Northeast Cambodia

Northeast Cambodia ; The least whimsical travelers part of Cambodia. Half of the northeastern provinces, as if cut off from Cambodia because of their remoteness. Incredible wildlife and a pleasant atmosphere inherent in similar places, attract fans of eco-tourism and real adventurers.

Destinations for travel

Atmospheric krati and border stute ; The two most popular destinations in the region that lie on Laos. Further east of Studeng begin the real adventures ; Alpine Provinces of Rattanakiri and Moldunkari.


Krati – a small charming city, spreading on the shore of Mekong. Water of this great river in the vicinity of Krati is one of the best places in Southeast Asia, where you can see freshwater dolphins. In addition, you can rent a bike in Krati and explore the nearby islands on Mekong. Krathi is most often included in travel routes as a transit point on the way between Cambodia and Laos.

River dolphins. Krati, Cambodia. Photo Credit: Jim Davidson, Flickr


Tiny town Studg Treng Located on the border with Laos. Most travelers heading to Laos or from Laos prefer Stunting Kratty as a stop, but if your path lies from the northwestern part of Cambodia, then Strodeng ; The most convenient option (through TBENGMENCH). In Studeng, as well as Krati, you can see river dolphins and ride around the bike.

Guest-Howes: Studeng
How to get: By bus from Phnom Penh, Krayti, Tbengmanche and Balununga; from the Don Children’s Islands / Don Kong (Laos) on the boat plus a bus.

In the search for river dolphins, Stungr. Photo Credit: Gemma I Jere, Flickr


Banunung – the capital of the province of Ratanakiri. Few travelers get here, but those who will overcome hundreds of kilometers off-road, are waiting for pleasant surprises: magnificent untouched nature, original mountain villages, amazing crater lake, in which you can swim and beautiful waterfall.

Crater Lake Yeak Loam. Banunung, Cambodia. Photo Credit: minorityRights, Flickr

Sen Monorm

Sen Monorom (Sen Monorom) – a tiny city in the most unclosed and remote province of Cambodia ; Moldunkari. Get to Sen Mongom ; Already an adventure. Trekking towards alpine villages and waterfalls, moto tours to remote waterfalls and riding on elephants ; then, in fact, for what adventure seekers go to Moldunkari.

Guest-House and Lodge: Saint Monor
How to get: By bus or taxi from Phnom Penh (about 8-9 hours), minivan or taxi from Balununga, on Motobike from Balununga, Krati and Kampongchy.

Skating okonag in the Saint Monor. Photo Credit: Michael-Travel, Flickr

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Northeast Cambodia

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Transport connection in the region

The main cities of the region, including the remote Saint Monor, are connected by bus routes with Phnom Pen. Between cities Run either local small old buses or minivan bus.

Open tracks ; The main type of public transport for locals of northeastern provinces.

Taxi and motor-taxi, as well as everywhere in Cambodia, are available everywhere and relatively cheap.

Border with Vietnam

LE THH / PLEIKU ; A rather convenient border crossing point for those traveling between the North-East of Cambodia and Central Nagorem Vietnam. This border transition is not particularly popular, especially from the Vietnamese side, therefore there is no direct transportation from Paika to Balununga (at the time of writing the material). You can reach the border from the city by bus, and then up to Cambodian border to Balununga on a mini-bus, cat. We run from the border to the city as it is filling. On the season from Balununga to Pekey, you can take a connection-tickets, preposable tour agencies of the city.

Northeast Cambodia

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