No lottery! American citizenship for smart

Over the past 20 years, the United States confidently occupies one of the first time in the joint ventures of popular countries for emigration (according to research, the VTsIOM in 2018, the United States took 2nd place (7%), Germany (16%) occupies the first place) .

Most citizens do not even suspect about all the possibilities to move to the States for PMZ (investments in business, military service, through a student visa, through a working visa, through a visa for TV or scientists and.D.). According to ignorance, thousands of people are still trying to get in the United States with illegal ways (fictitious marriages are right away, in anticipation of amnesty, they ask for political asylums in the Mexican border, depict victims of moral or physical violence and T.D.) . In fact, ways to obtain citizenship are only two, on the right of birth and by naturalization.

With the first everything is quite simple. Every person, born to the territory of the states, with the exception of children of diplomatic personnel, may receive citizenship. This method is so popular with foreign citizens that the Americans have come up with their term "children-anchors", for children of those parents who are targeted to give birth.

Receive citizenship by naturalization is somewhat more difficult. First of all, absolutely everyone needs to get an identification card (visa, t.N. Green Card) confirming the presence of a residence permit in a person who is not a citizen . From the posts for this there are several.

Marriage with a citizen / resident of the country

To obtain a visa of this category, you need to officially register relationships with a citizen or a resident resident who have this status for at least 3 years . With a list of requirements for a potential fiance / bride (confirmed annual income from $ 20,000, an interview in the consulate, honey . about the review, visa of the groom / bride), when executing which marriage is allowed . After official registration, it is necessary to confirm the reality of the marriage, to interview in immigration service E and PRF to put evidence that can be: joint photos, videos, accounts, letters, documents for general property and everything that can somehow confirm Sincere and deep feelings of a couple. As a result of successful approval of all documents, documents can be submitted to the identification card (T.N. Green Card).

Ask for political asylum

E is suitable for those difficult situations in which a person is exposed to different kind of humiliation / persecution (political, national, racial, including questions of sexual minorities, moral or physical abuse and other reasons for which the return to their homeland is impossible). You can only get a refuge on the territory of the state. Version that you can see for him in the consulate / Representation in another country is a popular misconception. Refugee need to assist lawyers, in the formation of their case, as well as providing all evidence of the threat of persecution, health or life. After passing the interview, the documents are transferred to the immigration court, when making a positive decision, you can submit documents for a residence permit. A pleasant bonus will be permission to official employment during the first 6 months.

Investment in the country’s economy

It is one way to go through the procedure of naturalization, and the nvesting in the state economy . Potential investor must be submitted.N. Petition of a foreign entrepreneur. With a positive response, with the intelligence investment depends on the method of implementation (1 million., If this is an independent investment and from $ 500,000, if it is investment through the regional investment center). The main idea is that the investor becomes an employer and will provide the work of state citizens.

Visa for extraordinary personalities and scientists

Visa this category is suitable for scientific researchers, representatives of creative professions (actors, artists, musicians, designers, bloggers), laureates of the largest international bonuses in the field of science and art. The main one with a falsehood is to confirm its uniqueness, submitting evidence according to the established list:

The list is large enough, but in accordance with the rules and, for a positive answer, the presence of a minimum of three points. In case of success, the candidate receives a visa for 3 years, with the possibility of Just . And the pluses can be allocated: work permit, unlimited costs for extension, permission to translate the family, the need to confirm vocational education .

If there are no problems with the formation and experience of work, there is no high professional assessment, you can qualify for a working visa, get an invitation from the employer to work on an ongoing basis. PRSESSS obtaining such a visa to a greater extent depends on the employer itself and immigration service, T.To. To do this, must pass a special work certification. In addition, there is an annual quota for issuing such visas, which further reduces the chances of obtaining.

No lottery! American citizenship for smart

For religious figures

There is a special category of a working visa. It is issued to persons who can confirm their intentions to work in a religious organization. The list of requirements for this visa includes confirmation of the legal status of the organization and sponsorship certificate. The organization itself should be non-commercial, exempt from paying taxes to confirm the confession to the denomination over the past 2 years, until the filing of documents for a visa. Otherwise, the order of filing documents is almost no different from a working visa.

Visa for the same RTV PR espass

Witnesses and victims of action forbidden by US laws (trafficking, sexual violence, torture, slavery, blackmail, murder and t.NS.) affected morally or physically, can get a non-amgraduate visa, with the consent of the consensus . In connection with the possibility of conducting an investigation at a federal or staff level, the claims for a candidate are strictly regulated: it is necessary to obtain a certificate confirming involvement in the case, or the benefits of the authorities, the person should be physically located in the state of the state and 3 years and at the same time have an existing entry permit ). Nevertheless, there is a quota for issuing this type of visas, their number should not exceed 10,000 per year.

Reunion with family

Finally, in the twins separated in childhood, there is hope for reunion and new citizenship. Application for reunification with the nearest relatives can be made up to 15 years, success depends on the degree of kinship and the number of applications in the queue on this category . In this case, the submission of documents is engaged in the US Redevin, firing to reunite with his family. He must submit an appropriate petition, confirm his income as a sponsor and submit documents supporting relationship.

Unfortunately, the item of ignorance, thousands of people are still trying to get into the US illegally ways (enter into sham marriages, are illegal immigrants, awaiting amnesty seek asylum at the Mexican border, represent victims of moral or physical violence, etc.D.) .

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