Non-notes in India

Day One – Shock: Airplane Moscow Bombay. Flight was quite fascinating. Flew with students doctors – Hindu from all over Russia. They are on vacation «resort». Even at the airport met with two cute guy who spoke well and scratching me 8 hours flight. The spiritual Muscovite was sitting nearby, who probably from the most kind motivations, told me that a woman traveling alone in India is considered a fallen woman. How I thought I completely forgot this phrase….
Arriving in Bombay to the train I had six hours and I decided to wait for their airport. Sat down and sit studied Anglo – Russian phrasebook. At the same time looking for things for my new aircraft friend who, as he said, went to look for his brother . With his things I spent about an hour and a half, and absolutely not soaring this – I’m still sitting. Probably with his long-term seats, I attracted the guardians of law enforcement, which called the representative of Aeroflot . Thank God, he spoke Russian . He says , «What are you sitting on the railway station, and things are whose things ?» And answer «Not mine, and that guy». He was certainly shocked by such naivety, and told many stories about terrorists and bombs in suitcases, especially probably it concerned, alcohol from Duti Frei;)
And we went to this cart in luggage than they were attracted. Hindus is a very inquisitive people, they give me a reason, there is a handful of a handful around you and will walk on the heels, vyoloi, Toli for advice 🙂
Luggage passed I’m a little tormenting conscience in front of the boy, walked on a taxi. Taxis was state, and air conditioning, it is cool, and safe .
Here, probably my first acquaintance with India. I opened the window and tried to photograph everything that was passing by me: Palm trees, Rickshaw, People, Mountains.

Generally dirt and garbage on the streets of India, this is a separate conversation. For me it was a shock . Except that they literally reach all the streets, they still stink and attract all his livelihoods and people that are not sick.
July – Rainy Season. Rain can start at any time, shed a wall – 10 minutes and also quickly end. About the rain is not accidental, water gives these rotting a special fragrance !

Arriving at the local station, I experienced shock number 2. Seeing where I have to see four hours. I quietly snuck up to Perron and sat down.
But not to attract attention I still failed . During this year, almost no Europeans in India. And especially women traveling alone. The village cringed, covering her naked, not on Indian, the hands of the Palantine . So and promoted 3 hours.

Then he decided to check his ticket, and for some reason his appearance (printer printed) seemed suspicious to me, and I decided to call the tour and ask, «And can change it to normal»
I was told that the phones are there on every corner, yellow such. I found the phone quickly, no one answered in Moscow. But there was a good rickshaw, who said he would help me. And we went ….
While we drove I gramually began to worry and nervous, as we went to the city, and the view of this Crazy city, scared me again. In the future, I always called Bombay – Crazy – City, and how else.
And then I remembered about the representative of Aeroflot, who gave me his phone just in case. The case was just a suitable. I said to stop the driver, because at all I did not understand where he was lucky and my former concern began to grow into panic and fear that I began to literally envelop, I was stuffy and thoughts gone like crazy. He realizing that the client is panic, finally declared his taxi, for the fact that he will finally help me, allegedly change the ticket and brings to the train. I feel that this is the best output at that moment, seeing three times an overwhelmed dachum, I agree and he luckies me to the phone. Sunil, a representative of Aeroflot, once again gone on me (and was shocked from that I went somewhere) . I’m almost crying, asked him to say to this Ricksha, so that he would take me back .

In short, there was a fraud – Fraud with money. It is long to describe for a long time, and no longer interesting . In short, everything ended so . This friend Ricksha brought me to the same platform, with the same ticket, just cost me 6 times more expensive than the usual taxi trip.
Later, analyzing, I understood that the feeling of deceivacy, fear and panic was not because I lost money . And in the fact that it is so fast and unexpectedly – it turned out to be in reality. In someone else’s country, one, without language, without knowledge of laws and customs.
Honestly scared . And when I already got to the train, which another hour was standing on the platform, and almost a half days I did not let go of fear, fear for my life.
This is what India met me, and I did not see anything mysterious, mysterious and beautiful in this dirt.
And how did my former boss say «The main thing at that moment, do not make any decision about yourself !», and add about India 🙂
The train got acquainted with «decent» Hindu, Father and Son. They drove into the same city as I, and I asked for help at the station on arrival, as I was very worried that I would not meet me.
So it turned out, we arrived and I did everything out among people, a person with a sign and his name . It was already dark. Our train came to a large station, on the platform from which even the station was not visible. Mattled. At Perrons, the Hindes with Kotomoki ran, the lanterns burned, and I did not see anyone, at least someone like I’m looking for.
My travelers gathered to leave, I clung to them with a doomed view and caused «Help Mi, pliz». At the station, they called my clinic and until they said, Mural approached (as I later learned, the driver of the clinic) he modestly approached and unfolded twice the paper sheet on which it was written «Bryzgalova Tatyana». When I saw him, I almost rushed to his neck, so I was happy because the first time for three days I felt safe 🙂

