Nordfjord (Nur Fjord)

Nordfjord region (or Nur Fjord, translated from NORDFJORD ; North Fjord) is officially part of the Sognefjord region (although it is much closer here and easier to get from the northern fjords ; Guerangerfjord and Olessen).

From the point of view of travel, Nordfjord can be divided into two parts ; Glacier and coastline. From the side of the mainland, the fjord rests in the greatest glacier in Europe, drawing gorgeous pictures in the form of bright turquoise glacier lakes on the background of snow-covered glacial vertices. To the ocean, the fjord comes out in the region of the island of Vogsiy and the Peninsula Stadeland, who pleases the eye by endless rocky landscapes. The region of glaciers and the coast shares 100 kilometers, the main road is laid along the fjord and in itself is a landmark.

Nordfjord is so beautiful and self-sufficient that it can be easily spent on a week-other, combining the area of ​​glaciers with travel to the ocean.

Do not miss on Nordfjord

  • If you are traveling without a car, rent a bike!
  • Make a couple of stops along the Ice Lake Lovatnet, to admire the views and explore the old abandoned farm.
  • Take a kayak or boat and walk on the lake lifting.
  • Come at all close to one of the glaciers in the region and feel the cold breath of ice beauties.
  • Try yourself to endurance, rising high in the mountains, to the picturesque top of the Skola Mountain (Skåla).
  • If you want unusual adventures, go through the blue ice, accompanied by experienced guides or climb on the spectacular climbing route ; Via Ferrata Loen.
  • If you want more ; Comfortable ; Adventures, climb on the hanging road to the top of the Hoven Mountain (Hoven), which opens a chic view of the fjord and ride on New Zip Laen.
  • Ride on skis! (even in summer)
  • Make a couple of cognitive stops on the way to the ocean ; In the Museum of the Peoples of Nordfjord and in the center of Vikings Sagastad (Sagastad).
  • Admire the delightful landscape of the Norwegian waist-keeper, visit the island’s atmospheric beacons and visit the ancient Monastery of Selia (Selja).
  • Spend a couple of days by the ocean, surfing, yoga, riding a bike, walking or just relaxing with a book to the music of the ocean.

Glacier district

The tourist center of the area of ​​the Glaciers Nur Fjord is Strin. It is Strin and located nearby villages most often associated with Nord-Fjord himself, since it is in this part of the fjord that his unique attractions are located ; Glacial lakes.

Glacial lakes

Lakes in Norway call ; Watnet ;, t.E. Translated from Norwegian ; water ;. Lake Norfjord is famous thanks to the most beautiful and turquoise color, which can be seen in many photos of Nur Fjord. Local lakes are owned by the local lakes, the melt water of which contains small light particles (like sand or sludge), which, in fact, and painting water in turquoise color. Not far from the town of Strin, the tourist center of the region, such lakes three ; Lovatnet (LovatNet), Oldevatnet (OldevatNet) and Oppsvatnet (OppstrynsvatNet). All three are at a distance of bicycle or car walk from Strin. Next to each of the lakes are tiny villages of Laen, Olden and Hylene, each of which can be found hotels, guesthouses and campgrounds. On the shore of Oldevatnets, quite a lot of apartments and guest houses are rented, this territory is more rolling, unlike the shores of Lake Links ; With the exception of a couple of campgrounds, the coast lifts absolutely deserted.


Lives and Oldenzatnets go to the Kjenndalsbreen glaciers and Brixdal (Briksdal), both of which are the sleeves of the legendary glacier Jostedal (Jostedalsbreen) ; The biggest glacier of Europe. It is quite close to both Sleeves of Yostyadal, but to go on ice in this part of the glacier is prohibited. Therefore, the walks along the blue ice are organized by the Tistigbrier glacier (Tystigbreen), which fills the water of Lake Opprossvatny. Daytime tours can be bought in any of the info centers, tour offices, boarding houses or hotels in the region.

Mount Skola

In order to get to the top of the Skola mountain (Skåla), towering over Loen will need about 4 hours, the whole tracking, along with the return, will take about 6-8 hours, so select the adventure full day and reserve water and warm clothing. The height of the mountain is 1800 meters above sea level, you can conquer it only in the summer season (June ; September). High complexity level ; Middle, pass the route will not be much difficult, as almost the entire route ; It is literally a path. Final part of the route ; Mounted in 2009 Rocky trail with steps from stones. On the top of the mountain ; Long narrow plateau with a stone tower built at the end of the 19th century and an incredible view of the fjord and a glacier Jostedal.

Start route ; Approximately 2 km from Loen (see the map). To Laena from Strin can be reached by local bus (about 15 minutes).

Suspended road Loen

Open recently (in 2017) Loen’s suspension road with the eloquent name Loen Skylift (lifting to the sky), became one of the most interesting architectural projects of Norway. In just 5 minutes, the suspension cable road raises you to the top of the Hoven Mountain (Hoven), from where pedestrian trails are laid and ski descents. Ticket price 520 NOK (back-trip), day passes are also offered for skiers in the winter season.

Not far from the suspension road on top of the mountain, a unique zip-line was held, which opens in the summer of 2018.

