Non-obvious train services

You can buy a ticket cheaper if you do it in advance. Many railway companies, including Russian Railways, there is a principle of dynamic pricing: the price depends on the season, the demand and availability of free places. It gives a chance to buy a ticket to the coupe for 60-45 days almost at the price of the depositary.

Toilet at train stations for passengers – free

If you have a ticket with you, you should not charge for visiting toilets along the route of the train. Check with "Rules for the provision of passenger transportation services. ".

Selection of places in the car

At the stage of buying a ticket, you can ask the cashier to choose the most comfortable place for you. It is worth a pre-view a wagon scheme to be away from the toilet, and go on the side, bottom, the upper shelf – who like. People of great growth will be uncomfortable on shortened shelves at the beginning and end of the car (usually 1 and 2, 35 and 36 places). Remember that some coupe may be emergency (often 3rd and 6th): open the window will not work.

Enhance class of comfort

During the landing on the train, you can change the service class at a higher with a surcharge with free places.

Early departure

You can go on an earlier train without any surcharge in the presence of free places.

Child is free

Children up to five years on "Russian Railways" trains are for free if you do not occupy an additional place. From five to ten years a children’s tariff. Foreign companies, as a rule, children up to four to six years also go for free

Right to stop

Each passenger "Russian Railways" has the right to make a stop with the extension of the ticket no more than ten days. Stop item must be stored at the station administration within four hours from the arrival of the train. For further pass, you will have to pay the cost of the reserimar (fee for the use of the car).

Disease delay

If you get sick on the road, the ticket does not burn: you can go to any station, get medical assistance and referred to your ticket to a later date.

Return money

If you are canceled or a delay in sending a train, you must return the full cost per ticket regardless of the return time.

The right to be late

If you are late for a train, within 12 hours you can go on the other, paying ourselves only the cost of the reserimar. In case of illness or accident, you can leave for five days or get back the fare minus the cost of the placentar. If you are behind the train, the luggage will wait for you on the next station to the foundation bureau.

Right to ride without clothes

If you drive in a reserved seat in the afternoon or want to sleep only in your own sleeping bag, you have the full right to refuse bed linen. Russian Railways are trying to impose this service, incorporating the cost of linen in the ticket price. However, by law, passengers of a second-class car can refuse to pay for this service at the time of purchase of the ticket at the checkout. Keep in mind: If you have not taken underwear, you will be banned using a blanket, a pillow and a mattress, referring to sanitary standards.

Discount on group ticket

If you are driving a group of ten people, ticket discount can reach 40%. Depends on the season and size of the group.

Hand clashes weighing up to 36 kg and up to 180 cm over the sum of three dimensions in the "Russian Railways" carriage, in St.- to 50 kg. Additionally, you can carry skis, sticks, fishing rods and other things no more than 100 cm over the sum of three dimensions. In hand baggings you can carry baby carriages, kayaks, bicycles without a motor disassembled and packed.

The term "placentar" comes from the German Platz-Karte: Platz – "place", Karte – "ticket", literally means "Place for Place". The placentar is included in the ticket price, which also consists of the cost of transportation (money for the fact that the train rides) and other services, including bed linen. The cost of the reserved sector depends on the category of the car and maintenance, the money goes the owner of the car for the preparation of the flight and the service of the carriage.

What to ask for the conductor?

Several non-obvious nuances in communicating with the conductor.

You can ask for a bed, and you should not pass underwear – this is the duty of the conductor. The conductor is obliged to help store the bed of disabled, older people, pregnant women, passengers with children. In branded cars, the upper shelves are usually covered.

Require a seat belt if you or your baby sleep on the top shelf. On the answer "Not available", ask for search in adjacent cars or by the train.

Glass and spoon you must provide for free, even if you don’t buy tea.

Board games (checkers, chess, domino) are also included in the ticket price.

The conductor can ask for a set of threads, needles, objects of clothing and shoes, as well as medicines. No fee should be charged.

DJ mobile phone can be charged free, but de facto conductor asks from 50 rubles. Otherwise – toilet socket.

Another lottery: ask for a guide to put the products in the refrigerator or heat something in the microwave. In the corporate train, you will most likely meet, everything depends on the human factor in the usual, but it is worth trying.

Fresh press and sanitary-hygienic set (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, wet napkin for hands, napkin for shoes) enter a free set of branded trains.

Non-obvious train services

The conductor must ensure compliance with the rules of the behavior of citizens in railway transport ". If your neighbors squeeze alcoholic drinks, are in a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication, littoch, violate your peace, you have the right to demand the conductor to intervene.

Additional services

Order Food from the Vagon-Restaurant in the coupe.

Ticket to Credit. Passengers from 21 to 62 years old can buy a ticket on credit through East Express Bank. Interest for the use of a credit card is not charged within 56 days.

Taxi order for train. The service is free, it is possible, in particular, in St. Petersburg and Moscow, you only pay for a taxi.

Wi-Fi: Some trains can connect to the Internet. "Russian Railways" this service is still taking test mode.

Car with me. Some companies, including Russian Railways, sell tickets for the car and its owner. For example, trains with auto blogs go from Leningrad Station to Helsinki. Journey can be continued by recreated to the train of Finnish Railways VR (and rearing, for example, to ski resorts). Another option: Cross the ferry in Stockholm, Tallinn,

Travenda – "Russian Railways" sell ready-made packages "train plus ferry" for car enthusiasts.

European trains can be bought with extra charge 300 rubles. The federal passenger company (subsidiary of Russian Railways). It is convenient if you are too lazy to deal with yourself and order a ticket online. In assortment 28 countries.

Children’s gaming room. In some trains there is a free playground for children – for example, by the train "Allegro", running between St. Petersburg and Helsinki.

Protect the animal at an additional cost. Small animals and birds ride in boxes, baskets, cells, containers in place for hand luggage. Large dogs can be transported in a muzzle and with a leash in a compartment, buying out all the places (no extra charge). Read more about the rules of transport of animals Read here.

Features of foreign trains

A ticket for a night train in Europe does not always guarantee a sleeping place. Make sure you booked a bed in a sleeping or lying car. On folding seating places, riding the cheapest, but not more comfortable.

If you are planning a large check in Europe by train, it is beneficial to use travel – for example, Euraail or Interrail. Departing after 19:00 and arriving after 4:00 am, you save money – the day of departure is not counted, and you have an extra day of travel.

On foreign trains, their standards are baggage, for a bicycle or an animal, it may be necessary to book a place.

European railway companies sell integrated tickets, including not only the passage, but also a sightseeing tour, visiting the museum, boating on the river and much more. Such a finished tour allows you to save and better know the city. (See Austria, Spain, France).

First class tickets in Europe include breakfast, complimentary drinks, fresh newspapers, video, audio parts, the ability to connect a laptop and access the Internet, free parking at train stations. If you want to save, choose the second class.

So far, only abroad can be selected from the "Silence zone": there you will not interfere with phone calls and conversations of neighbors.

Non-obvious train services

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