe (Spui, 18-20) and perhaps the most famous coffee shop city – Dampkring (Handboogstraat, 29), famous after the film "Twelve friends Oushena" (Ocean’s Twelve, 2004.).

Clubs are also for every taste and wallet, from a long time turned into a whole entertainment complex with three concert halls, gallery, cinema, theater and legendary cafe "Milky Way" (www.Melkweg.NL) near Leidseplein, or traditional and inexpensive enough De Nieuwe Anita (Frederik Hendrikstraat, 111), to the real Mecca of electronic music fans – Sugar Factory (www.SugarFactory.NL) legendary Paradiso (www.Paradiso.NL) in the complex of the former church, or recently closed Trouw (www.TrouwamsterDam.NL) with a good restaurant and gallery.

Coffee Shop in Amsterdam

The notorious coffee shops (Coffeeshop) in Amsterdam are still subject to all sorts of restrictive companies from the authorities, but with one degree or another freedom continue to operate so far. Despite the name, the main commodity here are the so-called "soft drugs", The list of which is constantly changing. Coffee shops are easy to identify on a white and green poster or sign in the form of a leaf of cannabis, but often the institution acts "Only for their own" and do not advertise yourself.

Nightlife in Amsterdam

The rules for visiting coffee shops are constantly changing, therefore it should be borne in mind that the criminal deposits for personal use of more than 5 grams of narcotic substance, up to 18 years – their use, as well as trade and advertising. Also coffee shops should be distinguished from traditionally legal smart schools, that is, stores where you can buy various medicinal herbs that have a narcotic effect. All such institutions in the Amples of the order of three hundred, although it is only a formal figure.

Music clubs and halls in Amsterdam

Lovers of live music will appreciate the main jazz club Amsterdam – Bimhuis, Located in the MuziekGeWw complex near the Passenger Terminal of the Port and Train Station (Piet Heinkade, 27), as well as lying on the other side of Hey Multifunctional Concert Club Tolhuistuin (IJPROMENADE, 2). Fans of classics will certainly be interesting known for its fantastic acoustics Concertgebouw concert hall In the southern part of the Museum Square (MuseUmplein) – on Wednesdays from 12:30 to 13:00 Free concerts are even held here.

Located in the Stopera Complex Dance Theater Het Muziektheater It is the main platform of the Dutch national ballet and one of the best and most versatile theater companies of Western Europe. The scene functions here National Opera and Ballet Theater (Nationale Opera & Ballet), and also from half a dozen of various cultural institutions. No less popular ones for theatrons are lying south, near the gateways on the Amstel River, Royal Theater "Carre" (Koninklijk Theater Carre; Amstel, 115-125) and nearby Kembare Kleine Komedie, existing since 1786. And, of course, decorated with turrets building Urban Theater (Stadsschouwburg) on ​​Leidseplein (Leidseplein), which except the most popular main hall has recently been complemented Complex Rabozaal and adjacent Melkweg concert hall.

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