North Korea: Tourism through a discontinuous door

The fact that you visited North Korea as a tourist, not yet reason to say after returning that you learned how North Koreans live. And in another, not tourist quality you can not go there – Any independent trips to this country are prohibited.

So gathering in the DPRK, be prepared to see only what you show.

But North Korea – Country amazing and paradoxical, and travel «According to the specified route», Under dense and emergency control, still becomes interesting and gives a lot of new impressions.

«KIIMSENVA» and «Kimskhenirh»

And they will show you not only countless monuments Kim Ir Sayne and Kim Jong Ira, while politely, but persistently asking them to bow. The unique complex of the ancient tombs of Coggyre will be also shown, and the ancient city of Cason, included in the UNESCO list as a world cultural heritage. You will be able to see the pavilion of flowers with almost non-promotable names «KIIMSENVA» and «Kimskhenirh». This is a unique variety of orchids, specially derived in honor "Great leaders».

If your visit to the DPRK will have for the period from August to November, you can watch «Ariran», The most ambitious show in the world, marked in the Guinness Book of Records. At the same time, however, 100 thousand participants of the show will also glorify «Sunzelic» Kim Il Sen and «Generalissimus» Kim Jong Ira, but in the DPRK without it can not do. As without visiting at least one of the countless museums related to memory «Chief» – They are necessarily included in excursion programs.

That you can…

You can relax in the resort of Rajzh Sonbon on the coast of the Japanese Sea (in Korea it is called Eastern), on the picturesque summer mountain resort of Samson (not confused!), visit the diamond mountains, and even ride in winter skiing on the new ski resort Masik Pass.

Which company you did not bought a tour in the DPRK, on ​​arrival in the country you will be serviced by the only National Travel Company – Korea Travel International. You can also fly from Russia for the only route – from Vladivostok. Mobile phone, contrary to common delusion, you will be allowed to take with you. True, you will have to arrange a declaration on it and purchase a local SIM card.

And set you in one of several hotels where foreign tourists are located, and only they, local only personnel and guides. Five stars, decent level service, inexpensive. And feed will be quite decent, European cuisine, and the notorious dog – only by special order. In a word, regret the spent time and money will not have to. But neither in a hotel, nor on the beach, nor during the excursions, you will most likely fail to communicate with any of the ordinary Koreans who do not work in the field of tourist service.

… And that’s – unlikely

North Korea Tourism through a lifting door

You will not be shown the coastline of the Eastern Sea, along the entire length of the prickly barbed wire (from refugees), and if you accidentally see it – Will not take pictures. How not to take pictures of any military in the form – forbidden. And to the demarcation line between the North and South Korea you will not allow you – Not only is it forbidden, so also mined.

Also, you can also show the usual rural kindergarten..

Communicate with the homeland on Skype do not count – Internet access in the DPRK no. There is only a certain internal state communications network, foreign tourists are not available. Therefore, the list of many others «forbidden» You will have to find out from your guide.

And in general, everything you want to ask, ask him – other Koreans or will not want to communicate with a foreigner, or pretend that they don’t understand you. And the attempt is imperceptible to break away from the group and wandering the streets of Pyongyang or Wonsana himself. It is necessary to wrap the corner – and in front of you does not know where a certain North Korean will arise, who is polite, but very insistent will advise you to return to the group, and will not stop until he achieves his. Such a act you only deliver trouble to your guide – He is fully responsible for any of your unauthorized actions.

These unauthorized and unwanted actions, according to the recommendations of the Russian Center for Korean Studies of the Institute of Far East, include: a discussion of political topics in conversations, disrespectful reviews of the DPRK, its authorities, citizens and existing mode. Cannot be called a country «backward». In case of non-compliance with these recommendations, polite and warning koreans can be very strict, even severely, you can punish you.

And further. Never in the presence of North Koreans do not call them the country of North Korea. They consider Korea one, and its southern part – Temporary occupied zone.

North Korea Tourism through a lifting door

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