Northern Beauty Parks Montenegro

Montenegro is a country that is famous for its majestic mountains and black forests on them. Due to its nature, several national parks were formed in the country:
• Skadar lake;
• Durmitor;
• delicted;
• Biograd Mountain;
• Crocheter.

The most popular of them are the first two.

Skadar Lake

Despite the name, it’s not just a lake, but a whole national park opened in 1983. Skadar Lake belongs not only to Montenegro, but also Albania, is even named after the city of Schchodra, located in the northwestern part of the neighboring Montenegro of the country. It is the largest lake on the territory of the Balkan Peninsula, on average its depth is made up of 5 m, and the surface area is 475 km2. The average temperature of the scandard lake in the summer is about 27 degrees, and in the winter it drops to 7 degrees above zero, so the tourists may well swim in the purest water. If you drive along the lake, you can see many islands and even the ruins of previously operating monasteries and fortresses.
Water in the scandard lake freshwater and in it you can find several kinds of fish: bleak, carp, pillow, freshwater eel, roach and many others, so for lovers of fishing lakes will become just an unforgettable place, you only need to get permission. Also Lake Shkoder is the habitat of curly pelicans, and other species of birds arrive at the wintering. It is known that the lake is connected to several rivers renewing water in it twice a year. One of the largest hands flowing into it – Morach, and with the Adriatic Sea, communication occurs through the Boyana River.

If you go Skadar Lake As part of an organized group, the fishing permit will already be obtained by the guide on all participants in the tour. Tours are two types: day and evening. If with the first everything is clear: you can see the lake, birds, buildings on the islands, bought; That evening, you can catch very fascinating frames with a sunset over the scandadar lake.
To get to the lake outside the excursion, you need to get to the city Virpazar. This can be done in several ways. At first, On your own or rented car to get from any city Montenegro to Virpazara. The distance in this country is not so big, but it is necessary to consider that most of the path will go high in the mountains. Second way – by train from the bar on the railway connecting the country of the Black Forest with Serbia. And finally, third, can be reached by bus from Babe or Podgorica. It is necessary to take into account travelers who stopped in Budva or Herceg Novi, Because direct buses from there Virpazara No, it will be necessary to make a transplant.


Next National Park Montenegro, deserving no less attention is Durmitor, gathered the highest mountain peaks Montenegro. Also one of the curious places for tourists is the Black Lake in the National Park. Where did such a name come from? In general, the lake has a different color of the water surface: from turquoise to dark blue, close to black. In certain weather and at a certain angle, the water surface becomes black. The most courageous travelers or simply tempered people can swim in the lake, but for comparison with Adriatic Sea, It is not so clean and transparent because of the climb and garbage on the shore in the summer months.
Another place that interests many tourists is the Mountain of Bobot Cook 2522 m high, on which you can climb and see almost the whole country from it. On another grief – Savin Cook You can find a spring. Its water from antiquity is considered healing.

Northern Beauty Parks Montenegro

Since the park itself and the nearby city Zhablyak are at some height above sea level, the temperature in these places is slightly lower than in the flat part of the country, so tourists need to take warm things with them, as well as an umbrella, because Zhablyak famous daily rains.
Another commonly visited place is Giurjevich Bridge across the river Tara. Also, the river itself with her canyon is a landmark, dangerous for inept drivers, climbers and kayak lovers. The height of the bridge is 172 meters and is currently the highest automotive Bridge in Europe, While the construction of a new.

How to get to the National Park Durmitor?

Or as part of excursions to canyons, but in this case, visit all the sights of the park will not be. By bus you can get to Cities Zablyak, And there already stay at a pre-booked house at the locals near the National Park, or rent a room or an apartment in the city. It makes no sense to go for a day, considering that the road from Budva is about 5 hours. Third way – This is again your own or rented machine. It is also necessary to take into account that most likely the road will run along the high canyon Rivers Tara and Morach, so novice drivers need to be extremely attentive.

If you wish, you can visit all national parks Montenegro, but Skadar Lake and Durmitor are the most visited and memorable for tourists.

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