Ninth Day: Monemvasia and Ship on the beach

Apparently, the universe decided to compensate for us yesterday and difficulties in the pass through the Mountain Range of Parnuon, so the bright sun was shining in the morning, and the weather forecast promised to 20 degrees of heat. We quickly have breakfast on the balcony of our hotel and went to explore Monemvation. If you read our reports from Start, then you know that it is because of this city-island we decided to send in winter on Peloponnese. Therefore, today is literally the day x, which should show how true our decision was. Monemvassia – Byzantine City-Fortress, which is a small island, connected to the Peloponnese of a narrow dam. Personally, this city reminded us very much Russian Sviyazhsk And another little French Mont-Saint-Michel.

We drove on the car, km: 150
Walking, km / steps: eight.66/11454

In the literal translation of the MONEMA means "one entrance" and, indeed, on the island you can get only on only one road or from the sea. In the season, this road is closed for all, except for local residents, and you need to go either on foot, or use the bus that will bring you to the goal of the city. But in winter everything is open, and you can freely park along the road, next to the entrance to the city.

Parking in Monemvassia

The city is divided into two parts: upper and lower. As a rule, tourists first examine its lower part, and then if the strength and time remains upstairs.

But we, as usual, decided to do everything up to the opposite, and immediately got up, and, not on a normal staircase, but by some kind of vegetable. As award, we opened beautiful species and the complete absence of people at the top of the city. They began to appear there when we were already leaving.

Beautiful views of the lower city

In the upper city, one of the brightest sights of Monemvasia – Church of St. Sofia, built in the XIII-XIV centuries during the Emperor Andronician II of Paleologist. Everyone knows the Holy Sophia in Istanbul, which was transformed into a mosque, so, the Monemvasy Church of this fate also suffered.

Murals in the Church of St. Sophia in Monmevation

In addition to the church here you can see the remnants of fortifications and simple residential buildings.

Fortification facilities of the Upper City

From a historical point of view, all this is very interesting, but to rise to the upper city is not only for the sake of historical and architectural monuments, but for the sake of species that open to the lower city, the sea and surroundings.

Nizhny city view

Somehow imperceptibly for yourself, we have been diagnosed on the upper city for almost two hours. And no matter how beautiful and good here, it’s time to go down, otherwise today we will not finish the inspection of the city.

Gateway to the Upper City – the only entrance to the fortress

The lower part is very similar to the classic fortress city with cozy streets, small cafes and beautiful views. In this part of the city, you should visit the Mayak, the ancient churches and, of course, admire the archaeological collection of Monemvassia.

Lighthouse in Monemvassia

Archaeological Museum in Monemvasia

Cute cafe in downtown

Monemvasia turned out to be exactly what we imagined her, and even better than in pictures and photos of other travelers. If you are planning a trip on Peloponnese, be sure to include this city in the list of seats you need to visit.

And we went on, according to the plan we have visits to the beaches. We, of course, did not plan to swim in January, but on the beach of Valtaki, not far from the town of Ghifia (Giotia), we just wanted to leave the pebbles in the sea and look at the cozov of the ship Dimitrim.

Beach Valtaki and Ship Dimitros

Ninth part of the tour of Greece by car

Probably somehow it looks like happiness: a great place, a favorite family, the sea and the sun. Two hours flying like one minute. But we need to go further into the village Gythio to visit the small island cranaus, dinner and decide where we will spend the night today.

Gythio town is simply amazing, and if you want a relaxing and beautiful vacation, then you need to choose a place somewhere in the vicinity. Here we watched the tower of Zainozos (did not get inside, because everything was already closed) and the lighthouse.

I walked a little and decided that it was time to solve a question overnight. We have two options: to stay here, in hypio, or drive a couple of tens of kilometers to the capital of the Peninsula Mani, the city of Aeropoli, and swell there. Think best on the full stomach, so we went to the local tavern dinner.

Excellent cafe with Greek cuisine and democratic prices

Each options have their advantages: if we stay in hypio, you can walk in the evening along the most beautiful embankment, and if we go to Aeropoli, then you will save about 40 minutes to save about 40 minutes on the road, because in the plans we have a study of the peninsula mani with his fighting towers, caves and churches harsh maniots. We decide what we are going to Aeropoli, so that in the morning, to go first in the cave Dira, and then explore Mani.

In Aeropoli found nothing suitable, chosen Limeni town

The choice fell on the small town of Lyman as the hotel there is an order of magnitude cheaper and rating them above. Our house today – Small apartments Fivos Limeni for € 34 per large family room. We first searched for my hotel, and when they were not able to get inside, because everything was closed. But the most unpleasant thing is that mobile communications in the bay did not work and to call the hotel, it was necessary to look for a place where there are any signs of life vodafone or wind. While we rode around the town in search of a place where the phone works, the owner drove up and opened our home to us.

Our house today – Apartments Fivos Limeni

If you, like us? decide to travel in Greece in winter, then you will note that there is no central heating, and it’s quite cold at night.

This article was stolen from http: // poznamka.Ru.

If the number of the large area, then the air conditioner does not have time to warm it overnight and need an additional heater. True winter 2016-2017 was unusually cold for Greece, and probably in other years such a problem from happening.

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