Nikola-Lenizen: Why go, what to do, where to stay

Nikola-Lizenic – a unique place where you can be alone with nature, to do creativity, see the cult art objects created by Russian and foreign artists, visit the Eco-Ferma and much more.

Historical reference

Nikola-Lenizets is located under Kaluga 200 km from Moscow (read about other interesting cities in Russia), in a picturesque place on the river bank. Part of its territory belongs to the Natural National Park "UGR". In the late 80s, this place was opened by Moscow artists and architects who began to build their homes here and workshops. It was then that the first landscape objects began to appear. For the general public, Nikola-Lenivegen became known in the early 2000s, when the artist and sculptor Nikolai Polissky began to attract local residents to the creation of monumental installations from natural materials – zikkurat from hay, tower from a vine, aqueduct of snow. And in 2006, the International Festival "Archs, dedicated to landscape objects appeared.

Over time, summer and winter housing, workshops, cafes, cycling and WiFi have appeared in Nikola-Livzena – everything you need for life and work. Every year a huge number of people arrive here – from professional designers and architects to those who are simply interested in contemporary art or wants to spend a weekend in nature.

Why go

For a wild inhabitant of the Big City of Nikola-Leniza – this is in a fairly sense of a sip of fresh air in the midst of smog and bustle. Wander through the blooming fields, sit on the bank of the river, admire how yellowing the forest is early in autumn – simple things that brought unexpectedly a lot of joy. At the same time, if in the country the sophisticated city dweller begins to miss the second day, Nikola-Zhelin, besides the wondrous nature of the National Park "Ugra" offers a sea of ​​other impressions.

In fact, Nikola-Lizenic is the open-air museum. Square in 650 hectares are 33 art objects. Large-scale landscape sculptures from famous Russian and foreign artists are ideally inscribed on Wednesday and are felt as an integral part of the space. In addition, the authors took care of the maximum interactivity of their works. Almost all art objects can, anyway, interact – touch, rotate, enter inside or climb on log protractions to the very top. Excellent reason to feel like a child and show wonders of Snorzki.

The cultural life of Nikola-slog is rich in the events: every year there is a legendary international festival "Arch residential", "Night of new media", a few shifts of the children’s camp, an art residence, as well as a huge number of less global events from culinary master classes and meetings with Artists before the celebrations of the New Year and Carnival.

Of the advantages of arrival in Nikola-Lizens in the festival, an extremely rich program and the opportunity to get acquainted with like-minded people. Of the minuses – problems with booking housing and queue for review of attractions that somewhat violates the meditative atmosphere (read about the Buddhist monastery in the Urals).

Be that as it may, Nikola-Lizenic – this is definitely a place of force with stunning energy. The project invested a huge number of strength and love of people who live there and work, and this is in the air. Therefore, those who come to Nikola-Lenivez are inevitably penetrated with this feeling and behave very carefully, leaving only something good as traces of stay – notes and wishes on multicolored paper ribbons or the word "autumn".

Another thing that rushes into the eyes when you come to Nikola-Leniv is – here absolutely everything is beautiful and convenient at the same time. There is a feeling that this place where the design won. You are surrounded by laconic cafes interiors, perfectly ergonomic houses, understandable navigation, standing in the right places of urn for garbage, stable wooden flooring, which are laid out all the tracks in a tent camp, so as not to knead the dirt during the rain. Natural materials and maximum naturalness everywhere where it is justified. Everything works, everyone is very convenient to use. Strong impressions, honest word.

How to get

If short – by car, train or bus. On the website of Nikola-sloth there are detailed instructions, a card for motorists, taxi telephones who will meet on a railway station or bus station and will be brought to the place, links to the app for finding companions and just in case, even accurate coordinates for landing the helicopter.

The road by car from Moscow takes a little more than 4 hours, passes through several near Moscow towns and in itself turns into an excellent adventure. Approximately two-thirds pass along the highway, the last segment – on a very broken or not at all unconfalined country roads. So if you are not a happy owner of the SUV, choose for trips relatively dry weather, otherwise there is some risk to get stuck in a ride in some deaf settlement.

Where to live

Nikola-slogan why go than to do, where to stay

Nikola-Lenivets – Paradise for lazy tourists who crave peaceful with nature without separating from WiFi and hot water (this is not Kizhi).

During the year, in Nikola-Livzetz, you can remove the bed in the Karramma hostel, the room in the Koltsovo guest house or one of the clover houses – a small masterpiece of architectural genius, and transmitting the spirit of the place. Prices vary from about 1000 to 4000 rubles per day.

In the summer, another option is added to this for those who want a little more extreme – rent a double tent. Practice has shown that this is an excellent combination of atmosphere of hiking adventures and household comfort. The tent is quite spacious and you can get up in full growth. Included – bedside table, Two inflatable beds, Bed linen, Warm blanket and towels. Twogest steps from a tent town – a toilet with heating and shower with hot water. The tent will cost a little more expensive bed in the hostel, but by convenience can well compete with a double room in a guest house.

Present trappers and ascetas Nikola-Leniza offers 400 rubles a day to rent a place to install their own tent.

Where there is

Catering establishments are scattered throughout the park, so, regardless of the accommodation location, there will be no food. Everywhere is pretty cute and tasty, you can find anything – from oatmeal on milk to intricate lunch from seasonal products. One but – almost everything closes pretty early, so after 21.00 with a full dinner may have problems.

What to take with you

Means from mosquitoes and flashlight. (Which vaccinations would not hurt to put, going on nature?) With the first everything is clear, the second is very helpful in late walks. Search and inspect the art objects at night no less interesting than the day, but by chance to gain in absolute darkness to a huge logo, standing by the river, or, wandering around the labyrinth, to find a collection of myths and legends of Nikola-Lizenz – and without. More, oddly enough, a compass can be useful (the application in the smartphone is perfectly coping with). In the case of light disorientation at night in the fields with it, it is much easier to determine in which direction is the camp.

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