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If you are not going to spend all vacation on the beach, and besides, it is not averse to get acquainted with the culture and nature of Sicily, then this project proposed by the TRIS operator. T for you.

Its essence is that the small beautiful old city of Nisoria, located at an altitude of 650 m, as if turned into a hotel, and you will live not in close hotel rooms, but in real Sicilian houses and apartments, which are converted to apartments with all Amenities. Pros – You can come with large families with children, friends, familiar and even animals, independently cook food from local environmental products or dinner in local restaurants with home cooking and amazing wine, so you immediately feel like a real Sicilian Don Carleone (in this place for color Hurray a good song "SPEAK SOFTLY LOVE" from "Great Father").

But the main thing is the unique location of the city in the center of the island – just one hour from Catania Airport and two hours from Palermo, which will allow without tedious movements to get acquainted with numerous attractions of Sicily. Just a 15-minute drive of the city of Assoro, which was founded in the thousandth year BC.e and ancient times exceeds even Rome. Assoro is located, like many other Sicilian cities, high on the mountain, specifically at an altitude of 850 m above sea level. It is clear that the ancient residents climbed so high in the mountains not in order to admire the wonderful views of the neighborhood – and the panorama from here is really impressive – and to protect the city from pirates.

San Leone’s Basilica, which is founded in the 12th century, Baroque Church of Santa Maria Deli Angeli, where Kapuchin Monastery was located and where a unique construction for collecting rainwater was preserved, and many other monuments. But what about italy! And we found in the city of the Cell of the Socialist Party. Apparently, the left moods are connected with the South Junitator of Italy Domenico Garibaldi hero is not quite positive, but rather, on the contrary – with it, the industrial north began to flourish, and the agricultural south – on the contrary.

After the cultural program in the Assoro does not hurt a bit of sharp sensations, so we go to Etna. Especially, if you relax in the east of Sicily, this mountain is constantly loyalty on the horizon and as if calling you – well, climb on me, climb, then you will regret. Or weak? No, not weak, then ahead.

Until the first point climb the mountain on the usual bus. If you’re lucky – on the way we can meet the fox, which goes on the road to put in front of the cameras and make money on the expectation. And rising to the height of 2000 meters. Think – spend another 60 euros and climb to the very top, to the places of the last eruptions or limit the inspection of old, long-frozen crater and former destruction. Rises? Then ahead and upwards for more than 1000 more than 1000 meters – first on the funicular, then on a special mountain bus, and as a result you are in the edge of the cold, fog, penetrating the wind, and the bus, disembarking you in this not too cozy place, leaves for a point where you will go down to which you still go and go. In general, fun. Pretty soon you are convincing that you are not dressed in the season that walking through the snow in the slippers is not very convenient that the fountains of some suspicious couple are constantly beaten, sometimes the wind flies and everything clouds fog, so you lose all Orientation, and in addition the instructor you wanted to ask if another eruption can start right now, somewhere mysteriously disappeared.

In general, the feeling if not extreme, then quite memorable when you return – it will tell. Well, after such shocks, it’s time to somehow cheer up, so we go to Sicilia Outlet Village – a whole city of famous Italian and world brands. Iitalian brands of the first row are presented almost everything, the others – smaller, there are still many not very well-known firms. But there are so many stores, and the prices in them at times and in some places are really acceptable, so without shopping from here you do not return.

On the way home in Nissoria, you can get acquainted with one of the Sicilian lakes, there are several of them, one natural, and the rest of artificial. Here Lake Nicoletti – it is artificial, even rather not a lake, but a reservoir, its area is 5 km², and the maximum depth of 25 meters. Outlooking the lake quite near Moscow, confuses only the mysterious design in the center of the lake, resembling a flower or a flying plate. And in fact – this is such a drain valve, as in the bathroom, so that it will rain when falling in the fall, water would not shivered through the dam.

Nisoria City-Hotel - Catania, Italy Blogs and travel notes of tourists for riding on tourist

On the lake there is a boat station, you can go skiing, and you can be afraid of the fish, which is very much. 10 kilographers carp, crucian, bleak, lin, there is a pike and black perch, but the fishermen on the shore is not observed. But the fact that freshwater fish in Sicily is not respected and considered weeds, and prefer her to the sea, even if it is grown in artificial hatcheries, which are not far from Palermo. These are the characteristics of the national fishing.

And now it’s time for the beach, and one of the best resorts in Sicily – it is, of course, the famous Taormina, located on the terrace of the mountain Monte Tauro between Messina and Catania.

Of course, in this incredibly beautiful and ancient city, founded in the 4th century BC, there is a full set of historical attractions to suit all tastes – Greek and Roman theaters and even a swimming pool for the gladiatorial sea battles, many medieval churches, monasteries and palaces with a rich history. In general, if you climb on funikulerchike in the old city and stroll through the narrow streets of its three main areas, you will be impressed, as if you were in a fairy tale or in the scenery of the historical film. But most importantly, noisy Taormina gives the impression of an incredibly cozy, lively, and very respectable city, this Mediterranean resort of world class from the old Hollywood film.

It seems to me that this city is a must visit at least once in a lifetime. Especially if you’re young and in love.

These are the travel you can take a few days. Over, in Sicily are many places left that can and should look – Catania, Palermo and Erice, etc. And if from Taormina’s drive to Messina, it is very close, you can take the ferry to cross the Messianic Strait, which, if you remember the school history, is guarded by two monsters Scylla and Charybdis, and then you find yourself in Calabria, which is famous for its clean beaches and which should see the wonderful town of Tropea, which is rightly called the Italian Saint-Tropez, or the town of Pizzo, which is famous for its ice cream, and even the Aragonese castle, which was executed by Joachim Murat, an associate of Napoleon and king Neopalya. But these we will tell you the next time.

Nisoria City-Hotel - Catania, Italy Blogs and travel notes of tourists for riding on tourist

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