Dr. Franklin’s Clinic:
Everything connected directly with the clinic, caused me only good impressions. Starting from my house and ending with daily procedures and regular smiles of personnel who were in a hurry to help at your first request .
All that happened behind the doors of massage rooms was cool. Daily massage with legs, hands, dumping with warm oils, masks on the body and face in short, all the cavities in which can be lined with oil, they were busy. It was everywhere and even better from it;) I lived in a small house at first, and then moved to a large room with air conditioning and a large hot water bath. In general, in the heat of hot water like and not needed . But during these unobtrusive procedures, the body becomes especially sensitive to cold floors, loud music and the same asks heat in the form of a hot soul.
Food: the food of course the whole vegetarian, without oil almost (it was enough for procedures) without salt (the spices cast her absence) and there was no sweet . For me it was a small problem, and in the last week, without seeing nothing wrong with it: 🙂 I began to taste the local chocolate :). In this regard, my breakfast was invented for me . Tea (Masala, Herbal, nor what are you black) with milk, toasts with butter and honey (I always asked more Hanni 🙂 Mandatory juice mango, fruit salad !
Then I immediately went on a massage, and my big breakfast bouffrox in the stomach, which caused the smile of my masseuse .
I am accustomed to sweets and mama stew vegetables, nor how could not fit this meal. The incredible set of dishes blended (our waiter was a little surprised that the Russian eats so much 🙂
I have long noticed and until I want to do anything about it, in moments of joy sick my friend always is food, here I am «honest» all that is not falling, your many numerical emotions, the first impressions of India and much more .
It was true putting a hand on the heart and violation of the regime. A couple of times we all went to Kovalama Beach and fished there. Very tasty, well, very !
So it was until last days. Subsequent events beat off for some time a desire is in general. (about this later)

Non-notes in India

People :
In general, my short dealing experience with the Hindu showed me that this is mostly an open people who are not spoiled by the West, with persistent traditions and concepts. There are of course those who, by virtue of (probably) poverty – steal, poor Russian girls;), but again do it with a smile.
In the train I was accompanied by several families who quietly looked at me. After the day of mine «water water» They offered sandwiches, were courteous and polite.
Clinic staff is a separate conversation. It was possible to walk and constantly smile. Because they always smiled, at least a little touching you with a look.
People, on the street only envy you from far away, looked at you, and the kids joyfully poke your finger in you. Generally a white girl, one, at this time of the year it is really sharpness.
When I went to India, I was already alert alert. I was warned about theft on the streets, trains and airports that you always need to bargain because the price is overestimated at 2 or more times. And this has formed distrust in me. Now recalled the faces of the people who I met with whom I had to communicate, I can say with confidence that I did not approach the understanding of them as a gram. This people live with something with their own, than what was laid in them very – very long ago. They have other values ​​and think they are as Europeans. But absolutely exactly what I could feel – These are their hearts. They sincerely rejoice, they are ready to support and live with simple truths.
In the difficult moments of my trip, people are in no way connected with the SMU, few familiar, turned out to be near, helped morally and not only.

History: During the time I was in the clinic, I was infrequently able to leave and explore local attractions. Later in the guide I saw what many beautiful places are in India. I could not visit everything, but something I saw. Together with Chantal (my french friend) We were at the southernmost point of India – Kanyakumari. This is a fusion place of three waters. Indian Ocean, Arab Sea and Bengal Bay. Not far from the coast, there is a huge memorial (I do not remember who) and the grot statue of the Indian writer.
On the way to the south we visited the temples. Them in india set. I usually didn’t like them to be, the air in them is an innumerable, heavy, and the height of the ceilings oppressed me. It also seems to me that the energy in them is heavy, graceful.
The only temple in which I liked, is the temple of three gods. One of them was Shiva. Huge construction, high ceilings, pompousness. We fell to the celebration of something, and I was given «Magic powder» 🙂 which I then smeared in the third eye – In general, I brightened 🙂 I read everything else about the history of India later, in the guidebook;))

Mystic: Want to believe, but you want no 🙂 ….
All this train for me was a huge event, testing my strength and this very mystic accompanied all over the way. Start with the fact that I was going to go at all in another place. To one spiritual master of enlightenment, notice for 100% :)) While I was preparing in this action, different things happened. Everything turned out from the second time, everything is not just. Then the money was lost, then people who needed something to pass, my fellow traveler did not give a visa at all – it’s just nonsense for india., And the day before I was to pay for payment for this seminar I dawned on me that I did not want to go there. I was more common because I listened to my intuition, and then it was sick, I didn’t want to go anywhere in addition to India! Moreover, the visa was open and tickets were bought and were irrevocable. And I decided that I was going. But where?
My girlfriend, who excused this country along and across, advised to go to the Ayurvedic clinic. At this time, the season for all kinds of procedures, tourists little and the price is very acceptable – rain season.
Air in this country is impregnated with something special. After the trip, I realized that the atmosphere itself has to naturalness and connects you with you.
So probably it was with me. On the first night as soon as I met Spaniard Jose. I had a dream. In which I saw his two past lives. Of course not all, only passages. In which I was present too, but in another reason.
The next day I had a dream that I was lying in an Indian hospital. And look in the chamber. At the same time I am glad and careless.
Dreams turned out to be in hand. First because I seemed to meet my family – So they were pleasant to me and close. And the second because for three days before the departure, I really went to the local hospital, and after 12 hours of pain in the stomach, without consequences were discharged.
In general, all this poisoning was very strange. I had a dozen versions from what it was all, well, for sure not because of the unfortunate chocolate, which I ate;))))
The universe loves me and everything ended very well!

I am incredibly glad that I visited this country. I dream that next time I can travel more, ride a lot of states, with a reliable person, can be a guide.
India is amazing also by the fact that the value of the journey after time is still increasing.
For me, this country has become a discovery, made it possible to learn more about himself and the world, in it I met wonderful people from all over the world, it was connected to it…
Short …This country is natural, here you can understand a lot about the world, people and herself.

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