Northern applying. Part 1

In the north-western part of Ladoga, the magnificent archipelago stretches – Ladoga Schhers. In these picturesque places, nature has retained its primordial appearance: century-old pines, untouched deciduous forests, unique landscapes, spacious fields, high rocking cliffs from which the magnificent views of the island and the water surface are Ladoga. Here, many species of rare animals and plants have been found here. Ladoga ringed nerve – the most famous inhabitant Schcher, listed in the Red Book. The largest islands of Ladoga Schker are: RECEKACANSARI, Lauvatsari, Kilple, Kitchen, Putzari, Solanxari.

When I get the opportunity to visit the Northern Ladogue with great pleasure. Today I want to tell about the most beautiful places of this and nearby areas that I managed to see and at the same time showing photos taken at different times.

So, let’s start in order from the south-west to the northeast.
More than 150 kilometers of the way from St. Petersburg on the highway A-121 and we are already on the border with Karelia. Here, in the village of Berezovo, Schhers begin.

There is a turbase on the shore, and there is a Viking village in the near island – Bjekroagard. (In the near future I plan to visit it)

Berezovo – favorite place of fishermen.

The next stop will be the village of Torula

Next to the village there is such a sheer cliff – the place of trainings of climbers.

It opens a beautiful view of Schhers.

In one day we drove enough late. Just passed rain. The thick fog in the evening dusk slowly slid to the foot of the Rocky Hills.

From the fog, this and the case "floated" the lonely farm, who went to the inheritance of Karelam from Finns.

The dirt road looped (and it is primer here, but about it at the end), rising to a small slide, a beautiful view of the Kurkiek Bay of Ladoga Schcher opened, we stopped to admire them.

It was the village of Kurkiechi. Once he was a city. Kurkiechi from Finnish language translates as a caravel river, and the first mentions of it are dating back to another 14th century. There are a lot of archaeological monuments in the area – this is Khameenlachti settlers, Ranantinnyaki (Corpisarary), Lopotti, Yiamika, some of which existed in the distant 12th century. These territories were at one time controlled and the Swedish Empire and the Grand Finnish Principality, and only in 1940 they moved to the USSR.

Through the village, the same river proceeds, which was formed as a result of the merger of River Raholhanioki and Vonkayoy.

Dimensional life The village goes to her. Walking along his streets, it seems that you have moved in time at least 50 years ago, and only the huge chirkneosy rushing at high speed, sobs off consciousness.

This farm on the outskirts of Kurkёki reminded me of the scene from the movie "Turn Not there," and the yimer tried to contempt 100 rubles from me for what I did a frame 🙂

Next, we go to the abandoned Finnish hydroelectric station in the village of Pospaua. The road is still primer, but at the same time no less picturesque.

And this is her shaggy resident, who has screamed his lifelong view.

Walking along the River Dospauyoki, I liked this old, but very pretty and cozy courtyard.

One of the main Schher’s Ladoga seats visited by us is the grav bay. Here, near the village of Vyatkaya, there is a paid car park and several turbases where you can relax, as well as organize the descent of water boats or ask you to throw you on the boat with things with things on any of the islands of the Terror Bay.

Here is the most beautiful island of Ladoga Schcher – Koyonzari.

In tourist directories it is called "Pearl Ladoga". He was always a local resort. Today is the island, though the order of Potted, does not lose its tourist attractiveness and remains a great place to relax in nature. There we stop.

On Koyonzari you can go on foot. Less than 10 years ago, a car bridge was built on the island, but it is forbidden to call there with simple mortals on the car, so we left our parking machine. To the nearest beach island go near a kilometer, to the very far about 4.

Northern applying. Part 1

We got to the parking lot to the sunset itself, while the camp was smashed, it was already dark. The full moon covered the nearby Islands of Raippaluodot.

Our tent stood almost on the very shore of the lake. In the morning I woke up from the reinforcing noise waves. Already light. Despite the early time, the fire has already burned and the water in the bowler almost boiled. It turned out that waking up in a half, I was not the first. Someone from the guys already fished on the shore. Drinking hot tea, I picked up a camera and went to meet dawn.

View of Sammalsari Island ("Mokhovo Island")

Such beautiful lumets managed to remove into cloudy weather

Positive tourists draw such pictures on stones

And patriots love to lay out a stone mosaic. Looking at such landscapes you understand that the country is the most beautiful.

Stony shore in the bay of the island of Yerosari, who has already actually became the peninsula, sprinkling with Koonzari

Beach "Lukomorier", like all the other beaches of the island, fine enough, but, despite this, water even in very hot weather can be very cold, as there are great depths nearby

This is a view of the island of "Momomakh hat" (in the center of the frame), when it had fortifications that protect the village of Terly from the attack with Ladoga

Everywhere on the island there are red stones

And this is a sunset on Koonzari

Tourists and tents, rocks and magnificent sandy beaches, pines and transparent clean water, the smell of fire and the noise of the surf – here is what Koionsaari is associated with me.

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