North Ossetia: escape into the sky

We fly in Vladikavkaz, away from the threatening to overgrow the second wave of a pandemic. Run into the sky in the literal sense of the word, because Avia Events and "Tutu Adventure»Promise us to get acquainted with the local aeroslob and flight on the An-2. We still do not know that another one will be added to the "stories on the BIS".

The topic of COVID is woven into the plot of travel, as in all of our life today. This year, the region, which is not accustomed to the attention of tourists, went people.

Local jokes: why tourist comes to Ossetia? From hopelessness

Guests of Rada, although slightly surprised, and therefore the republic is enjoyed directly on the move: the Ministry of Tourism began the installation program of attractions on tourist routes. So, on the boulder, stuck between the picturesque mountains of Cadargavan Canyon, a mirror leopard appeared. In total, the North Ossetian Committee on Tourism in 2020, ten art facilities were established.

Transformed and the capital of the republic. One of the central streets of Vladikavkaz – the prospect of the world – became a pedestrian, covered with a pavement and decorated with many monuments that I want to take pictures and place in social networks. Immediately there is a variety of diverse beautiful cafes, bars and restaurants. Prices are democratic, sometimes an order of magnitude lower than those accustomed to Muscovites: 50 rubles. For half-liter of good-quality beer, 90 – for a big raf in a fashionable coffee shop.

"Write that we have cheap and delicious food and beautiful mountains," ask Ossetians when they find out that I am a journalist

I write, trying not to think how many kilograms added to me local hospitality. But how can you abandon the famous Ossetian pies? They appear on the table: hot, shiny, stack of three. There is always a cheese, meat behind him, and completes the entire masterpiece with a beet bar. Upper pie symbolizes the sun, the middle – God, and the bottom – the earth.

Local punishes are always attached to the cakes: do not twist the dish, cut into eight parts, the first piece to give the youngest of children. And then, as usual, the toasts begin in a certain sequence.

Traditions are proud, they are alive and woven into the canvas of everyday life so firmly that the locals do not realize this, but the guest becomes a witness to the amazing alloy of Orthodoxy and the ancient original, modernity and respect for the past among young people.

In Ossetia, it is time to collect stones and again fold the generic towers. Once these buildings were a sign of the knowledge of the genus and performed a defensive function, and today, together with ancient crypts, they are a symbol of memory and one of the business cards of the region.

To learn more about the life of the ancient Alanov, it is worth visiting the village of Unal – visiting the Tallag family. They did not just restore their generic tower, but also turned her to the Ethnographic Museum, where they spend holidays, master classes, tell what the locals lived and live. Lifting to the top of the tower, as if moved deep into centuries for stories about a completely different world.

North Ossetia escape to the sky

In this world, the man was not supposed to touch his own child up to three years, because of the blood revenge, the whole names were recently died, for the shreds of fertile land were given so much sheep as it was placed on it, and if there was a livestock, they could send the Son.

We, metropolitan inhabitants, are rounded their eyes from such stories, from the thought that honor is more expensive than a child. But the impression balances the monument to seven cranes and the room at the Museum of Maigamadag, where the portraits of mothers who have lost four, five, six, seven sons are posted in the Great Patriotic War. Every second Ossetian did not return home, and you understand that, yes, alas, sometimes life requires such a bitter fee.

Local severe morals of centuries dictated the surrounding landscape – the lands of little, mountains and enemies a lot. But today the same landscapes attract tourists. Mountains have such a property: they are imprinted in memory, amaze, but completely refuse to shift in words and photos. Everything is always not that is not fully transmitted. Waterfalls and dairy water of hydrogen sulfide sources, cableway to the tale glacier, tested, where the rocks almost closed their ranks and lakes to which you watch from the high shore – and the spirit captures. This is why it is worth going to North Ossetia. Moreover, the crowd of tourists do not turn around.

"We promised a new ski resort to build, first of all should pass in the 2021st," we heard several times from local

While to the beauty of nature, a person added a little: a couple of recreation databases Yes Equipped Picnic Places. But perhaps, by the time you visit Ossetia, the infrastructure will become the same friendly to the tourist as local residents.

Here it is the enthusiasts actively create a place of attraction. In addition to the tower complex in the village of Unal, in 2020 School of Cosmonautics and Planetarium began work. Her creator Ruslan Vladimirovich Komaev is a space designer, which made more than 120 spacecraft, has worked for many years in NGOs. Lavochkina. In the two-story building on the banks of the Terek in the very center of Vladikavkaz, all conditions have been created in order for the child to turn on the brains and fell in love with astronautics, and the adult learned more about the engineering solutions that allowed our country to explore the solar system.

North Ossetia escape to the sky

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