North Thailand

In order to get acquainted with the customs and traditions of the country, see Thailand from the inside, feel it, you need to go to the north.Here the time flows slowly, no one hurries anywhere, calm and relaxation is in the air.

High mountains, waterfalls, hot springs, canyons, caves, rice terraces, traditional settlements of high-mountain tribes, trekking in the jungle, visiting elephant nurseries, small rural temples and magnificent temple complexes, located high in the mountains – North of Thailand pleasantly surprises completely different, Nonuristic Thailand.

North Thailand. Photo Credit: Nattaya Maneekhot, 500px.Com

The main cities in the north of Thailand, which are included in almost all routes in Thailand are the northern capital of Chiang Mai and the starting point of the route along the Golden Triangle ; Chiang Paradise. Both cities are connected by direct transport links with Bangkok, the islands and many large cities of Asia. Automotive and bus routes to the North Thailand often pass through and the capital of the Northern Plains ; Historic city Sukhotai.

Chiang Mai and Highlands

This is perhaps the most picturesque region of Northern Thailand. Here is the National Park of Doy Inhtanon (DOI INTHANON), high-mountain and very original Mae Hon and atmospheric pairs.

Chiang Mai

Capital of Northern Thailand and the second largest city. Chiang Mai resembles a large garden, in which houses are built at home and roads are built. City, which is called the city of magnificent temples. And it is true. Here peacefully, quiet, lightweight and calmly. In addition to the unique atmosphere, the city offers its guests a lot of bright impressions, ranging from visiting the magnificent and most famous temple of Thailand Doi Sutem, which is located on a high mountain near Chiang May and ending with the shopping on the largest night market of the North Thailand, where you can buy Thai very much clothing, silver and precious stones, souvenirs and taste the famous Thai rice in pineapple.

Doi Sudtech, Chiang Mai (Thailand). Photo Credit: Benjamin Shaw, Flickr

Doy Inthanon

Doy Inhanon is often called ; Thailand roof ;, this is the highest mountain of Thailand, the vertex of which is located at an altitude of 2,565 meters. Park is known for wet tropical forests (through which pedestrian trails are laid, allowing to watch a huge amount of birds) and waterfalls. From the top of Doy Inhanon an amazing view. The peak feature of Doy Inhhanon is that two stups located one opposite the other. This is the King Stupa and the Queen Stupa. Park can be inspected by car, motorbike or during organized trackings.

Hotels, Guesthouses: Chiang Mai, on the territory of Park Doy Unthanon
How to get: from Chiang Mai taxi or motorbike.

Doy Inhanon, Chiang Mai (Thailand). Photo Credit: Chakarin Wattanamongkol, Flickr

May Hong Son

May Hong Son (Mahonon) – This little sleepy town is located around a tiny lake high in the mountains of Northern Thailand at the border with Burma. Thanks to the inaccessibility and remoteness from the main tourist trail, in May Hong Slets reigns the special atmosphere, which is characteristic of the remote province. Travelers come to Mae Hong Sleep to admire the reflection of a small Buddhist temple in the waters of the lake, to visit the beautiful white temple, which, towering over the city, opens the picturesque views, see how they live in high mountain villages, relax in baths at hot springs, visit A small night market and, most importantly, plunge into the benevolent atmosphere of the Far North of Thailand.

May Hon Son (Thailand). Photo Credit: Jeremy Whigham, Flickr

Tiny town Pai, picturesquely located on the river of the same name is a kind of becpecker Mecca in the north of Thailand. Taking renting a motorbike, you can explore local natural beauty ; Canyon, Hot Springs, Waterfalls and Local Villages. In the area of ​​Pai, there are also several elephant Kempov, where elephants, unlike the tourist regions of Thailand, are surrounded by caring. Bathing with an elephant in the river ; Experience that you are unlikely to forget &# 128521;

Elephant Kemp in Pai (Thailand). Photo Credit: James Bourne, Flickr

Chiang Dao

Chiang Dao – This little village in the north of Thailand is known, first of all, the cave complex. Indeed, Chang Dao caves can be attributed to the list of mandatory to visit places in the north of Thailand. But, Chiang Dao can offer much more – places around the caves are great, and you can admire the picturesque karst landscapes, riding a mountain bike, a motorbike or just walking on foot.

Panorama Chiang Dao (Thailand). Photo Credit: Evan Hadfield, Flickr

May Sariang

May Sariang ; A tiny town that lies halfway from Chiang May in May Hong Son. Most often in May Sariang make the travelers stop, traveling between these two cities, but the stop here is promulit the mass of positive emotions seekers of the authentic atmosphere and non-cereal places and Thailand.

Panorama Mae Sariang. Photo Credit: AdventuresIncultures


Lampang – the capital of the province of the same name, the only city of Thailand, the main vehicle of which are carts with horses and elephant nursery. Lampang Travelers often ignore, making their routes over the north of Thailand. But, lovers of Thai depths will appreciate the friendly atmosphere, cheap guesthouses and an excellent herbal massage, which I offer massage salons of the city.

