Nightlife in Turkey

The sun enters the sea horizon and the darkness comes. Another life starts in the city: the backlight of the piers, lawns and trees lights up. Cute family cafes turn into nightclubs.

Walking on the embankment of Kemer, close to the port you can see "Moon Light Park". Restaurants, cafes and bars – pass through a narrow path and disassemble eyes. You can choose a place and listen to live music, arrangement of more comfortable on the baffic or eastern sofas.

"I especially remember Lounge Bar" Hubble Bubble ", where every night there was live music and incendiary dancing by the sea," says Maria.


"Evenings went to the restaurant" Beyaz Inci "there every day a new musical team performs its own music, often local celebrities speak. In this cafe I really liked snacks – Mes. Menuzhnice serves assorted delicious dishes: dolma, sauces, stew, caviar, salad. Every time the kit can change "- says Maria.

"In Istanbul there are fashionable institutions and not very, but often in places like" Durak63 "you can try colorful things. I was impressed by mint tea hitting my aroma in the nose and eyes ".

In general, the Turks love to eat in one cafe, and after half an hour to hit the tea to another. Tea in many cafes when buying lunch give free.

In the afternoon and at night, you can get on the tour of the Galata Tower – the symbol of Istanbul. At the very top there is an observation deck, from where you can see the old town – the historical part and the Bosphorus Strait.

Not far from Eminonu Square many Fast Food Restaurants. There are preparing fresh fish – Balyk with Turkish. Wrap it in thick bread, add greens and bow add. Excellent evening snack after sea walk on yachts that stop nearby.


This city is considered the most youth in Turkey. The first thing to see at night is a view from Echmedk fortress.

In the center of Alanya there is Bar Street. Street filled with bars and clubs. You can select the bar "Las Vegas" with a pleasant and kind personnel consisting of young people. At odentha-hour in the evening, music includes music and waiters begin to dance between the tables and on the bar rack to attract visitors. When all places in the bar are busy, people stop and just remove dancing on the phone. You can join and dance with them. The bar menu includes only drinks, give a snack for free: salty popcorn and fruit plate.

Nightlife in Turkey

Next to the Grand Bayard Beach Hotel has a bar called "WASA", whose owner is a sociable, friendly and friendly local resident of Mehmet. In the bar, most tables are located right on the grass under the palm trees, thanks to this there is no feeling that you are in the stuffy, crowded indoors. You can relax sitting in comfortable chairs or swings, outdoors and enjoy hookah, drink cocktail. Especially it should be noted by local vodka RAKI – this is a mentholic vodka, on degrees it is much stronger than in Russia. Local say that RAKI vodka helps from sore throat and cold, literally a pair of pile and the next day you will forget about the unpleasant. If you sufficiently own English, then Mehmet will be happy to support the friendly conversation with you and answer any questions.

There are three most popular clubs in Alanya: Summer Garden, Illusion and Latino Club. And the latter can be noted the most dance.

And in Illusion in the women’s toilet there is everything for girls: hairdryer, powder, lipstick, mascara. So that the girl could come straight from the beach and bring yourself in order.

In Summer Garden, each cocktail is accompanied by Bengal lights and the more order, the more lights.

In the center of Alanya, all clubs and bars close at three o’clock in the morning in order not to interfere with the local residents.

Turkey is not only All Inclusive hotels, but also active nightlife outside the hotel. There are many places where you can go at night and spend great time. The report was written by the author and Mary, which is actively traveling around the cities of Turkey.

Nightlife in Turkey

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