Non-obvious aircraft services

Flight attendants, as a rule, try to fulfill the requests of passengers, so do not hesitate to ask for the following things.

Transplanting you more convenient

If you are separated with your companion or child and this problem failed to decide during registration, you can contact the stewards with a request to transplant you if there are free space. This is easier than to negotiate directly with passengers.

Raise your things on the shelf

Of course, it is worth requesting mesh flight attendants.

Additional portion of food

As a rule, food sets are ordered more than needed, besides, someone from customers may refuse their portion. If additives wants, most likely you will not refuse.

Excess glass of juice or water

For a typical question: "You have juice or water?»You can safely answer: both. Or ask to give you the whole jar of soda, and not pour a part into a mug. There are no restrictions on the number of beverages, intended for the passenger. Even if the distribution of beverages is over, you can go to flight attendants and ask for a cup of water. Sometimes they leave water in open access – for example, in the tail of the aircraft.

Pillow, plaid or blanket

On long flights, these amenities are likely to provide without a request, but if you suddenly wanted to build comfort in a short flight, most likely the plaid for you.

Sit with the child

If you fly with a small child together and you need to go to the toilet, you can always call the stewardess so that it replaced you for five minutes.

Heat the baby bottle

You can also ask for water for the preparation of baby food.

Render medical care

Give you a pill from headache or another. On board there is always a first-aid kit, if you need more serious assistance, flight attendants will search for doctors among passengers.

Go to the cockpit of pilots

Officially extraneous to let the cabin is prohibited. But you, if you, please contact flight attendants, told about your love for aviation and this aircraft in particular, then maybe you will be allowed after landing when all passengers come out. It all depends on the human factor.


Many airlines for free offer entertainment on board: you can watch movies, read magazines, listen to music and radio. However, these options are non-obvious, sometimes over the player or newspaper should contact the flight attendant. From April 1 of this year on Transaero airlines, equipped with monitors, you can watch the video course "fly without fear".

Alcohol in business class

Number limited only by your capabilities.

Free options

The rare air passenger knows about the full set of services and options on board during flight. Meanwhile, many things you can get free if you book in advance. The following possible options are available.

Comfortable spot

Already when booking a ticket, you can choose the location of the chair: by the window or the passage. Online registration, which begins usually 24 hours before the flight, allows you to reserve a specific place in the Scheme: This is especially important if you fly with your family or company and do not want to be in different parts of the cabin. As a rule, this option is free, but some places will be unavailable for booking – this is a reserve of places for disabled people, people with babies or preferred passengers.

Dietary, Kosher, Vegetarian, Fruit, Baby – Many options. Airlines accept the order no later than 36-24 hours before departure.

Brick cradle

Children under two years can travel without a place, and on many flights they are provided with separate cradle. British Airways has also a sedentary place for a child who is attached to the wall in the first row. Reserve cradle need no later than 24 hours before departure. Immediately, how to boost, remind the stewards that you need cradle: it happens that they are on board only two (due to the feature of the attachment on the wall of the first row) and you may not be enough, despite the pre-order.

Paid services

Airlines are largely earned due to paid additional services. The demand for them is growing, especially among American air passengers who used to appreciate the comfort. Perhaps some of these options will be useful for you.

Place to choose from

Non-obvious aircraft services

In some companies, booking a specific chair in the cabin – paid service. For example, British Airways hinting at Overbooking, offers a pre-reserve a place in the cabin: the price for the usual place from € 6 on Europe flights and from € 30 for longer flights. This is especially true if you fly the family and want to be together if you are a couple and prefer places for two or if you are afraid to fly and dream of sitting away from the windows.

Enhance class of comfort

If there are free space in the business class in the plane, you can pay extra at the registration stage and fly with great comfort. The price depends on the distance, you can find out the airline employees. Children flying with you are provided discounts.

Space for foot

Many airlines sell passengers from emergency exits having a greater foot space. This may be invaluable if you are waiting for a long flight. The cost of the service fluctuates from € 25 to € 70, depending on the airline and the duration of the flight. Place you can buy when registering on the flight. For passengers using the privileges of gold, silver and platinum levels, the option may be free. Some passengers – disabled, children, too full passengers – can not buy a place of emergency exit by safety rules.

Internet and phone

Many Western airlines and some Russian (for example, Aeroflot) provide the ability to call calls, send messages and use the Internet on board after takeoff and before the start of landing. Payment may depend on time, from traffic or miles, as well as from the gadget: the phone costs cheaper than the laptop. Rates are different: for example, Lufthansa – € 10,90-19.95, and call from the side phone Sky Phone worth $ 9.95.


When booking a ticket, you may be offered insurance, which guarantees the right to compensate in the event of a flight delay, the impossibility of traveling, damaged / loss / luggage delays, medical expenses related to the incidents at the airport and on the aircraft, and insure accidents. Aeroflot has such an option worth 300 rubles., And perhaps you should pay to feel more protected.

Animal interior

You can take a pet plane – a cat or a small dog, placing the animal in a cage. The cost of services and conditions of transport are different. For example: British Airways permits to take a pets in the salon weighing up to 6 kg and takes out € 125. On the rules of the pass of animals, read here.

Getting rid of Aerofobia

Many companies – for example, Lufthansa, Transaero, British Airways – conduct courses and trainings for air passengers day to flight or immediately before departure. In Sheremetyev, last year there was a center for pre-flight psychological assistance to passengers at the airport "fly without fear".

Comfortable aircraft

Airlines have special aircraft: high comfort with a variety of passenger options. For example, the world’s largest civilian aircraft A380 Airlines Air France is large chairs with individual screens, bar even for economy class, drinks and snacks throughout the flight, chat for dating passengers, a large selection of movies and music and much more. So in choosing can be repelled not only from flight, but also on the degree of comfort of the aircraft.


Airlines today provide a lot of paid options: from separate coupe in premium-class to shower cabins and fully folding chairs. Not to mention the possibility to order vintage wines, champagne and candy. The range of services directly depends on the price of the ticket and service class.

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