Nong Nuch Tropical Park

Thanks to the gracious tropical climate of Thailand, 17 kilometers from the city of Pattaya was created by the park Nong Nuc, he is the orchid garden, in a huge territory – Approximately six hundred acres or about 240 hectares. He invariably attracts crowds of tourists of many nationalities.

The park is named after his creator of Mrs. Nong Nauch, which gathered a diverse and largest collection of beautiful plants, colors and trees in the world. Many works and worries are invested in this corner of the earthly paradise. The park is listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

Green treasury Park

Orchida Garden itself – This is a greenhouse, which occupies only a small part of the park. It supports hot and humid microclimate, and hundreds of beautiful orchids are growing in shape and coloring. Orchids are like people – Behind them just need to care and love. It says Thai gardeners.

Rare ferns, bonsai trees, different types of palm trees and many flower and flowers, among which are small and large sculptures in many many and large sculptures: mythical creatures, animal figures, laughing babies, birds, and even insects. There are images of Panda, flocks of flamingos and multicolored ants.

Variety of landscape design

Winding paths or direct, as a ruler, tracks connect a variety of park zones, and visitors, as if by magic, fall from one wonderful place to another.

Park design made in different styles. You can admire the immense panorama, rising by bridges on a high viewing area. From there opens a truly magnificent spectacle. Many copies of Buddhist stamps collected from all over Thailand – Graceful, dazzling white pyramids of different forms, crazy with the hands of skillful masters, are tiers on the slopes of the hills.

Here is your Versailles, where the alleys of the decorated rectangles and shrubs are decorated with stone vases, balls, elegant statues. This place is obscured by a high curtain of greenery and cone-shaped trees.

Garden to the English manner consists of geometrically exactly trimmed bushes – green triangles, balls and rhombuses, the center of which is the jet of stone blocks, a copy of Stonehenge, an archaeological monument in England.

There is a garden of unusual facilities from clay flower pots, for example, an arc in the form of a heart, a car in which you can sit and take a picture, the figure of an elephant.

Nong Nuch Tropical Park

In the garden of cacti grow amazing creatures of nature, similar to needle animals or huge spiny watermelons, the most bizarre forms and sizes, from tiny to gigantic.

Entertainment in Nong Nuch

But not only by the plants and unusual structures are famous Nong Nuch. Guests have developed a whole entertainment program. In the lake there is feeding arapaima, giant freshwater fish, the individuals of which grow up to four or more. Tourists can see the colorful national dance show, Thai boxing, show elephants, where you can see how kids-elephants and adult elephants are dancing, playing the ball, in darts, ride bicycles. You can even see the artists-elephants writing their paintings. Need to sit in the first row to feed the elephant stretching the trunk for the delicacy.

One of the popular spectacles that children especially love is a zoo. Guests buy themselves and offer pony feed, goat and deer. Here you can admire the peacocks, turtles and snakes.

There is one place in the park that no man will miss. This is a big garage, where the son of the creator of Park Campon Tanzak is collected by an amazing collection of expensive cars. Sports, SUVs, small bright cars… Many cars are considered exclusive.

Excursion to Orchid Park – One of the most interesting and colorful, for which it is better to spend a whole day of precious tourist time. For inspection of this unique place, it is better to wear comfortable clothes, easy shoes and use the services of a Russian-speaking guide, which could tell you more and show all the beauty and wonderful places of Nong Nuch Park.

Nong Nuch Tropical Park

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