No News, No Shoes – Maldives

Starting your story about Maldives, I can not remind the main thing – the location. They can be found on the world map in the Indian Ocean at the Equator. The most interesting thing is that they are there and are. This circumstance gives Maldives an important advantage: a soft and warm climate. Warm but not hot. The temperature ranges from 25 to 30 degrees during the year. Thus, the tourist going to rest in the Maldives does not risk die from 50-degree heat (last year dozens of people died in Spain from overheating), nor in imprisonment in their own room of the hotel, putting on all t-shirts on the road and climbing under the blanket. This also happened last summer in Italy, and in August, when the daily air temperature is slow, but rightly sank to 14 degrees.

So, you decided and flew to the Maldives. Exotic starts right at the airport that reminds the aircraft carrier. He is much more island of Hulhul, on which. Border guards and customs officers – the first, the last and, may be the only Maldives you will see for all the time of your stay on the islands. The fact is that the Maldives – the state is very distinctive and besides 100% Islamic, so the government has practically isolated the local population from "harmful" Influence of Western tourists. Hotels are located on the same islands, and the native villages on others. Any public transport between the islands does not walk, does not fly and does not swim. View each other, different peoples can only in the tiny capital of Male, and even that is not every day, but on specially allocated days for excursions

But back to the airport. Sigor customs officers are engaged in one thing – with the withdrawal of alcoholic beverages from coming. One of them did not know that in the Maldives a dry law, and someone knew and that is why I decided to risk. Assortment of varying peoples of drinks is small: Jin "Gordons" and gin "Bifiter". They are not necessarily withdrawn, and more accurate to be stored for a receipt, according to which the owners are returned on the way back. At the airport of tourists sort and send by boats and helicopters to the destination. The boat is preferable, because for less money you can make an unmatched sea, more precisely, the ocean walk between the islands. Especially strong impression produces a night journey. So many stars probably can only be seen from space.

Hours in two you arrive at your island. It is not yet visible, but already heard. Rhythms "Abba" and "Boni M" very well spread over the smooth surface of the ocean. On the island – disco. Later you will understand that the cultural program organized by the hotel workers in the evenings – harsh necessity. The same need is the mandatory three-time (less than two) food. Only the next morning you are aware of what situation was. You were not on a small island, but on the island of a tiny, which can be circumvented around the perimeter for five minutes. But it looks even better than on the advertising booklet, which you were shown in travel agency. Palm trees, sand color and emerald water of unusual transparency, not intense with sandy beaches on the continent. The secret lies in the sand. He is not quartz and, especially, not cement, and coral. Even with a storm, it remains on the bottom and does not mutit water.

Only one hotel, consisting of an administrative building, a dozen bungalow, where two dozen guests live, a couple of shops, restaurants and bar live on a tiny island. Dry law applies only to Maldives, foreign guests can enjoy any alcoholic beverages at Middle Eastern Prices at the Bar. It is for this reason that hotels are recruited from seasonal workers from Sri Lanka. Electricity and fresh water produces silent and smokeless diesel installation for each island. Money on the island not in the go. Nor dollars nor local ruffs. Everything is bought on non-cash payments. It is very convenient. Enough only in the store or restaurant sign an account. Pay for everything before leaving. Administration of the hotel you believes – without her knowledge from the island you can not go anywhere.

No News, No Shoes - Maldives

Now about the cultural program. Maldives – Paradise for Enthusiasts of Water Sports in the Lying Position. Possible for 500 dollars to pass a full course "Scuba diving" (scuba diving) and for 9 classes get a certificate comparable to significance (for connoisks) except with the University of Oxford Diploma. And you can not spend and do "Snokling" (swimming with a mask and tube). Your correspondent felt very cozy with glasses for the pool. All life in Maldives begins on the border of air and water. Each island surround coral gardens of extraordinary diversity and beauty. They are inhabited by hundreds of ocean fish, the names of which can be remembered by looking at the zoology textbook. Most of them have a parrot coloring. By the way, it is in the Maldives that the fish for European aquariums are caught. There are also shards, they can be fed up with their hands or stroking without feasible – parents in shallow water do not swim. In the local store it is worth buying disposable cameras and capture yourself in harmony with underwater nature.

The routine of the day on the island next. Breakfast – swimming around the island clockwise – lunch – swimming around the island counterclockwise – dinner – disco or bar. On the second or on the third day, you begin to think about the fact that Petersburg is not such a glible place, and colleagues and relatives are very cute people. On the fourth day you start to believe it. This means that it’s time to change the way of life. Options two (to the aircraft there are still a few days): an excursion to the capital Male, where you can look at government agencies, mosques, shops and market; and excursion to the islands. It continues all day and includes visits to the neighboring hotel and, most importantly, two islands with real natives. Natives live villages. One island – one village. Each island has a central square with a village council, a mosque and a telephone booth (communication happens on the radio). The indispensable attribute of each village is a school without windows and doors (as unnecessary). Pupils wear very stylish white shape. On the biggest island even a football field.

But back to imprisonment on the native island. It’s time to think about souvenirs. Corals collect and, moreover, export from the country – a criminal offense. Better buy t-shirt with the inscription "No News, No Shoes – Maldives". The slogan corresponds to reality. Shoes there – unnecessary excess, but not at all. Neither newspapers or television. Is that two radio stations broadcasting on the incomprehensible language of Dively.

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