Northern Capital in Africa

Our tourists go to Egypt for a long time, discovering many resorts and historical beauties. But not all. A still Russian travelers are not familiar to the resort area of ​​Alexandria – the northern capital of the country. But the Egyptians themselves, and many Europeans prefer to relax on the coast next to the ancient city.

Here on the Mediterranean Sea, not so hot, like in red. High season begins in May and lasts until late September. The sea is clean enough, the beaches – sandy, hotels – from three to five stars, entertainment – as at any trendy resort. Only Alexandria itself is a city with many museums and cultural monuments, and to Cairo with his treasures less than three hours of road. Therefore, in the Alexandria resorts it is especially nice to relax those who were impressed with the Egyptian halls of the Hermitage and Pushkin, who dreamed of seeing the strange and mysterious world. But at the same time hesifies a report that rest on the sea will not hurt.

So, combine the beach and museums in Alexandria. From the resort hotels, stretching on the coast of about a hundred kilometers, to the city center constantly walk buses-shuttle, which is known to mean shuttle running. On the walking embankment passing through the center called "Cornish", Built-up in a colonial style, a secular resort life boils around the clock. Palaces and Montaza Parks (Greater Palace is now a government residence, and in a small, built for Seryra, is one of the prestigious hotels), the gardens of waterfalls "Shanlyalat" And Antoniadis Gardens with Greek statues among the tropical greenery set up holidaymakers for romantic and accuracy.

Restaurants are numerous and inexpensive, famous for fish and seafood. In connection with the peculiarities of the resort life, alcohol is served in them. Stores, shops and shopping centers work. But museums in Egypt are closed early – in the summer of five afternoon. Lovers wanted to visit the Greek-Roman Museum and Museum of Fine Arts, Luxury Lovers – Royal Jewelry Museum. For lovers of natural sciences – Museum of hydrobiology with a unique collection of fish and other marine creatures.

You still need to take a look at the amphitheater and Pompey pillar, which remained from the Ancient Roman times, go down to the tomb of the Avfsi and the Catacombs of the El Schokef, where the ancient Egyptian and antique architectural traditions were mixed. Do not forget about Muslim Alexandria and, giving tribute to the eastern bazaars of El Humbuk and El Avfsi areas, visit the mosques remaining since the Ottoman Empire. Alexandrian Lighthouse – one of the seven wonders of the world – destroyed the earthquake in the fourteenth century, and now in its place the medieval fort kite bay. And burned during the storming of the city of Yuliya Caesar, the famous Alexandria library causes such acute regret that Egypt has already begun to create a new superclore.

From the local Peter to local Moscow, the path is short – 2.5-3 hours on constantly running buses (with air conditioning). Proximity to Cairo allows inquisitive travelers to get acquainted with the city for which a one-day typical excursion is not exactly enough. After all, you need to wander through the old, and at the shining eastern luxury of the new quarters of the capital of Egypt, bypass churches and mosques, the abyss in the Egyptian Museum, not forgetting about Coptic and Islamic. And on the outskirts of Cairo – Pyramids Giza, thirty kilometers – the oldest six-speed pyramid of Josrara in Sakkare and the ruins of ancient Memphis.

Northern Capital in Africa

Those who love reconstruction and costume performances should visit "Pharaoh village" On a small island in the middle of the Nile, next to Giza. Artists for you and land will fall, and the hieroglyphs will be backed on papyrus. Souvenirs are sold there, yes you can still be photographed against the background of copies of the tantunkhamon tomb and different statues.

Tourists independent and cash to see all the sights of Egypt, love after rest on the Alexandrian coast to Luxor and only then go to their homeland. But the internal flights in Egypt Roads, and the journey on the wheels, unfortunately, is too tiring and takes more than half a day. True, there is still an opportunity leisurely ride to Luxor on the Nile on a comfortable motor ship.

Flight to Cairo from Moscow and back on a regular flight, but at special prices costs $ 240, transfer to Alexandria – from $ 29. Day in the Alexandria Hotel, depending on the category of hotel and quality of the room – in $$ 13-60. To foreign tourists, and Egypt relate gently and tremble, most of the local residents you have met will try to explain in English or French, and many know Russian. So travel.

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