Nordfjord (Nur Fjord)

Via Ferrata Loen

Via Ferrata Loen (Iron Trail) ; Unique climbing trail, laid by rocky mountain slopes to the top of the Hoven Mountain. In essence, the trail is a steel cable to which rock climbers will be attached, rising to the top. Experienced climbers with their equipment, of course, can pass the path themselves. Newcomers definitely need guide. Even those who have never tried themselves in climbing, but are in good physical shape, they will be able to overcome this route. The route also has a long suspension bridge and zip-line (optional). Scroll of acute sensations on the suspension road. Total route duration ; about 5-6 hours.

Tours start from the office Loen Active, buy tours with a shuttle can also be in Strin, Olden and Hielay. Cost of about 1400 NOK, including rental of equipment and tickets to the suspension road.

Old mountain road Strin

Old mountain road Strin (Gamle Strynefjellsvegen) was built at the end of the 19th century. Nowadays, this is one of the most beautiful and, moreover, relatively little visited species roads of Norway. A few kilometers from Hielay the main road turns into the mountains and leads through the rocky mountains, waterfalls, lakes and almost always a snow-covered valley to the town of Grotli, from where you can turn to the north and through the no less dramatic-beautiful viewing road of the Gayranger Trolstigen and the Mountain Massif Dasnibba to get Beranger and further across the road trolls to Ondalsnes or roll to the south in the direction of the Rafting Region of Ot and Oslo.

Summer Ski Center Strin

If you always dreamed of ride on a snow-covered mountain in one T-shirt, then Summer Ski Center Strin ; then the very place) Although, of course, it is not a fact that even in mid-July in this region will be so warm to pull off the warm fleece. Strin Ski Center is located in the hotel area of ​​the old mountain road Strin, in the area of ​​the Tystigbreen Glacier, 45 kilometers from the city of Strin.

Cities and villages in the Glacier region

As mentioned above, the main tourist destination of the region is Strin. Village Loen, Olden and Hiele are located at a distance of 15-20 minutes by car or bus. In principle, if you travel the car, boldly choose any of the following settlements. For those who travel in Norway by public transport, the most convenient option ; Strin.


Strin ; Pretty famous ski resort of Norway, picturesquely spread on the shore of Nord Fjord. Summer Ski Strin changes its role and becomes the base for many travelers who come to admire the beauties of the region of glaciers. In the city is quite a decent choice of housing ; From hostels and hotels to apartments and private villas. The city also has a large campsite with cottages, a couple of good supermarkets, pizzerias, restaurants, cafes. Almost everything in Strin is located at a pedestrian distance, as the city is very small.

Hotel map in Striin

A more relaxed and atmospheric alternative to Strin, which those travelers who intend to spend time in the region are actively choosing as the main base. In a tiny village, a 15-minute drive from Strin is a tour-office Active Loen, where you can rent bikes and book a hayk on Via Ferrata Loen. Suspended road and starting point of lifting to Mount Skola are also at the pedestrian distance from Loen.

Laen is located at the entrance to the species road leading to Lake Lovatnet (LovatNet). Along the lake there are several simple camp sites ; Super option for those who want to stay overlooking the lake.


Olden as the main stop in the region often choose travelers, the main purpose of which is ; live on fjord ;. In the village, along the fjord and along the Oldevatnet glacier lake, there are quite a few interesting housing with beautiful species ; Basically, apartments and cottages.

See accommodation options: Olden

Map of Elden hotels


Helle (Hjelle) ; Very atmospheric historical town, in which you can safely search for accommodation to those who came to the region ride in summer on skis and / or go through the blue ice of the Tystigbreen glacier. In the city itself there are several hotels and guest houses, further in the Hiele Valley in the direction of the old mountain road Strin, you can find good options for campgrounds and mountain lodges.

Hiele hotels map

Central part of Nord Fjord

Two main cities in the central part of the fjord ; Sandanese and Nordfjord. Museum of Peoples Nordfjord (Nordfjord Folk Museum) and Viking Center Sagastad (Sagastad) ; Two main historical sights of the region.

Museum of Peoples Nordfjord and Sagastad

In the open-air museum, which is located near the town of Sandanes (Sandane), you can see the vintage houses built on the fjords in the 16-18th centuries, with restored internal decoration, characteristic of these periods. Entrance to the museum ; 80 NOK.

Sagastad Viking Center is located on the other side of the fjord in the town of Nordfjordad (Nordfjordeid), 45 km from Strin. Sagastad ; Pretty new historical project based on the excavations of the burial grounds and Kurgans found in the area of ​​Fjord. In the center of the historic center ; Manual reconstruction of the Viking ship found in one of the burial grounds, the length of which is about 30 meters, and the width ; 6.5 meters (today it is the biggest ship of Vikinkov found on the territory of Scandinavia). Entrance to the museum ; 210 NOK.

Sandanes and Nordfyordide are connected by ferry post. It is most convenient to visit these two attractions for one ; circular ; Riding a car from Stroin, returning to Strin through Olden, or on the road from the region of glaciers on the coast, starting a trip to Olden and Sandan.

Sandanes and Nordfjordad are also connected by bus link. In season, buses run 5 times a day, on the road ; about 50 minutes, the schedule can be viewed here, tickets to buy on the spot. If you are traveling by bus, then it may make sense to stop overnight either in Sagastad or Nordfyordide . Otherwise, you carefully plan a trip and follow the time on the route. Sandanese road section ; Loen (with a transfers in the village of Byrkjelo) ; in itself is the attraction, do not miss it, planning a trip.

Nordfjord (Nur Fjord)

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