Zakher, strudel and marzipan candies with a portrait of Mozart know all. They are beautiful and worthy of attention, but the experienced traveler can and boring. We recommend that during the next trip to Austria take risks to order on the sweet anything non-bank (and very satisfying!) – Notic, Hermbnelo or Kaisershmarren.

Nocheln (Salzburg Dumplings)

Air suflate with sauce.

Legend: The number one version explains the characteristic hilly form of a dessert by the presence in the center of Salzburg of three elevations (the correct dessert must be with three "hills"). Version number two about the fact that sweet golden peaks hint at the time of the dessert – the XVII century, when the city was actively built up by baroque buildings (Arch of the Cathedral, Resident and Cathedral Square, Long Gallery), and modern dessert could not be non-harr.

Air suflate with sauce

Ingredients: 4 eggs, 100 ml of cream 30-35%, 4 st. spoons sugar, 25 gr. Flour, Cedar of one lemon, vanilla (or vanilla sugar).

Recipe: 1 st. Sugar spoon heat on slow heat until it starts to melt. Add cream and stirring, bring to a slightly golden color. Leave in warm place. In a separate dish, whiskers beat with sugar to strong foam. In another dish, beat yolks with flour, vanilla and zest. Neatly interfer proteins in the main dough. Share cream in low (usually oval) ceramic shape with three portions-hills. Bake in preheated to 180 degrees oven 12-15 minutes (do not open in advance). Serve hot with a brusal sauce.

Where to try: restaurant Zwettler’s in Salzburg


Steam bun with berry stuffing, richly watered with vanilla sauce and sprinkled with crushed poppy.

Legend: The history of the birth of this dessert philological. GERN – Austrian "yeast", Knoedel – "lump" or "dumpling".

Ingredients: for dough: 250 gr. flour, 60 ml of milk, 25 gr. Cream oil, 1 yolk, 10 grams. yeast and 10 gr. Sugar, Sol. For sauce: a glass of milk, ½ cup of sugar (can be less), vanilla sugar or vanilla pod, yolk. For filling: 100 gr. Berry (usually blueberry) jam.

Recipe: knead the yeast dough, leave to climb in a warm place for an hour. Divide into several parts, roll out the cakes, put inside each filling (as in conventional pies), form a round bun and leave in a warm place to rise in half an hour. Prepare 15 minutes in a double boiler or cook in low dishes (rising slightly). Sauce is preparing immediately before serving: to lose yolk with sugar, add hot milk and, constantly stirring, bring to a boil. Cook a minute for thickening, remove from fire, add vanilla, cool a couple of minutes and pour hot buns, laid out each in your deep plate. Sprinkle with poppies, carved in a coffee grinder.


Where to try: Valeriehaus Restaurant in Shortgaste


Thick air pancake

Legend: The well-known version of the dessert occurrence: during the hunt Kaiser Franz Joseph asked for something to eat something in a shepherd hut. The shepherd (KASER) of cakes is very thick damn, even during cooking cut it into pieces, and it has been placed with simple plum jam (the dish was called Kaserschmarren). Franz Joseph was very hungry, the treat estimated extremely highly and immediately renamed him in his honor. There is a less common version: Personal chef Empress Elizabeth once surprised the customer with a combination of lush mistlette dough and plum, received a comment "Das Ist Schmarren" ("this is bullshit"), but the face of the high bosses expressed the opposite, so the dessert arrived in the family, and then in the people.

With plum jam

Ingredients: 4 Eggs, 250 ml of milk, 160 gr. flour, 1 st. spoon sugar, 50 gr. butter (for frying), handful of raisins, salt.

Recipe: Beat the proteins separately from yolks. Mix yolks, milk, flour, sugar and salt and beat, mix with squirrels. Melt the creamy oil on a small pan, pour the dough and sprinkle the surface raisin. Slightly "Touched" damn divide into four parts and turn over. Then a spoon to quickly divide the quarters on uneven pieces, fry a couple more minutes, carefully stirring. Stay on the plate, sprinkle with powdered sugar, suck with plum jam.


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