Hotels, Guesthouse: Lampang
Route: by train from Bangkok and Chiang Mai, bus from Chiang Mai

Lampang (Thailand). Photo Credit: Ying Tong Low, Flickr

Chiang Paradise and Golden Triangle

Golden Triangle ; Part of the Northern Thailand, where the borders of three countries – Thailand, Burma and Laos converge. The territory of the Golden Triangle covers about 200 and often associated with ; opium ; Past Thailand ; It was here that there were huge opium plantations, which was transferred to the Burma for further distribution to the world. The car of the golden triangle includes the best that the North Thailand can offer ; Magnificent views, visiting alpine villages and colorful cities, tea plantations and remote mountainous temples.

Chiang Paradise

This small, cozy and atmospheric town is the main base for acquaintance with the Golden Triangle. In Chiang, Rai is quite simple to find a good and inexpensive guest house and organize transport or a tour for the golden triangle. Home Landmark Chiang Paradise ; Ancient Buddhist Temple Wat Phra Kaeo, which is in difficult for Siam times was the house of Emerald Buddha ; The most sacred shrine of Thailand. Near the city is also famous ; white temple ; ; Wat Rong Khun, which can often be seen on promotional prospects of Northern Thailand.

; white temple ; ; Wat Rong Khun, Chiangraj (Thailand). Photo Credit: Nanut Bovorn, Flickr

Tha tone

This tiny town, located near the border with Burma, is very rarely visited by tourists. Nevertheless, it is the most convenient transit point between the high-mountainous Chiang Mai and the Golden Triangle. In Tha, you can remove the bungalow on the river overlooking the huge white statue of the Buddha, which is part of the Big Monastery Complex ; The main attraction of these places.

Huge statue of Buddha, Tha Thaon (Thailand). Photo Credit: PNP, Flickr

May Salong

Alpine Chinese settlement May Salong is famous for its incredible high-mountain views, tea plantations and a local market where you can find herbs and spices and meet representatives of Akha and Mien Mountains, dressed in colorful clothes of their tribes. The Temple of the DOI Mae Salong is also a mustow for visiting in this region.

Hotels, Guesthouse: May Salong

Route: By bus from Tha Thaon and from Pasang station on the Chiang Rai route ; May Sam

Tea Plantation, May Salong (Thailand). Photo Credit: M + M Photographers, Flickr

North Thailand

May Sai

May Sai is located on the border with Burma, the city separates the pedestrian bridge from Burma. From sightseeings you can see Burmese streets and houses. Here is the largest market of Northern Thailand, on which it is possible to buy souvenir and jewelry from precious stones and jade for very cheap (mainly Burmese).

Hotels, Guesthouse: Mae Sai
Route: By bus from Chiang Mai (4 h) or Chiangra (1.5 h), on Blue Songteo (local pickups – minibuses) from Sop Rouqu and Chiang Sen

May Sai (Thailand). Photo Credit: E.W. Cordon, Flickr

Sops Rup

Sops Rup ; the place where the Great Mekong River forms a triangle, on the one hand, Thailand, on the other – Burma, and with the Third Laos. This is the tourist heart of the golden triangle. Here come to see the connection of the three borders and ride a boat along the river along the border with Laos. In the village of SOP RUK, you can find a large number of cafes and restaurants, as well as the opium museum who introduces visitors with ; opium ; History of Northern Thailand.

Hotels, Guesthouse: Chiang Sen
Route: a flight minibus from Chiangra, on Blue Songteo (local pickups-bus) from May Sae and Chiang Sen

Sops Rup (Thailand). Photo Credit: David Herskovits, Flickr

Chiang Sen

Chiang Sen ; One of the most ancient cities in Thailand, picturesquely located on the shore of Mekong. The main attractions of the city ; Ancient Wat Pa Sak (Temple in Tikov Forest) and a small market of textiles and souvenirs manufactured in local Thai Lue tribes. Amazing views of Mekong open from the territory of the temple of Wat Phra That Chom Kitti, located on the hill, near the city.

Hotels, Guesthouse: Chiang Sen
Route: a flight minibus from Chiangra, on Blue Songteo (local pickups-bus) from May Sae and Sop Rup

Chiang Sen ; One of the most ancient cities in Thailand. Photo Credit: Rubby_alvarez, Flickr

Sukhothai and amber plains

Many travelers visit Sukhothai and the northern plains on the way from Bangkok to the North Thailand. The main cities of the region are Sukhotai and Phitsanulok.


The ancient capital of the Kingdom of Sukhothai, the city in which a huge number of monuments and temples has been preserved, picturesquely arranged on the background of beautiful nature. Historic Park Sukhotay Today is one of the most interesting historical attractions of Thailand.

The ancient capital of the kingdom of Sukhothai, Thailand. Photo Credit: Peter Stastny, Flickr


Phitsanianok ; The main tourist city of the northern plains, which travelers most often use as a transit point. Nevertheless, stop in Phatsanyok ; Great way to get acquainted with the Thai province. Houses on the water, which were once a constant part of the life of the city, were turned into very atmospheric restaurants on the water, where you can try local cuisine.

Hotels, Guesthouses: Phitsanyok
Route: by train of Bangkok, bus from Bangkok, Sukhothaya and Chiang Mai

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