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Beaches of Ayia Napa Protaras beaches are inferior in tacit ranking, but are on the list in front of the beaches of Larnaca. All the beaches of Ayia Napa received the "Blue Flag". This is an international award given for quality of service, clean water, safe beach.

Beach area "Nissi" also has a "blue flag". This beach, some even consider standard – soft fine sand and azure water.

The name of the coastal zone gave the island that connects to the sandy track that can go under water at high tide watch. It is at this point of the island are water activities and a place for diving.

The length of the Nissi Beach about two kilometers. Before sunset all bathed by dedicating her body sea. At dusk the rest go to the bars to relax, watch or participate in contests, often very "outspoken". Sea of ​​music makes dance on the sand cooled after the sun. Foam parties pass three times a week: on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Selection of entertainment places is wide and for every taste. Even for children "Nissi" is very convenient (during the daytime): safe and gentle water entering, small depth, clean fine sand for modeling. Wishing to warm in the sun on the famous coast a lot. In the morning there are still chances to take a place better.

Who prefers active vacation on the sea coast, can choose any type of entertainment presented on the beach on a rocky island. This riding on scooters, catamarans, Paragliding, "pills", water skiing, "banana" boats, and even diving and jumping into the water with steep cliffs (for high-risk).

Of course, the Nissi beach has vivid drawbacks. This is an abundance of algae in July and August, constant noise of rumbling music from bars, food in local institutions of low quality, in the summer season there are a lot of people.

But this is the shore where many wish to relax. Mostly, the beach is youth, and what you need young: music, hot drinks and entertainment moments.

How to get

Some hotels in Ayia Napa to Nissi Beach can be reached on foot, focus on Google maps.Maps.

From hotels in Ayia Naoup and Protarasa can be reached by taxi, but it is expensive. From Ayia Napa a trip will cost 4-8 euros, from Protaras – 12-18 euros. Read the details on our page "Taxi in Cyprus".

Much cheaper bypass travel on the local bus. The most convenient for tourists – routes 101 and 102. These buses followed along the hotel lanes of Protaras and Ayia Napa, stop at Nissi Beach. Nearest Stop to Nissi Beach – "Agias Theklas 1". Fare price 1.5 euro day (up to 21-00) and 2.5 euro in the evening (after 21-00). Read our article "Buses in Cyprus".

From other resorts you can come on a long-distance bus. NISI AVENUE 1, NISI AVENUE 1, arrives in Nisi Beach, come from Larnaca and Nicosia. From this stop to Nissi 5 minutes walk.

It is possible to rent a scooter that can be left on a free parking by the sea, and come to the famous coast.

Price policy

Although "Neissi" and the municipal zone, but they will have to pay here anyway. First, for the chaise lounge – 2.50 euros, as much as the umbrella. Alternatively (in order to save) – Take your towel and umbrella.

Secondly, for the use of the shower and the toilet will have to post 1 euro. You can save by going to the toilet to the nearest hotel, and suddenly they will not stop: cases have been.

Catamaran costs 12 euros, on the "banana" – 10 euros, flying on a parachute alone – 40 euros, together – 60 euros, threesome – 80 euros, riding on an inflatable boat half an hour costs 5 euros, an hour – 10 euros; together and threesome – 10 and 15 euros, respectively.

Ride on a sailboat half an hour – 15 euros, an hour – 20 euros. Eating here you can within 10 euros per person. Parking for cars near the beach is free and very comfortable.

Unexpected moments on the beach, which you should know

Nissi Beach Beach

– Arriving to Cyprus in July, August, risks to be in the sea with algae, generously swept in water. Starty and Nissi Beach.

– Be prepared (morally, of course) to see swimming and sunbathing topless on the sand. If you belong to the female part of the population and do not have complexes about your chest, you can follow the example of advanced youth. But be prepared to catch the views of holidaymakers: at least you will not be the first, but many will want to evaluate your charms.

– On the left side of the beach built Hotel Nissi Beach Resort. Behind him is a pedestrian walkway leading to Nissi Street. Here is a supermarket, and cafes and restaurants on this street.

– In the recreation zone "Nissi" is forbidden to come with dogs, breed fires, play football, litter and interfere with the rest of the pleasure of the Mediterranean Sea;

– Smoking on the beach can be, Cypriot laws do not prohibit this. Read the details in our article "Smoking in Cyprus";

– Use alcohol under the law is prohibited, because this is a public place. In fact, people here calmly drink beer or cocktails straight lying on sun loungers. Of course, if you start in a drunk "thump", then the police will cause. Details of the Rules of Control read in our article "Alcohol in Cyprus";

– If you like to swim, then Nissi is clearly not suitable. Everywhere finely, people too much;

– Some bars have free Wi-Fi. All Nissi Beach is located in the Cytanet Wireless Zone coverage area, which is very convenient. Read the details in our article "Internet in Cyprus";

– We want to warn girls. If you saw an attractive guy and want to meet, then be morally ready that he does not need orientation you need. Nissi Beach is very popular with gays.

If you are from 16 and to 50 (or maybe for 70, but in the soul, the desire for twenty years), then feel free to go having fun on Nissi. Who loves silence by the sea, look for a place in Cyprus quieter.

Have a good rest in Cyprus, and read on our site interesting articles about it (Links below).

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